Chapter 540 Zhou Yuan Enters the Fray

Yaoyao’s beautiful, tinkling voice sounded, stunning the surrounding Chosens, before they began to frown a little. This was a pretty high level battle, and though Zhou Yuan was a chief disciple that had even defeated Baili Che earlier, he was still quite weak when compared to any of the Chosens here.

On paper, Zhou Yuan had no right to be involved in such a fight.

“Humph, you think too highly of a mere chief disciple!” Zhao Zhu laughed in anger. If not fearing Yaoyao and the always watching Tuntun, he would have already lashed out when Yaoyao called him a fool earlier.

Kong Sheng also said, “Junior sister Yaoyao, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast has not even been dealt with, there’s no need to so anxiously turn your thoughts to the Genesis essence yet, right?”

His words were insidious, implying that Yaoyao was trying to let Zhou Yuan have a share of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence. Such actions would definitely draw disapproval from the other Chosens.

However, Li Qingchan and Ye Ge, who were more familiar with Yaoyao, did not share this view. As for Lu Jingshen and the other Chosens who never had much contact with Yaoyao before, though they did not say anything, their brows began to knit together.

“Since that is the case, just take it as I didn’t say anything.” Yaoyao’s beautiful face was filled with indifference, clearly no intention continuing the topic as she said, “Let’s go Tuntun.”

She was actually intending to leave.

Yaoyao’s character leaned more towards indifference, and with the exception of Zhou Yuan and Tuntun, she did not care much for anyone else in the Cangxuan Sect. Hence, she would feel nothing even if she allowed the seven peaks to be wiped out.

The other Chosens were taken aback by her actions, clearly not expecting Yaoyao to be so decisive. To think that she would just leave in such a situation.

Li Qingchan hurriedly moved forward to pull Yaoyao back. She was well aware of the latter’s character and knew that Yaoyao was certainly capable of just leaving them like this.

Li Qingchan looked towards the Kong Sheng duo and said in a calm manner, “Senior brother Kong Sheng, junior brother Zhao Zhu, Yaoyao naturally has her rationale for saying such things. With us currently in this predicament, do the two of you have any other ideas?”

Ye Ge also chipped in with a smile, “We’ll know whether it works once we try. Junior brother Zhou Yuan has repeatedly created miracles ever since entering the Cangxuan Sect, and though it is indeed a little outrageous for him to try, what if another miracle happens?”

The other Chosens also returned to their senses at this moment. Yaoyao and Tuntun were basically part of their main force, and if the two were to leave, the rest of them would have to shoulder even more pressure against the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

They immediately spoke out one after another to indicate their agreement.

Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu’s expressions looked rather ugly for a time, but they had no choice but to sullenly keep their mouths shut. They had likewise not expected Yaoyao to be capable of leaving so cleanly.

Li Qingchan looked towards Yaoyao and asked, “Yaoyao, since you say Zhou Yuan can do it, could you call him over to try?”

Yaoyao gave a faint nod, and sent her Spirit power to reach out to Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan was rather stunned when he received the Spirit message while still in battle. After briefly hesitating, he informed his squad members, before rising into the air and flying towards the Chosens in the distance under countless puzzled gazes.

As Zhou Yuan approached, the Chosens cast somewhat curious gazes over. Those who had only heard but not met him like Lu Jingshen and Yang Zixiao, thoroughly sized him up, as if hoping to find out what kind of abilities he had that allowed him to participate in a battle of this level.

“What’s the matter?” Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together towards the Chosens, before turning towards Yaoyao.

Li Qingchan pointed at the ten thousand foot aquatic beast in the distance, and cut straight to the heart of the matter. “The ten thousand foot aquatic beast has developed an ability called the Dragon Saliva True Water. It boasts an extremely sturdy defense, and is even able to connect to the Genesis reservoir, and provide an endless stream of Genesis Qi to the beast. Our combined might has been incapable of dealing with it, but Yaoyao says you may have a way?”

She hesitantly glanced at Zhou Yuan towards the end.

The gazes of the other Chosens also converged on Zhou Yuan’s face.

