Chapter 538 Chosens Battle the Ten Thousand Foot Aquatic Beast

All the Genesis Qi in the vicinity seemed to begin boiling, as the giant creature arrived on the waves. Indescribable savagery unfurled from its body like a storm, stirring the wind and water.

Countless gazes looked towards the ten thousand foot aquatic beast in shock.

Compared to this behemoth, even the thousand foot aquatic beasts from before that had already felt unreachable to the numerous disciples, appeared unworthy of attention...


The titan’s body was as clear as crystal, and as large as a mountain. Six enormous arms grew from its body, making it a six-armed creature that walked on two legs, a sight that definitely reached the apex of ferocity.

“So this is a ten thousand foot aquatic beast…”

While Zhou Yuan was leading one of the elite squads to surround a thousand foot aquatic beast, he found a moment to raise his head, and gaze upon the giant. He subconsciously gasped, as his expression turned exceedingly grave.

It was clear that he had also felt the overwhelming strength of the beast.

Even someone like Zhou Yuan was already so affected, let alone the other disciples. Every one of them had paled substantially, and their courage had been scattered for a time, causing them to be repeatedly pushed back by the endless swarm of aquatic beasts.

In contrast, the aquatic beasts seemed to have been powered up by the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s appearance, growing increasingly crazed as they charged forward.

The situation turned extremely chaotic and messy.

On the highest point on the island, Li Qingchan and the other Chosens also discovered these changes, causing their eyes to widen a little.

Li Qingchan took in a deep breath and said, “Everyone, prepare to move.”

The others nodded with solemn expressions. Their mission was the most important. If they failed to vanquish the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, the only thing that awaited the seven peaks would be defeat.


Eleven figures transformed into streams of light as they rose into the sky, with Yaoyao carrying Tuntun in her arms. They spread out in a fan formation, and appeared in front of the giant creature.


Genesis Qi exploded from Li Qingchan and the rest without any hesitation, rising into the sky and straight into the clouds like columns of smoke. It was a magnificent scene.

When the ten great Chosens acted, their Genesis Qi foundations that far exceeded the chief disciples were revealed.

Powerful Genesis Qi pressures spread across the area, blocking the savage aura from the ten thousand foot aquatic beast for a time.


The giant creature roared as it gazed upon the figures blocking its path, before its six arms suddenly slammed into the sea.


The surface was ripped apart, as countless water pillars shot out like giant spears, filling the sky as they accelerated towards the dozen figures in the air. Every water pillar contained berserk energies.

Boundless Genesis Qi swept out from the bodies of the Chosens, turning into torrents that smashed into the incoming water pillars. Loud booms sounded as a torrential rain fell, making it impossible to see clearly.

Genesis Qi took the shape of a cloud above the Chosens, sending down rays of light to shield them.

Their cold gazes locked onto the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, as vigorous Genesis Qi churned in their bodies like a flood.

Yaoyao and Ye Ge’s Genesis Rune Brushes swiftly danced across the air, as complex Genesis Runes were formed one after another. The runes transformed into a river of light that whizzed forth and landed on the bodies of the other Chosens.

Genesis Runes flowed on the bodies of the Chosens as if alive, continuously absorbing the surrounding Genesis Qi.

These were high grade support runes that could amplify the target’s Genesis Qi attacks and defense, while also helping absorb the surrounding Genesis Qi to replenish one’s reserves.

With the Genesis Runes on their bodies, Li Qingchan, Chu Qing and the rest of the Chosens suddenly shot forward. In the next instant, a ferocious assault, that made the expressions of countless disciples change, flew towards the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

Every attack was pumped full of alarming power.


Faced with the Chosens attacks, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast slammed its six fists into its chest, releasing a loud thud as an invisible blast of air swept outwards. A split second later, it waved its six giant fists as extremely berserk Genesis Qi condensed towards them, before charging forward to meet the Chosens head-on, showing no fear at their numbers.

Boom! Rumble!

It was truly an earth-shaking clash. The water around them continuously collapsed inwards, as giant waves rose due to the aftershocks of the battle, and frantically swept outwards.

Some unlucky disciples and aquatic beasts were even washed away.

Zhou Yuan watched from far away. He could clearly see how chief disciples like himself were indeed far outclassed by the Chosens.

Although many chief disciples nearly had the strength of the ninth layer, once they reached the ninth layer, it would be all about one’s Genesis Qi foundations.

Zhou Yuan currently had approximately five thousand Genesis Qi stars in his body, while the likes of Baili Che would at most have six thousand.

In comparison, Zhou Yuan estimated that even the rank ten Zhao Zhu likely had over ten thousand stars worth of Genesis Qi foundations.

These were the foundations of the Chosens.

In the face of such ferocious individuals, even Zhou Yuan had no choice but to admit that he would have no chance even against the rank ten Zhao Zhu, unless he decided to borrow Silver Shadow’s power.

Because the gap in their Genesis Qi foundations was just far too great.

“I still have some ways to go…” Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath. Looks like he could not relax despite becoming a chief disciple.

