Chapter 54 Triumph


The clash of two Alpha-Origin stage experts could be said to shake the mountains. The entire field began to tremble violently at this moment, the spreading aftershocks making countless people feel as if they were unable to breath.

When Zhou Qing’s furious shout rang out, a large group of imperial guards flooded out from behind the field. But at the same time, numerous figures reached for their weapons in the field as they gathered towards king Qi.

Both factions were on high alert.

The suddenly suffocating atmosphere did nothing for the various factions that were secretly in shock. Was the royal clan and Qi Manor really going to war today?

Both parties were clearly unprepared. If they were to start a war now, Great Zhou would definitely descend into internal chaos, chaos which would in turn allow a third party the opportunity to reap the benefits.

Zhou Qing’s expression was frosty as vigorous scarlet red Flame-Thunder Qi continuously shot out from the top of his head. An astonishing aura accompanied the faint rumble of thunder as the Qi stormed in the sky above.

His eyes were ice-cold as he stared at Qi Yuan. Any movement from the latter would definitely provoke a response.

Qi Yuan’s face twitched faintly under Zhou Qing’s hawk-like gaze. Although there was anger and murder surging in the former’s eyes, he was after all no ordinary individual. He knew that both sides would suffer terrible losses if they were to clash here, allowing a third party to take advantage.

Hence, with a deep breath, the vigorous Genesis Qi that had poured out from his head was sucked back into his body.

A smile was revealed on his stormy face as he cupped his fists together towards Zhou Qing and said, “Your majesty, please quell your anger. I was reckless due my anxiousness and hope that you can forgive me.”

As he spoke, he looked towards Zhou Yuan on the stone stage, “Your highness, please do not take offense if I scared you earlier.”

At the sight of the smile on Qi Yuan’s face, Zhou Yuan could not help but think to himself, “King Qi is truly a formidable person, knowing when to bow and submit. No wonder he has caused so much trouble for father.”

Zhou Yuan was growing increasingly wary of Qi Yuan, but maintained a smile full of apology as he replied, “I do not blame you, it is my fault for being unable to restrain myself earlier so I should be the one who apologises.”

The corners of Qi Yuan’s eyes twitched as he shot a glance at the screaming Qi Yue, who was grabbing the stump where his arm once was, but could only force a smile, “Punches and kicks have no eyes and accidents are unavoidable. I can only say that Qi Yue was not as skillful.”

Zhou Yuan seemed to breath a sigh of relief as he happily said, “Nothing is better than king Qi’s understanding.”

“Hehe.” Qi Yuan chuckled. There was a twinkle in his eye as he continued, “Is the technique previously used by your highness our Qi Manor’s Auraflare? May I inquire where your highness obtained it?”

Zhou Yuan smiled upon hearing this. “Someone tried to assassinate me some time ago while I was training in the Black Forest Mountain Range, but the attempt was ultimately foiled by myself. I found the technique on his corpse.”

“So that’s what happened.” It was as if a flash of understanding had struck Qi Yuan. “Qi Manor was burgled some time ago and it just so happens that this very same Auraflare technique was stolen. I believe that the burglar must have been the one who attacked your highness.”

Qi Yuan’s smile became gentle as he continued, “I should really thank your highness. If not for you, Qi Manor would have truly lost the Auraflare technique.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows raised slightly. King Qi was such a wily old fox, but did he really believe that the Auraflare technique would be returned with a few simple words?

Thus, Zhou Yuan immediately let out a sigh and said, “I would naturally return the technique to Qi Manor if I still had it. Unfortunately, it was ripped to pieces in a fight with a Genesis Beast so I had to throw away the remains.”

The smile on Qi Yuan’s face turned rigid as his fists involuntarily clenched tightly. Even a three year old would not believe Zhou Yuan’s words. It was clear that the latter had no intentions of returning the technique.

However, there was nothing Qi Yuan could do unless he wanted to fall out with the royal clan here.

Zhou Qing let out an icy chuckle in his heart when he saw this and withdrew his Genesis Qi. Although he too had been greatly angered by Qi Yuan’s unbridled actions, the former also knew that this was not the time to go to war with Qi Manor.

As the two individuals withdrew their Qi, the tense atmosphere smothering the field gradually dissipated.

