Chapter 537 Aquatic Beasts Attack the Island

News of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast had not been made public by the Chosens previously, fearing that it would cause alarm and panic. Only when all seven peaks were gathered on the island, was the information finally allowed to spread.

As the news spread, things unfurled like the Chosens had predicted. A giant commotion instantly erupted on the island, as countless disciples began to panic like victims of a disaster.

“My god, did I mishear? A ten thousand foot aquatic beast?!”

“Why is this happening. The previous time a ten thousand foot aquatic beast was a hundred years ago. I’ve heard that all seven peaks were ultimately wiped out that year!”

“We’re finished. A ten thousand aquatic beast is not something we can hope to resist!”

“Is all our hard work going to end up being wasted due to the ten thousand foot aquatic beast?”

“Don’t panic, the seven peaks were only eliminated a hundred years ago, because each peak was kicked out by one by one. But it’s different this time. The Chosens discovered the creature in advance, and gathered all of us here. As long as we work together, what can a ten thousand foot aquatic beast possibly do to us?!”

“That’s right, if we’re united, I refuse to believe that a ten thousand foot aquatic beast will take us all on!”

“If it dares to appear, the Chosens the seven peaks will surely subdue it!”


Similar conversations were held in every corner of the island. Fortunately, the Chosens and chief disciples were secretly guiding the conversations, preventing the morale of the disciples from crumbling. Instead, the fear of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast slowly began to unite the disciples of the various peaks.

They knew that if they did not join hands, no one would receive any benefits this time!

Of course, the main reason was still the presence of the Chosens, who were the greatest source of confidence in the hearts of the many disciples. 

After all, the Chosens represented the strongest power amongst this generation of disciples.

Two days passed in a blink of an eye amidst this pressuring atmosphere.

When the third day arrived, nearly every disciple could clearly feel the Genesis Qi of the entire Genesis reservoir suddenly turn berserk at a certain moment.

Woo woo!

Sharp wails sounded across the island.

The ten Chosens and the chief disciples were currently standing on the tallest peak, their gazes peering towards the edge of the sea, where the waters seemed to be boiling.

They could faintly hear the roars of countless aquatic beasts.

Li Qingchan gravely watched this scene as she said, “There are countless aquatic beasts swarming towards us. They appear to be under the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s command.”

“Tell the disciples to retreat into the boundary and take up their defensive positions. Kill any aquatic beast that manages to enter.”

As her voice faded, disciples immediately rushed off to spread her instructions. The disciples from all seven peaks quickly began to withdraw into the many boundaries in a nervous and orderly manner.

These boundaries had been constructed by the Spirit Rune Peak disciples led by Yaoyao and Ye Ge over the past two days.

Li Qingchan watched the various disciples retreat into the boundaries, before she turned towards Zhou Yuan and the rest of the chief disciples. “If any thousand foot aquatic beast appears, you guys will lead groups of elite purple sash disciples to kill them.”

A thousand foot aquatic beast was extremely powerful, and was not existence that a chief disciple could face alone. Hence, they needed to work together with others.

“As for us…” Li Qingchan’s gaze shifted towards Chu Qing, Kong Sheng and the rest of the Chosens as she took in a deep breath. “If the ten thousand foot aquatic beast appears, we’ll meet it with our full power.”

She paused for a moment, before she continued in an earnest voice, “We’re the last hope of the seven peaks. If we fail to defeat the beast, this Genesis reservoir ceremony shall end with all of us returning empty handed.”

“As Chosens, we get to enjoy the best cultivation resources, status and respect. And now, it’s time for us to play our part.”

Her beautiful face appeared cold and stern, but also gave off a certain heart-stirring charm.

The expressions of the other Chosens turned a little more solemn as they faintly nodded in silence.

They understood that all the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect were currently watching them.

Rumble! Rumble!

Not long after Li Qingchan gave the order, the waters around the island began to churn violently as enormous aquatic beasts of all shapes rose from the water with deafening roars.

So many that there was seemingly no end to them.

Around the island, fear rose on the faces of the disciples when they saw this.

It felt as if all of the aquatic beasts in the entire reservoir were currently gathered here, a rather terrifying line-up indeed.

Countless aquatic beasts broke out from the surface of the water, not stopping for even a split second as they charged towards the boundaries all over the island. Berserk Genesis Qi erupted, the beasts clearly intent on drowning the island.


