Chapter 541 Neutralizing the Dragon Saliva True Water

“I will not agree!”

Zhao Zhu shouted sternly, clearly unhappy to the max with this proposal. In his view, they were already doing Zhou Yuan a huge favor by allowing him to help out, and yet this little kid dared to ask for thirty percent of the Genesis essence?

Absolutely delusional!

“Junior sister Yaoyao does not seem to take the matter of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence seriously.” Kong Sheng also spoke up in an indifferent voice, his tone clearly indicating his disapproval.

Although the other Chosens did not speak, they clearly felt that thirty was too much.

“We previously agreed that it should be divided based on contribution. Could it be that all of you believe neutralizing the Dragon Saliva True Water is not worth anything?” Yaoyao looked towards the group with nonchalance, as she continued, “If so, any one of you can go ahead and deal with this problem. I have no objections if whoever succeeds requests for thirty percent.”

Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu froze. Things would not have dragged to this stage if they were able to deal with the Dragon Saliva True Water.

But giving thirty percent to Zhou Yuan was really quite unacceptable.

After all, how many years would it take for another ten thousand foot aquatic beast to appear?

The crowd fell silent. Li Qingchan pondered for a moment, before she said, “Thirty is indeed a little too much, but if Zhou Yuan truly does neutralize the Dragon Saliva True Water, he would have indeed made the greatest contribution. I feel twenty percent is more fair.”

“What do the rest of you think?” She looked to the left and right.

Chu Qing smiled and said, “I’m fine either way, as long as we finish off the creature as soon as possible.”

Upon seeing this, the other Chosens ultimately nodded in agreement.

Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu’s faces were clearly still unhappy, but naturally could not object since everyone else had already agreed. They had no choice but to go along for the time being. After all, they were still somewhat skeptical about whether Zhou Yuan could neutralize the Dragon Saliva True Water.

Yaoyao pondered a little, but did not raise any objections either. Zhou Yuan’s twenty percent plus her and Tuntun’s shares should be just barely enough to reach a nine dragons baptism.

By the side, Tuntun was still wagging its tail as it daydreamed about the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence, not knowing that its share had already been taken away before reaching its mouth.

Yaoyao glanced at the already fully recovered aquatic beast as she said, “Let’s get ready. We’ll distract the beast while you keep a lookout for an opportunity.”


The recovered ten thousand foot aquatic beast roared as its six fists beat its chest in a provocative manner, as berserk undulations unfurled from its body.

The Chosens quickly responded. Torrential Genesis Qi surged out as they shot forward, and engaged the beast in battle once more. 

Only Zhou Yuan remained standing there in the sky, secretly wetting his lips as he watched the crazy fight unfurl. Compared to this, his duel with Baili Che was really lackluster.

These Chosens were definitely the most outstanding individuals that had been painstakingly nurtured by the sect.

While Zhou Yuan stood there, countless disciples cast confused gazes at him from behind.

They had already realized that Zhou Yuan appeared to be joining the battle between the Chosens and the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, but this discovery only made them even more bewildered. Although Zhou Yuan had displayed astonishing strength when he defeated Baili Che, he was still far from reaching the level of the Chosens.

Hence, they could not understand what use Zhou Yuan would be in a battle of that level...

This was especially the case for the Sword Cometh Peak disciples, who mumbled amongst themselves,  “Zhou Xiaoyao seems to have forcibly pulled Zhou Yuan in, is she hoping to get him a tiny share of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence?”

This guess immediately caused several disciples to frown. If that was the case, it would really be a little too shameless. The ten thousand foot aquatic beast had not even been dealt with, but they had already begun to think about getting a share of the spoils?

However, there were even more disciples that said, “There must be some reason why Zhou Yuan has joined them, or the other Chosens would not have agreed.”

However, regardless of their views, all of them knew that they would naturally find out if they continued to watch...


Under the attention of countless gazes, Zhou Yuan observed the battle for a while, before suddenly darting downwards, and diving into the Genesis reservoir.

“Ethereal Form!”

His body swiftly etherealized as he submerged himself into the water. It was as if he had fused with the sea, his presence now perfectly concealed.

Boom! Boom!

The dazzling battle continued above the surface. The ten thousand aquatic beast swung its six arms with unequalled ferocity, as berserk Genesis Qi continuously blasted at the surrounding Chosens.

The Chosens did not hold back either, deadly and alarming Genesis Qi attacks mercilessly bombarding its enormous body.

However, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Dragon Saliva True Water was just too formidable. It only appeared to be a thin layer, but its defenses were basically impenetrable. The Chosens were unable to break through no matter how fiercely they attacked.

With the Dragon Saliva True Water, the beast grew fiercer and fiercer even though it fought the Chosens alone. The battle was so intense that it caused the scalps of the countless watching disciples to turn numb.

Amidst the fighting, Zhao Zhu furiously shouted, “Can Zhou Yuan do it or not?!”

It had already been so long, and yet Zhou Yuan was still nowhere to be seen, while there was also no sign of the Dragon Saliva True Water being neutralized. 

Kong Sheng also spoke up, “Junior sister Xiaoyao, if Zhou Yuan doesn’t have the ability, we should retreat first to consider other strategies instead of wasting everyone’s time. This aquatic beast has an endless source of Genesis Qi, and though our Genesis Qi foundations are strong, we’re not the ones who will win a battle of attrition.”

Li Qingchan and the other Chosens also looked towards Yaoyao, wanting to say something but unable to find the words.

Yaoyao’s pretty face remained indifferent as usual. She ignored everyone as the Genesis Rune Brush in her hand danced in the air, creating numerous complicated runes that absorbed surrounding Genesis Qi, and turned into attacks that blasted towards the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

Li Qingchan gritted her teeth and commanded, “Don’t stop. Continue to keep it occupied.” 

The other Chosens could only continue their onslaught, though the expectation they had of Zhou Yuan slowly weakened inside.

While the battle on the surface continued, Zhou Yuan’s ethereal figure approached the ten thousand foot aquatic beast in the waters below.

The titan’s giant legs towered in the water like two mountains, making Zhou Yuan’s figure appear as tiny as an ant.

However, it was also due to this reason that the creature did not sense his approach.

As Zhou Yuan neared the beast, he reached out towards the Dragon Saliva True Water that covered the body of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast. In the next instant, a lump of blood-red appeared at the center of his palm.

It was obviously the Dragon’s Resentment Poison.

The Dragon’s Resent Poison wiggled a little, as strand after strand of blood-gold Qi was quietly released under Zhou Yuan’s urging.

The Qi was extremely mystical, accompanied by the faint roar of a dragon when it appeared, while the surrounding Genesis Qi began to stir due to its presence.

The blood-gold Qi moved towards the Dragon Saliva True Water. There was no resistance at all as the Qi entered.

Zhou Yuan was overjoyed by this sight. Yaoyao’s prediction was spot on.


The intense battle continued in the sky above. Due to the injuries Zhao Zhu had sustained previously, he was repeatedly pressured by the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, making his situation more miserable than the others.

After narrowly dodging another ball of destructive Genesis Qi from the beast, he finally lost his composure, as he shouted in anger, “Zhou Yuan, you’d better scram if you don’t have the ability. Stop wasting our team!”

Yaoyao expressionlessly lifted her sharp, snow-white chin.


Tuntun immediately roared, abandoning the ten thousand foot aquatic beast without any hesitation as it turned around, and charged towards Zhao Zhu, its sharp claws flickering with black light.


However, a sharp blast of sword light arrived, stopping Tuntun’s sharp claws.

Kong Sheng glared at Yaoyao as he shouted, “What are you doing?!”

Yaoyao had no intention of answering. With a jerk of her brush, numerous Genesis Runes rapidly took shape, turning into a fire and lightning that filled the sky. The fire and lightning gathered into the form of a giant python that locked onto Kong Sheng like a tiger eyeing its prey.

For a time, chaos ensued in the sky, as the other Chosens felt their heads ache. The ten thousand foot aquatic beast had not even been dealt with, and they had already begun infighting. 

Li Qingchan also felt a wave of tiredness in her heart. Just as she was about to speak, she suddenly paused as she looked below in disbelief.

“The Dragon Saliva True Water… has been broken?”

Her spreading voice immediately caused the chaotic sky to fall silent as the Chosens immediately looked over in astonishment.

The dark yellow layer on the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s body suddenly began to tremble chaotically, before dissolving and flowing down the creature’s enormous body.

In a short span of a few breaths, the migraine inducing Dragon Saliva True Water had been completely cleaned away.

In the sky, Zhao Zhu’s angry face turned rigid little by little when he saw this.

A sliver of shock also flitted across Kong Sheng’s eyes.

The Dragon Saliva True Water had actually been neutralized by Zhou Yuan?!

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