Chapter 544 Splitting the Genesis Essence

On the land where the sky and sea were of one color, countless gazes stared in shock at the youthful figure standing on the water. Although the latter appeared rather dirty, the Genesis Qi undulations from his body made it clear that he had not sustained any serious injuries.

This was what everyone could not understand. After all, they had previously witnessed Zhou Yuan eat the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s final blow before its death.

Although the beast had already been on its last dregs of energy, that final attack was still exceedingly terrifying. Even the Chosens would have to practice extreme caution if they were to face the creature alone.

Hence, when they saw an unharmed Zhou Yuan appear, let alone the ordinary disciples, even Li Qingchan and the rest of the Chosens in the sky could not help but widen their eyes in disbelief.

Zhao Zhu could not help but blurt out, “How is this possible?!” 

It was not that he wanted to see Zhou Yuan being eliminated, because he would still get his share of Genesis essence even if he was eliminated. Zhao Zhu was just unable to believe that Zhou Yuan could withstand the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s final blow before its death. Wouldn’t this mean that all of them had severely underestimated his capabilities?

The other Chosens looked at each other, but no one was able to come up with an explanation.

After the initial surprise, Chu Qing returned to his senses and remarked with a grin, “It seems that junior brother Zhou Yuan is still quite unfathomable.”

Li Qingchan gave a faint nod of agreement as she said, “We also have to thank him for stopping the ten thousand foot aquatic beast. If not, our efforts today would have been wasted.”

The other Chosens, even Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu, had no choice but to admit that without Zhou Yuan’s timely appearance, they would indeed have to return empty handed. In other words, they owed him some thanks.

Yaoyao earnestly said, “No need for such useless words. Zhou Yuan has made another giant contribution by stopping the ten thousand foot aquatic beast. Hence, I feel that he should get ten percent more of the Genesis essence.”

In her view, the previous twenty percent promised to Zhou Yuan only included the price of neutralizing the Dragon Saliva True Water. Since Zhou Yuan had made another contribution, he should naturally receive a bigger share.

After all, the more ten thousand foot aquatic beast Genesis essence, the better the chances of obtaining a nine dragons baptism. As such, Yaoyao would naturally fight for a bigger share if there was rational justification.

The lips of the Chosens could not help but twitch for a moment, as they gazed at Yaoyao’s beautiful and flawless face. A beauty like her should be pure and clean like a goddess, but she was instead so genuine and earnest just for the sake of helping Zhou Yuan fight for ten percent more of the Genesis essence.

However, when faced with the earnest expression on Yaoyao’s gorgeous face, none of them could utter a single word.

“Why? Am I wrong?” Yaoyao frowned a little at the sight of their silence. She felt that her words had been reasonable. Since they had previously agreed on rewarding according to one’s contributions, Zhou Yuan had every right to request for a bigger share.

“I have no objections.” Chu Qing hurriedly raised both his hands when he saw Yaoyao cast her gaze at him. He was honestly exceptionally pleased about the current situation, because finishing off the ten thousand foot aquatic beast had been much easier than anticipated, which was clearly due to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan had saved Chu Qing alot of trouble. Otherwise, he may perhaps be forced into a scenario where he would have to put his life on the line towards the end, which was something that Chu Qing would do everything he could to avoid.

As for the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence, though it was a huge blessing indeed, given Chu Qing’s foundations, it would only be akin to putting a few more flowers on an already complete brocade. In other words, it would not be a qualitative upgrade for him.

Li Qingchan thought about it for a moment, before she truthfully said, “According to our previous agreement, Zhou Yuan’s contributions are indeed worth thirty percent.”

The other Chosens nodded in acknowledgement, with the exception of the somewhat discontent Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu. Even they had no choice but to admit that the two times Zhou Yuan had acted were extremely crucial.

He had stopped the ten thousand foot aquatic beast from escaping in the end, and even put his life on the line. Although they did not know how he had managed to withstand a strike of such power, they could not deny that Zhou Yuan had borne a tremendous amount of risk.

On the surface of the sea, Zhou Yuan held the foot-long dazzling gem like Genesis essence in one hand, while the other was hidden in his sleeve. Dark yellow liquid dropped from his fingertips, landing in a bottle wrapped by Spirit energy.

It was naturally the Dragon Saliva True Water.

Zhou Yuan had used the Dragon Saliva True Water to block the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s final attack.

The defensive abilities of the True Water had pleasantly surprised Zhou Yuan. The aquatic beast’s final attack was not the least bit inferior to a full power strike from a Chosen, but the Dragon Saliva True Water had still managed to block it.

With such an exceptionally defensive treasure, Zhou Yuan would have a chance of escaping unscathed even against a Chosen level opponent.

