Chapter 543 Destroying the Ten Thousand Foot Aquatic Beast

The sea in the area was riddled in scars due to the earth-shaking battle, and some of the nearby islands had even been flattened.

High up in the sky, the Chosens panted as they gazed at the surface of the sea below, where the ten thousand foot aquatic beast lay. A good chunk of its body had been blasted away, while only two of its six giant arms remained.

The Genesis Qi undulations pulsing from its body was also growing increasingly weak.

Evidently, after an intense fight, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast had ultimately lost the battle. Although it was still angrily roaring, the outcome was already set in stone.

The Chosens breathed a deep sigh of relief when they saw this. Even without the Dragon Savila True Water, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast had been exceedingly tenacious.

So many of them had bombarded it for nearly half a day to achieve this result, and it was also mostly because the beast’s intelligence was relatively low. Otherwise, if it used more desperate tactics, their side would have likely suffered some losses.

Fortunately, it was finally about to be over.


While everyone was sighing in relief, the battered body of the still roaring ten thousand foot aquatic beast, that appeared as if it were about to charge forward again at any moment, suddenly exploded, as a wave of berserk Genesis Qi swept outwards.

The surface of the sea was ripped apart, and even the Chosens were affected, their bodies sent tumbling backwards one after another.

A several hundred foot long glowing figure shot out from the remains of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s body, and quickly submerged into the water as it fled towards the depths of the reservoir like a bolt of lightning.

Li Qingchan’s expression changed as she hurriedly shouted,  “Shit! It’s trying to escape!”

The expressions of the other Chosens also changed. They never imagined that upon realizing it could not beat them, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast would actually abandon its body in hopes of escaping into the depths of the reservoir.

If it was allowed to escape in the depths of the reservoir, even the Chosens would not be able to catch it.

And if that were to happen, it would not just be the beast’s Genesis essence, even their bitter efforts for the past half a day would be completely wasted.

“Blasted! What a cunning creature!” The numerous Chosens cursed angrily. The aftershocks of the explosion were still spreading, making it impossible for them to stop the aquatic beast for the moment.

Hence, they could only watch helplessly as the glowing figure swiftly sped towards the depths of the Genesis reservoir, while anxiousness and frustration attacked their hearts.

If it managed to escape, who knew when they would encounter another ten thousand foot aquatic beast again!

Li Qingchan let out a soft sigh. This truly was an unfortunate turn of events. They had tried their best to cover all the possibilities, but they had not anticipated the ten thousand foot aquatic beast to flee like a cicada shedding its shell.

It seems that they were not fated to obtain the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence.


Just as Li Qingchan was ready to give up, however, her eyes suddenly focused towards a certain spot. She had caught a glimpse of an ethereal figure suddenly shooting forward in the water, chasing the glowing figure like a shadow.

She cried out in surprise, “Zhou Yuan!”

The hearts of the other Chosens shook a little as they also cast their gazes over, and saw the silhouette closely following the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

They had forgotten that Zhou Yuan had been hiding in the reservoir all along!

However, even though the aquatic beast had been seriously injured, it was still an entity that could not be underestimated. Could he really stop the creature by himself?

As such, the two figures grew smaller and smaller amidst their worried and doubtful gazes.

Deep in the Genesis reservoir.

Zhou Yuan’s slightly ethereal figure suddenly sped up, passing the ten thousand foot aquatic beast glowing figure in the twinkle of an eye, and stopping in front of it to block its path.

“Hey bastard, if you escape, what do I do about my Genesis essence?” Zhou Yuan gazed at the glowing figure before him. Though the ten thousand foot aquatic beast was no longer as intimidating as it had been at the very beginning, it still gave off at terrifying pressure.

However, there was no fear on Zhou Yuan’s face, that was instead filled with eagerness. With a grasp of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared as its sharp tip pointed towards the glowing figure.


The beast released an angry roar at the sight of the ant that was obstructing its path. It could feel that Zhou Yuan was no threat at all, and far from comparable to the Chosens from before.

Hence, there was no hesitation whatsoever, as its remaining giant arms swung downwards like mountains.


Berserk Genesis Qi rapidly converged at its fist, blasting the surrounding water away with a loud bang, as an empty space was created. Its power was terrifying indeed.

The giant fist arrived, accompanied by a violent gale. Zhou Yuan released a howl, neither dodging nor avoiding as a mysterious glowing figure rose from behind him, giving off powerful undulations.

It was obviously the Omega Saint Spirit Art.

He intended to face the ten thousand foot aquatic beast head-on.

In the sky, Li Qingchan and the rest’s expressions immediately changed when they saw this.

“Fool!” Li Qingchan could not help but blurt out. Although the beast had already been gravely injured by them, and was thoroughly exhausted, it still possessed frightening battle power. Even Chosens like themselves would have to be extra cautious if they were to face the creature alone. As such, Zhou Yuan would be far too foolish if he believed he could face it in a direct clash with his initial stage Omega Saint Spirit Art!

Far away, the countless watching disciples from the seven peaks immediately gasped in shock.

However, Zhou Yuan ignored everyone's gazes and reactions, his eyes fixed on the incoming giant fist. In the next instant, the Saint Spirit behind him ferociously pounced forward and merged with the Heavenly Yuan Brush.


Destructive power rumbled within the giant fist. However, everyone was even more shocked, because Zhou Yuan was allowing the punch to land on his body.

At the same time, the Saint Spirit and Heavenly Yuan Brush transformed into a streak of light as they shot forward, heading straight for the glowing figure of the aquatic beast.

It was clearly an all-out desperation tactic!


When the giant fist slammed into Zhou Yuan’s body, the Heavenly Yuan Brush surrounded by the Saint Spirit flashed past, piercing through the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s head.

Zhou Yuan’s figure was sent flying backwards, before smashing into the depths of the Genesis reservoir, shattering small mountain after mountain rising from the sea floor.


A miserable wail exploded from the glowing figure of the aquatic beast. Already on its last legs, the beast was ultimately unable to withstand the final blow, as the light on its body shattered to pieces.

As fragments of light fell, everyone saw a foot sized glowing crystal silently floating amidst the water.

It was the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence!

Countless searing gazes stared at the glowing gem-like object, before turning towards the depths of the reservoir with complicated expressions.

No one had expected that Zhou Yuan would be willing to pay such a price to stop the beast.

In this moment, the numerous disciples felt rather touched by Zhou Yuan’s noble sacrifice.

Up in the sky, the Chosens were also staring at this scene in astonishment.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan is truly a good person.” Chu Qing rubbed his head and sighed.

Sheng Chunqiu nodded in agreement and said, “Although junior brother Zhou Yuan has been eliminated, we should set aside the Genesis essence that should belong to him.”

Li Qingchan’s red lips moved as she let out a bitter laugh. It was fortunate that there were protection brands, and Zhou Yuan would at most be kicked out from the reservoir. Without it, he would surely have to pay a serious, and maybe even fatal price for his recklessness.

“Let’s go and collect the Genesis essence.” Said Li Qingchan.

The other Chosens nodded. However, just as they were about to move to collect the greatest prize, they suddenly sensed something as their gazes quickly turned towards the depths of the reservoir.

A bundle of light suddenly emerged from the depths. Next, they could only dazedly watch, as a dirt-covered figure slowly rose from the depths of the Genesis reservoir. It moved to grab the Genesis essence, before breaking out of the water, and standing on the surface of the sea.

“Zhou Yuan?!”

Although he was not in the best of conditions, a dazzling smile hung from the figure’s face. As they stared at him, the jaws of the Chosens and the other disciples slowly fell open.

He had survived the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s final blow before its death?!

How was this possible?!

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