Although everyone knew that the royal clan and Qi Manor were at loggerheads, the final membrane had not been broken. If it was torn apart here today, no one would be able to avoid the subsequent turmoil that would surely engulf Great Zhou.

With a wave of Qi Yuan’s hand, two figures flew onto the stage and assisted the still shrieking Qi Yue off. Only then did the referee return to his senses and shout, “A class, Zhou Yuan’s victory!”

“All the B class participants have been defeated so the A class has won their challenge! I now announce that the A class is this year’s leader of the classes!”

As the referee’s voice boomed, the numerous A class students burst out into cheers, cheers accompanied by thunderous applause from the countless audience members around the field.

Gaze after gaze was filled with amazement as they looked towards the thin figure of the youngster atop the stage. No one had expected the once crippled prince to reach such heights.

Those that had experienced the events from over a dozen years ago sighed inwardly. To think that even the calamity back then had been unable to completely ruin his highness. This clearly showed how just how tenacious his highness was.

However, when all was said and done, Zhou Yuan had after all lost the sacred dragon blessing. Hence, it was hard to determine exactly how far he would be able to go.

After all, the sacred dragon blessing that once belonged to him was currently the country blessing of Great Wu. In addition, its power had also been bestowed onto the two born with the python and sparrow blessings that were born on the same day as himself. With just the power of Great Zhou, taking it back would be harder than ascending the heavens.

In contrast to the celebratory atmosphere of the A class, an oppressive atmosphere covered the completely silent B class. Their class master, Xu Hong, had a steely-green face of compressed anger akin to a volcano that was on the verge of erupting.

A single step was all that separated him from the position of headmaster. He should taken control of the Great Zhou Institute after today, but who could have expected such a turn of events.

The originally sure-win Qi Yue had lost to Zhou Yuan!

It was at this time that the unconscious Liu Xi finally awakened. However, her pretty face immediately turned deathly pale when she heard the referee’s announcement.

“Qi Yue lost to Zhou Yuan? How can it be?!”

She blankly stared at the stone stage, only to see Zhou Yuan standing there with his hands behind his back. His tall straight figure and his thin face gave off an aura of sharpness that no one dared to underestimate.

“How is it possible… how could he have beaten Qi Yue! He’s nothing but a crippled prince!” Liu Xi mumbled to herself, still unable to accept reality.

The other class B students gloated a little as they watched Liu Xi. Qi Yue had been the only one to be acknowledged by this arrogant girl who acted superior to all of her other B class classmates.

You once said that prince Zhou Yuan was a toad that you would never give a second glance. Yet, he has now become so outstanding, so outstanding that even Qi Yue can no longer compare.

Looks like Su Youwei was right. Compared to prince Zhou Yuan, Liu Xi was the real toad.

On the tall viewing platform, Qi Yuan knew that their plan had already failed. His expression was somewhat dark as he looked towards Zhou Qing and said with a faint smile, “The outcome of this class ranking exam is truly unexpected. Congratulations your majesty.”

Zhou Qing’s expression was calm as he replied, “It’s a pity with regards to all the thought and effort king Qi has put into the Great Zhou Institute over the years.”

Qi Yuan laughed, “Qi Manor made a wrong move this time, but your majesty should not be too overjoyed. Qi Manor is still the same Qi Manor even without the Great Zhou Institute.”


He paused, revealing a slight smile as he glanced at Zhou Yuan. “My eldest son Qi Hao is said to have gained recognition under the great general. Perhaps your majesty should pay some attention to this.”

Zhou Qing’s pupils shrank a little upon hearing these words, but his expression remained unchanged as he replied, “The great general is no rebel. At the very least, this is something that I still believe in.”

“Hehe, I hope so. But it seems that he does not intend to repay your majesty’s faith.” Qi Yuan’s words seemed to hold a deeper meaning. Without further ado, he smiled and cupped his fists together towards Zhou Qing before turning around to leave.

Zhou Qing’s eyes grew colder as he watched Qi Yuan leave. The former knew that Qi Manor would not just leave it at this after this failure. Looks like the future clashes between them would only grow more and more ruthless…

However, the one thing he knew was that no matter what, he would never allow a repeat of the events from back then!

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