However, there was one unfortunate downside. Zhou Yuan had discovered that the Dragon Saliva True Water was a consumable item. Once he left the Genesis reservoir, and lost contact with the Source Dragon Qi, every usage would decrease the amount left...

As he sighed inside, Zhou Yuan rose into the air and arrived in front of the Chosens.

Li Qingchan could not help but ask as she repeatedly looked Zhou Yuan up and down, “Are you alright?” 

Zhou Yuan chuckled, but did not explain. He handed the Genesis essence to Li Qingchan and said, “Thankfully, I did not disappoint you guys. The Genesis essence failed to escape in the end.”

The dazzling gem-like Genesis essence drew the attention of the Chosens, as desire began to fill their eyes. After all, even they were seeing a ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence for the first time.

Li Qingchan carefully observed the Genesis essence that floated in front of her as she sighed. Soon after, her finger sliced through the air as Genesis Qi whipped out like a thread.


The foot-wide Genesis essence was split into pieces, the cut edges smooth as a mirror. Due to its extreme concentration, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence was basically a solid that was filled with wondrous undulations.

“This is yours.” Li Qingchan tossed the biggest chunk to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan hastily caught it. He looked at his share, and hesitated for a moment, before he said, “There seems to be some extra?”

Li Qingchan glanced at Yaoyao and said, “Someone fought for another ten percent on your behalf.”

Zhou Yuan felt rather moved as he also looked towards Yaoyao. He knew best about Yaoyao’s indifference, and it was indeed very extraordinary for her to voluntarily speak up about something.

Yaoyao also received her portion of the Genesis essence. It was much smaller than Zhou Yuan’s, but that was normal, because everyone else’s share was similarly less than his.

Another piece of Genesis essence flew towards Tuntun. It happily wagged its tail, practically drooling as it pounced forward to swallow its reward in a single gulp.

However, a slender, fair hand suddenly reached out at this moment and caught the piece.


Tuntun immediately released an angry roar as it turned its head. However, when it saw the owner of the hand, it quickly let out a terrified and pitiful wail.

Yaoyao gently stroked its head, as a very rarely seen faint beautiful smile was revealed. “Can you let Zhou Yuan use the Genesis essence this time?”

Tuntun shook its head like a rattle-drum. Of course not!

“Oh?” Yaoyao’s faint smile receded as her clear eyes looked towards Tuntun.

Tuntun immediately shivered in response, before it dejectedly ran to the side while whimpering.

Li Qingchan and the other Chosens could not help but look at Tuntun in pity. It had previously been on the frontlines with Shang Chunqiu against the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, and had received quite a number of blows. But in the end, the hardfought Genesis essence had been snatched away before it could even reach Tuntun’s mouth!

Chu Qing sighed at Ye Ge as he indignantly said, “Do you see that, that devil girl is heartless! That little fellow is so adorable and great at fighting, but look at how it’s treated!”

He cast a gaze filled with desire and envy at Tuntun as he said, “I wonder what kind of Genesis Beast it is. *Sigh*, if only it was mine, I could use it whenever I have to fight in the future.”

Ye Ge rolled his eyes.

Yaoyao passed the two portions of Genesis essence in her hand to Zhou Yuan.

At the sight of the dejected Tuntun, Zhou Yuan felt a little reluctant to accept. “Maybe you should return the Genesis essence to it.”

Yaoyao calmly said, “Don’t be so indecisive. The Mythic Utopia is about to open, and given your current abilities, if you don’t use this chance to grow stronger, how will you be able to vie with the other geniuses? Do you think the Mythic Utopia will be like the small squabbles here in the Cangxuan Sect? Even Chosens may die inside, let alone someone like you.”

“If you feel that it's unfair to Tuntun, you should raise your strength. There will definitely be even better things than the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence in the Mythic Utopia, which you can use to repay Tuntun.”

Zhou Yuan let out a bitter laugh, deciding not to argue. He received the Genesis essence and earnestly said, “I will find something good for Tuntun in the Mythic Utopia!”

Only then did Yaoyao give a small nod of approval.

After splitting the Genesis essence from the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, the endless waves of aquatic beasts that were attacking the island also began to retreat in the wake of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s death.

Countless aquatic beasts hissed as they withdrew, scattering in all directions along with the waves.

On the island, the disciples of the seven peaks finally breathed a heavy sigh of relief as they watched the retreating aquatic beast tide. They were already near their limits, and would only have been able to hold on a little longer.

As their taut nerves began to relax, countless gazes looked towards the group of Chosens in the sky, before thunderous cheers erupted.

The Genesis reservoir crisis that had occurred before a hundred years ago, had been successfully overcome by the joint efforts of the seven peaks.

As cheers filled the sky, sect master Qing Yang’s boom voice echoed across the land.

“Congratulations disciples…”

“You’ve passed the Genesis reservoir ceremony!”

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