Zhou Yuan was a little stunned, as he looked at Yaoyao, before calmly and confidently saying, “So that dark yellow layer is called the Dragon Saliva True Water, huh?”

The Chosens were somewhat surprised by his confident appearance. Was Zhou Yuan really capable of breaking it?

“It’s not impossible, but I have to first discuss something with Yaoyao.” Zhou Yuan smiled, before pulling Yaoyao aside. With a wave of his hand, Genesis Qi enveloped the both of them, preventing any noise from exiting.

Under the barrier of Genesis Qi, the confidence on Zhou Yuan's face immediately crumbled as he smiled bitterly and said, “What the heck are you up to? If even so many Chosens can’t break that Dragon Saliva True Water, what do you expect me to do?”

Yaoyao watched Zhou Yuan’s expression change with amusement, before she said, “Weren’t you being very confident earlier?”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips twitched as he said, “I can’t show any weakness when their faces were so full of doubt, right? Especially Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu, they were practically dying to catch any chinks in my armor.”

Since things had already reached this point, why not feign confidence instead of showing how lost he was and being laughed at.

Moreover, since Yaoyao had called him over, she would certainly have a plan even if he was still in the dark about it.

Sure enough, Yaoyao cast her gaze towards the ten thousand foot aquatic beast and said, “The Dragon Saliva True Water is indeed very problematic. However, that’s only for the others. You, on the other hand, will not find it much of a problem at all.”

“Why?” Asked Zhou Yuan in bewilderment. He had previously seen how even the combined might of the Chosens had failed to break through the Dragon Saliva True Water.

“The Dragon Saliva True Water is made from the Dragon Qi that originated from the Source Dragon Vein. It is this very same Dragon Qi that gave it such amazing abilities.”

Yaoyao’s red lips parted slightly as she slowly explained, “There are many kinds of Dragon Qi in this world, but all of them have a common origin. Others may have no choice but to use brute force to break through, but you are different because of the sacred dragon blessing contained within your body.”

“The sacred dragon blessing…” Zhou Yuan finally understood. So that was the reason.

“What should I do?”

“Although the ten thousand foot aquatic beast has gained some sentience, it is not a true living creature and thus has limited intelligence. You only need to find an opportunity to send a sliver of sacred dragon Qi into the Dragon Saliva True Water, which would cause some variation to emerge and make it lose its abilities for a time. The rest of us shall make use of that chance to give the creature a fatal blow.” Yaoyao smiled slightly.

Zhou Yuan breathed a heavy sigh of relief when he heard this. Thankfully, it did not sound too difficult.

“Okay then, we’ll follow your plan.” Zhou Yuan nodded. If they did not finish off the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, all of them would have to return empty handed, which was obviously not in line with Zhou Yuan’s expectations.

Hence, he would naturally not shirk away from doing his part.

Yaoyao unhurriedly said, “Of course you’ll do it, but you have to secure enough benefits first.” 

After finishing, she stepped out of the Genesis Qi barrier with Zhou Yuan following behind.

“Done discussing? Can you do it or not?” Zhao Zhu frostily looked over, his eyes filled with skepticism.

“Let Zhou Yuan handle the Dragon Saliva True Water.” Declared Yaoyao.

Although the other Chosens were still somewhat bewildered, they clearly breathed a sigh of relief. Since Yaoyao was so confident, the odds should be quite good, right?

“However…” Yaoyao suddenly paused.

She looked towards the group of Chosens and slowly said, “If Zhou Yuan does manage to neutralize the Dragon Saliva True Water, it will be a huge contribution. If we ultimately succeed in slaying the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, he should get thirty percent of the Genesis essence.”

“Thirty percent?!”

The Chosens were slightly alarmed by these words.

One must know that with Yaoyao and Tuntun added in, the Genesis essence would already be split into twelve portions, and each person would receive less than ten percent. And yet, Zhou Yuan wanted thirty percent?!

Zhao Zhu’s expression turned green with anger as he shouted,

“You’re dreaming, what right has a mere chief disciple to take thirty percent? Isn’t he afraid of dying to excessiveness?!”

“I will not agree!”

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