When the aquatic beasts charged into the boundaries, the disciples hesitated briefly, before a bombardment of Genesis Qi was unleashed. All kinds of Genesis techniques rained down, filling the sky as they blasted the aquatic beasts.

The entire island began to shake at this moment, as sounds of destruction filled the air.

This scene was magnificent in its own manner.

Countless aquatic beasts were instantly blown to bits, however, some of the disciples were caught off guard and struck by aquatic beasts, causing them to turn into beams of light that shot into the sky, signifying their elimination from the ceremony.

The surroundings of the island seemed to have turned into meat grinder, with both the aquatic beasts and seven peaks suffering losses.

It was both intense and desperate.

However, no matter how hard the disciples resisted, an endless torrent of aquatic beasts continued to fearlessly charge at them from all directions, howling as they attempted to flatten the island and expel the intruders.

As time passed, even more enormous aquatic beasts began to appear in the area, reaching a thousand feet in length.

These aquatic beasts gave off a powerful pressure, and the other aquatic beasts would quickly give way when they passed by.

The disciples in the boundaries also discovered these thousand foot aquatic beasts, causing them to fall into a state panic. They could deal with ordinary aquatic beasts, but were clearly lacking in power against the thousand foot aquatic beasts.

“Chief disciples! Lead your teams to hunt the thousand foot aquatic beasts!”

On the highest point of the island, Li Qingchan immediately commanded when she saw this.

Solemn looks emerged on the chief disciples to the side as they nodded.

Zhao Zhu suddenly looked over and sneered, “Things would be a little more stable if our Sword Cometh Peak chief disciple was around, unfortunately, a certain someone was too ruthless. Someone should be held accountable if we suffer more losses because of this.”

The Cangxuan Peak chief disciple, Tang Muxin, the Spirit Rune Peak disciple, Jin Zhang and the other chief disciples cast a glance at Zhou Yuan when they heard this, obviously aware that Zhao Zhu was blaming Zhou Yuan for eliminating Baili Che.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained calm as he said, “The fact that I’ve eliminated Baili Che naturally means that I’m stronger than him. As such, having me here instead of him will naturally be much better.”

He did not hold anything back, directly stating that Baili Che had been eliminated due to his incompetence.

“You…” The retort caused anger to flare in Zhao Zhu, but he knew that this was not the time to teach Zhou Yuan a lesson. Hence, he could only let out an icy snort. “Your tongue may be sharp, but let’s see how your actual performance holds up!”

Zhou Yuan laughed in a carefree manner, paying no attention to Zhao Zhu. The former shot forth with other chief disciples, while roughly a hundred figures closely followed behind them, the purple sash elites of the various peaks.

These six squads of top tier disciples led by the chief disciples would be in charge of hunting every thousand foot aquatic beast that appeared.


The six squads flew out of the island and split up, heading straight for the thousand foot aquatic beasts that had already appeared. After a few dozen breaths, intense fights began to break out on the surface of the water one after another.

A thousand foot aquatic beast wielded tremendous strength, that none of the chief disciples would be able to match alone. But with the addition of their elite purple sash squads, the overall battle power of each group was no longer inferior to any thousand foot aquatic beast.

Thus, the thousand foot aquatic beasts were gradually pushed back after the appearance of these squads.

Fierce battles continued to break out in the vicinity of the island like wildfire.

However, though the disciples had managed to halt the assault of the aquatic beasts for the time being, none of them dared to relax. They knew that the most terrifying force of the attack had yet to appear...

On the tallest peak, Genesis Qi surged around the Chosens, ready to take action at any time.

This situation lasted for half an incense stick of time.

Yaoyao suddenly raised her head and looked towards the west.

After two breaths, Chu Qing scratched his head as he too cast his gaze towards the west.

The other Chosens also turned their gazes one after another. “It’s coming!”

Giant waves suddenly rose in the western region of the sea. A faint but titanic silhouette appeared inside the wave, riding the wave as it rapidly approached the island.

Countless terrified gazes looked over at this moment.

A crystal clear ten thousand foot long figure appeared in everyone’s sights, accompanied by a dreadfully terrifying pressure.

The figure’s long legs were akin to pillars that prop up the heavens, while six arms hung menacingly from its body. An indescribable aura of savagery spread from him, as its roar shook the mountains.

As they gazed upon the giant, even the Chosens’ expressions turned grave.

After a hundred years, a ten thousand foot aquatic beast had finally made an appearance in the Genesis reservoir ceremony again...

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