Chapter 546 Nine Dragons Baptism

An enormous glowing pillar rose above the numerous Saint Genesis Peak disciples, bathing the area within a hundred mile radius in its dazzling brilliance.

The disciples of the seven peaks gazed at the pillar in surprise. After all, Saint Genesis Peak claiming the champion spot was far more shocking than Cangxuan Peak.

Of course, Cangxuan Peak had clearly been in the lead earlier, and was only surpassed when Zhou Yuan took out the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence.

The quality of a ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence was far too high, adding nearly a whole fifty percent increase to Saint Genesis Peak’s pillar.

However, making such comparisons was in truth rather meaningless, because more than ninety percent of Saint Genesis Peak’s Genesis essence had been obtained through Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao’s efforts.

If not for the duo, Saint Genesis Peak would have likely been wiped out by Sword Cometh Peak’s rage the moment they entered the Genesis reservoir, let alone thinking about becoming the champion of the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

While the innumerable disciples were sighing in amazement due to Saint Genesis Peak’s astonishing results, on the highest mountain, sect master Qing Yang and the others faintly nodded at this scene.

“It is honestly not easy for Saint Genesis Peak to achieve such results. Elder Shen has done a wonderful job.” Sect master Qing Yang looked towards the nearby elder Shen Taiyuan and smiled.

Shen Taiyuan, who was still a little overwhelmed with emotions, hurriedly bowed as he said in an embarrassed manner, “I have not done much, it is mostly Zhou Yuan’s efforts.”

His words were true. Though Shen Taiyuan had done his best to provide Zhou Yuan cultivation resources since the beginning, it had been his own efforts that had brought him so far.

In fact, Zhou Yuan rarely came to seek guidance from Shen Taiyuan with regards to Genesis techniques and cultivation matters. Even if Shen Taiyuan wanted to fulfill his teaching obligations, there was hardly any chance for him to do so.

Sect master Qing Yang nodded, and said in a pleased manner, “I had originally believed that joining Saint Genesis Peak would be a waste of his talent, and never expected that it would work out so well.”

Shen Taiyuan nodded in understanding. Zhou Yuan had been the champion of the peak selection ceremony back then, and was highly valued by all the other six peaks. Who could have expected him to ultimately decide on Saint Genesis Peak instead.

“In another month, it will be time for the new batch of disciples to join the inner mountains after passing the peak selection ceremony. With Saint Genesis Peak’s impressive achievements, we’ll surely be able to draw many new disciples.” Shen Taiyuan’s heart beated excitedly. Now that Saint Genesis Peak had been reopened, this was precisely the kind of reputation they needed to spread their name, and lure more new disciples to join them. Through this process of getting new blood, Saint Genesis Peak would slowly grow stronger.

One could say that obtaining first place in the Genesis reservoir ceremony was very timely indeed.

Sect master Qing Yang looked towards the many disciples as his voice boomed once more, “The rankings are out. Sword Cometh Peak will enjoy a four dragons baptism, and their Chosens and chief disciples will enjoy a six dragons baptism.”

“Spirit Rune Peak, Snow Lotus Peak, Hongya Peak and Lightning Prison Peak… will enjoy a six dragons baptism, while their Chosens and chief disciples will enjoy an eight dragons baptism.”

“Cangxuan Peak is rank two, and their disciple shall enjoy a seven dragon baptism, while the Chosens and chief disciple will enjoy an eight dragons baptism.”

As sect master Qing Yang’s voice spread, all the disciples, with the exception of Sword Cometh Peak, exploded into thunderous cheers. A six dragon baptism was a rather unreachable high for most of them, and even some of the top tier purple sash disciples needed some luck in order to enjoy it occasionally. 

As for a seven dragons baptism, even the chief disciples may not be able to achieve it, and it was usually a separating line between them and the Chosens.

Amongst the ten great Chosens of the sect, only a handful had attained an eight dragons baptism before. Hence, the Chosens were quite content with receiving an eight dragons baptism.

They knew that it was probably because they had obtained a portion of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence.

“First place, Saint Genesis Peak. The disciples will enjoy a seven dragon baptism…”

Saint Genesis Peak had only slightly surpassed Cangxuan Peak, and thus received the exact same reward as the Cangxuan Peak disciples.

However, not a single one of the Saint Genesis Peak disciples was disappointed by this, and instead bursted into ecstatic cheers. Even the top tier purple sash disciples like Zhou Tai and Lu Yan were unable to conceal the intense emotions on their faces.

Because they had never enjoyed a seven dragons baptism till today.

“Almighty chief disciple!”

“Almighty Xiaoyao!”

All the Saint Genesis Peak disciples cheered, creating an exceptionally excited atmosphere. They clearly understood who was to thank for the seven dragons baptism.

The disciples from the other peaks looked over in envy. After all, a seven dragon baptism was also a rather unattainable blessing for them.

Sect master Qing Yang smiled gently, his gaze pausing on Zhou Yuan as his boomed, “Zhou Yuan, your contributions as Saint Genesis Peak’s chief disciple has not gone unnoticed. What’s more, you’ve also contributed greatly to the slaying of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, and obtained the greatest portion of Genesis essence. In accordance to our evaluation, you shall enjoy…”

“A nine dragons baptism!”

As the final four words echoed, the entire place exploded into a torrential uproar. Countless burning gazes looked towards Zhou Yuan’s figure, filled with extreme desire.

In fact, envy even flashed across the eyes of several Chosens.

This was a nine dragons baptism!

It was the highest possible level of baptism. Let alone this generation of Chosens, even the countless batches of Chosens over the past hundred years had never attained such an extraordinary feat.

No one could have expected that the first person to reach a nine dragon baptism in a hundred years would not be a Chosen, but a chief disciple...

Moreover, it was even the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak!

Under everyone’s gazes, Zhou Yuan’s heart rippled slightly. Although he had already anticipated this result, it was still hard to remain composed when it was announced by sect master Qing Yang.

He had previously enjoyed an eight dragons baptism back when he recently joined Saint Genesis Peak, and thus clearly understood how amazing it was. The nine dragons baptism would undoubtedly allow him to take a giant step in his cultivation.

In the past year he had spent in the Cangxuan Sect, he had constantly been growing stronger and improving himself.

The distance between himself and the Great Wu Empire’s king Wu was also slowly shrinking.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath as he lifted his head, and peered into the distance. He knew that his father was doing his best for his country, and was doggedly withstanding the  tremendous pressure from the Great Wu Empire, while trying to help buy time for Zhou Yuan.”

“Wait for me father, when I return to the Great Zhou Empire, I will fulfill my promise, and take back everything king Wu has taken from us!”

Zhou Yuan’s hands slowly clenched,as a determined look rose in his eyes.

On the highest mountain, sect master Qing Yang waved his sleeve, as boundless power descended. All the disciples vanished in an instant, and appeared again atop the giant baptism stage above the Genesis reservoir.

The baptism stage was akin to a pyramid, the higher up one was the better baptism one would receive.

Zhou Yuan was seated at the very top, seeing countless figures when he looked down.


The surrounding Genesis Qi began to churn violently at this moment.

An endless aura of wonder fell from the sky, and covered the land like haze, as a dragon roar faintly echoed from within...

Zhou Yuan raised his head to look at the sky, where the silhouette of a dragon was diving downwards along with a pure and boundless energy.

He slowly closed his eyes, and began to enjoy the first nine dragons baptism in a hundred years...

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