These Chosens must have undergone countless hardships in order to gain such foundations. He would need to work extra hard if he intended to catch up.

“If I obtain a nine dragons baptism… my Genesis Qi foundations should improve drastically.” Zhou Yuan licked his lips as desire flashed in his eyes.

However, he could only daydream about it for the time being, because a nine dragon baptism was something that even the Chosens greatly yearned for.

It would not be easy to collect enough Genesis essence to achieve a nine dragons baptism.

Boom! Boom!

While such thoughts were swirling in Zhou Yuan’s head, the fighting in the distance grew increasingly fierce. The ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s battle power was truly terrifying. There were no signs of it losing even against the combined might of the numerous Chosens.


The titan’s six arms danced around it, as a giant ball of Genesis Qi suddenly appeared between two of its palms. The ball was flung, hurtling through the air as it mercilessly blasted towards Li Qingchan.

However, just as the ball was about to hit its target, a figure appeared in front of her, revealing itself to be Shang Chunqiu.

His arms were crossed in front of him as he let loose a thunderous roar. A dazzling jade glow blossomed, forming peculiar patterns on his skin, while beautiful silver light surged in his body.

This was obviously the true Mythic Saint Body!

The strongest body in the Cangxuan Sect!


The ball of Genesis Qi slammed into Shang Chunqiu as a storm unfurled. The sea below was ripped apart, while his figure was sent bouncing across the surface of the water, creating giant pits with each bounce.

His clothes were in tatters when he finally came to a stop, but he had thankfully not sustained any serious injuries. Such toughness caused the countless watching disciples to gasp in amazement.

In the meantime, the other Chosens took the opportunity to send out a fierce onslaught of attacks. The attacks rained down upon the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s enormous body, causing ripples to spread on the surface of its body.

The defenses of this behemoth were likewise extremely astonishing.


A peerless roar rang out as dark golden light tore through the air. Tuntun’s mighty figure appeared behind the aquatic beast, arcs of black light flickering and jumping between its claws, giving off an extremely dangerous sensation.


Tuntun’s claws slashed downwards, the strange black light leaving gashes in the fabric of space.

A giant crack was torn open on the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s body, the flickering black light continuously eroding the Genesis Qi within the beast.


Tuntun’s strike could only be rated as ferocious. The ten thousand foot aquatic beast let loose a piercing howl, as it swung its six arms, sending Tuntun catapulting away with a punch.

“Attack the spot Tuntun tore open!” Shouted Yaoyao.

Li Qingchan and the rest moved without any hesitation, Genesis Qi surging out in quick succession and swiftly condensing into attacks. A split second later, ten torrents of Genesis Qi streaked across the horizon like shooting stars, leaving giant waves in their wake as they bombarded the spot Tuntun had ripped open.


The dreadful power of their attacks made even the ten thousand foot aquatic beast wail in pain, as its enormous body stumbled a little.

The numerous disciples immediately burst into cheers when they saw this.

The Chosens had clearly managed to do substantial damage to the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

Amidst their cheers, however, Li Qingchan and gang continued to stare at the titan with grave expressions. If it was so easily defeated, the batch of disciples from a hundred years ago would not have ended up being completely wiped out...


The ten thousand foot aquatic beast roared, as its six giant arms suddenly reached into the water. Water immediately rose, forming a dome around its body. At the same time, everyone felt the Genesis Qi in the Genesis reservoir begin to frantically converge towards it.

Li Qingchan and the others tried to attack, only to be stopped by the water dome.

Li Qingchan gravely said, “It appears as if the creature is about to get serious…”

Chu Qing rubbed his shiny bald head out of habit as he said, “I once read an ancient text in the sect which had some mention of a ten thousand foot aquatic beast. It is said that such a creature has many amazing abilities, the most troublesome of which is known as the Dragon Saliva True Water. This ‘water’ is created from Source Dragon Qi, and is not only indestructible, but can also connect the beast to the Genesis reservoir, giving it an inexhaustible supply of Genesis Qi, making it even more of a problem.”

“What does the Dragon Saliva True Water look like?” Asked someone.

Chu Qing offhandedly said, “It has a dark yellow luster, but it also takes luck for a ten thousand foot aquatic beast to gain this ability. Don’t worry, we may not be so unlucky!”

As his voice faded, he sensed that the surroundings had turned much quieter.

He raised his head in confusion, and saw Li Qingchan and the rest staring to the front with rather ugly expressions. As he followed their gazes, the smile on his face turned rigid.

On the surface of the sea, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast was howling at the sky. The original crystal like sheen on its enormous body had slowly begun to turn dark yellow.

Dark yellow flowed on the surface of its body like dragon saliva, as the roar of a dragon faintly echoed.

Genesis Qi endlessly surged over from all directions, as the wound torn open by them earlier began to recover at a speed which could be seen by the naked eye.

An even more alarming undulation spread from its body.

In the sky, the silent Chosens looked towards Chu Qing one by one with icy gazes.

This jinx!

Chu Qing shivered under the crowd’s angry gazes, as he awkwardly mumbled, “You guys can’t be blaming me, right?”

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