Chapter 539 Dragon Saliva True Water


The ten thousand foot aquatic beast howled at the sky from the violently raging sea. The Genesis Qi undulations that exploded from its body brutally pushed away the surrounding water, creating an empty space.

Dark yellow liquid flowed on its enormous body, covering every inch of its surface like a layer of water.

A deep, muffled dragon roar faintly echoed, causing the behemoth’s ferocious aura to rise steadily as the air around it rippled.

The Chosens expressions turned rather ugly when they saw this, evidently discovering that the ten thousand foot aquatic beast had grown much more formidable than before.

However, they could not back down at this stage no matter how powerful it became. As such, the group exchanged a quick glance, before shooting forward at the same time.

Rumble! Rumble!

Wave after wave of alarmingly powerful Genesis Qi swept out from the Chosens’ bodies, as formidable Genesis techniques condensed at their hands. In the end, their attacks bombarded the ten thousand foot aquatic beast like meteors streaking across the sky.

However, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast did not even bother to dodge. It did not budge from the spot, allowing the attacks to land on its body.

Bzz bzz!

When the powerful bombardment landed on its body, the dark yellow film of water merely rippled, as it completely neutralized their attacks.

The ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s titanic body remained as steady as a boulder.

Li Qingchan and gang’s expressions turned even uglier, clearly not expecting the Dragon Saliva True Water to be so impenetrable.


The ten thousand foot aquatic beast howled as it swung its six arms, causing torrential Genesis Qi swept outwards, lifting up a tremendous amount of water that molded itself into a giant water pillar. The pillar thundered through the air, shaking the surrounding space as it ruthlessly swung towards the Chosens in the sky.

It’s speed was as quick as rushing thunder.

The Chosens hurriedly scattered to avoid it. Only Zhao Zhu was a step too slow, and ended up being struck by the giant water pillar.


His figure tumbled through the air, and skidded across the surface of the sea, leaving a ten thousand foot long mark across it. His face paled a little as he vomited a mouthful of blood, clearly injured by the attack.


The ten thousand foot aquatic beast did not intend to give him any time to recover, immediately heading straight for the injured Zhao Zhu in an attempt to remove him.

However, the surface of the sea suddenly exploded the moment the titan took a step forward. A giant water dragon emerged with a roar, brandishing its watery fangs and claws as it curled around the aquatic beast’s body to immobilize it.

Numerous Genesis Runes flowed within the water dragon, a sign that it was a construct of Genesis Runes.

In the sky, Yaoyao grasped her brush as she coldly said, “Aren’t you guys going to attack?”

The other Chosens immediately took action, surging Genesis Qi dashing into the sky, transforming once more into an endless wave of attacks that mercilessly rained down upon the aquatic beast.

Boom! Boom!

The surface of the sea was blasted apart, creating an enormous empty space that no water could enter for the time being.

The countless disciples far away shivered at this scene. An onslaught by the Chosens was indeed indescribably ferocious.

Boom boom!

The onslaught lasted for a dozen minutes, before slowly calming to halt. Even a mountain range would be flattened by this bombardment.

The remnant Genesis Qi slowly dissipated, as countless gazes looked over.

They found that the ten thousand foot aquatic beast seemed to have shrunk somewhat, but Dragon Saliva True Water still slowly flowed on the surface of its body, solidly defending it like an impenetrable armor.

Although the creature had sustained some damage, it was much less than what the Chosens had expected.


The ten thousand foot aquatic beast roared in anger, as light emerged from the Dragon Saliva True Water on its body. Genesis Qi began rushing over from the reservoir, and rapidly poured into the titan’s body.

In a short span of a few breaths, the slightly shrunken body of the beast began to recover at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

Li Qingchan clenched her jaw and said, “This won’t do, that Dragon Saliva True Water is way too troublesome!”

Even such a ferocious barrage from them had failed to defeat the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, and once it managed to withstand the assault, the aquatic beast would immediately make use of the Dragon Saliva True Water to absorb the power in the Genesis reservoir to recover.

In other words, as long as it had the Dragon Saliva True Water, this ten thousand foot aquatic beast was basically unbeatable in the Genesis reservoir.

In contrast, no matter how strong their Genesis Qi foundations were, their Genesis Qi would eventually be exhausted.

The situation would only worsen for them if this continued.

“It is pointless to continue this battle if we are unable to break that Dragon Saliva True Water.” Remarked Kong Sheng with an expressionless face.

Shang Chunqiu responded in a deep voice, “But we can’t give up even if we can’t break it!”

Kong Sheng frostily said, “Then how should we fight? With it drawing power from the reservoir, the only thing that awaits us will be defeat.”

Shang Chunqiu frowned deeply, clearly unable to see a solution.

The Chosens fell silent as they looked at each other. The ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Dragon Saliva True Water had truly rendered them helpless.

While they were silent, the disciples from the seven peaks also sensed the situation, and began to stir restlessly. They had after all witnessed how the joint efforts of the Chosens had failed to deal any fatal damage to the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

If even the Chosens were unable to deal with the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, it was likely that everyone would return empty handed from this Genesis reservoir ceremony, which would undoubtedly be a substantial blow to the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect.

Zhou Yuan also frowned slightly as he realized their predicament, as a sliver of worry flitted across his eyes. Truth be told, he could see that though the ten thousand foot aquatic beast was powerful, the combined might of the Chosens, Yaoyao and Tuntun was indeed capable of putting up a fight.

However, no one could have predicted that the dark yellow water would be so formidable. It not only boasted astonishing defenses, but could even absorb power from the Genesis reservoir.

It was the existence of this thing that had placed the Chosens in their current plight.

Zhou Yuan sighed softly. The battle over there was beyond his current capabilities, and he would mostly likely become a burden if he were to get involved. The only thing he could do now was to pray that the Chosens could defeat the ten thousand foot aquatic beast. Otherwise, all of them would be sent out empty handed.

High up in the sky.

In the face of the fruitless discussion, Li Qingchan gritted her teeth and said, “We have to push on even if it’s hopeless. Let’s see if we can smash apart its shell before our Genesis Qi is depleted!”

The others frowned when they heard this. This was the most crude and direct method, but they honestly did not have much confidence in outlasting the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

At the end of the day, there were currently in the Genesis reservoir, where the aquatic beasts had an unimaginable homeground advantage.

“They may be a way to neutralize this Dragon Saliva True Water.” A clear voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone was taken aback, before their gazes turned towards Yaoyao.

Li Qingchan happily asked, “You know how?”

Puzzled looks filled the eyes of the other Chosens.

Yaoyao unhurriedly said, “All things naturally have their counter. Though this Dragon Saliva True Water is unreasonably overbearing, there is a way to counter it.”

“Eh? Can you do it?” Asked Shang Chunqiu in amazement.

Yaoyao shook her head and replied, “I can’t.”

Everyone’s expressions turned a little rigid as Kong Sheng frostily said, “Then what are you trying to say?”

The corners of Yaoyao’s lips curled slightly, seemingly smiling as she said, “Though I can’t, there is naturally someone who can.”

The group looked at each other in bewilderment. Only Zhao Zhu suddenly let out an icy chuckle, as he mockingly said, “Don’t tell me that the one who can do it is Zhou Yuan?”

Yaoyao glanced at him, and gave a little nod.

“Looks like you’re not a lost cause.”

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