Chapter 536 Training

On an enormous island located in the central region of the Genesis reservoir.

This island was currently the most busy place in the entire reservoir. All the disciples from the seven peaks were gathered here, evidently planning on working together against the imminent crisis.

Amongst the seven gathered peaks, only the Sword Cometh Peak disciples were a little unhappy. The disciples from the other peaks would look at them in a weird manner, and they would often catch others pointing and whispering when they passed by, making them feel extremely sullen. 

However, there was nothing they could say in response. After all, even they themselves had not expected that nearly ten thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples, two Chosens and a chief disciple would ultimately lose in such a pitiful manner to Saint Genesis Peak.

This was truly humiliating for them.

In contrast to Sword Cometh Peak’s sullenness, the Saint Genesis Peak disciples found that their status seemed to have risen substantially. In the past, they had basically been transparent in the eyes of the other disciples, and no one would pay them any attention. In fact, when receiving missions in the sect, the other disciples would even find excuses to run away when they heard a team mate was from Saint Genesis Peak, an occurrence that rather infuriated the Saint Genesis Peak disciples.

In comparison, the attitudes of the other disciples were much better now, which made the Saint Genesis Peak disciples both happy and grateful.

Of course, their gratefulness was not directed towards the other peak disciples, but to Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.

All the Saint Genesis Peak disciples understood that if it were not for the duo, Saint Genesis Peak would only be able to challenge Sword Cometh Peak in their dreams.

As such, the Saint Genesis Peak disciples were currently really glad that Zhou Yuan had become their chief disciple.


On the tallest peak at the center of the island.

A temporary pavilion had been built in this location, where Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, the other Chosens and the chief disciples of the various peaks were currently gathered. This was basically a gathering of the finest disciples from all seven peaks.

Inside the pavilion, Genesis Qi took the shape of a light screen that turned into a map.

Li Qingchan’s pretty face was slightly solemn as she pointed towards a certain spot in the northwest sector of the map and said, “The ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s undulations originated from this location. Our scouts tell us that countless aquatic beasts have gathered there, making it very difficult to approach.”

“The undulations have been growing stronger and stronger, and if our guess is correct, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast is still in the process of forming. At this rate, it would take at most two days for it to fully form.”

“When that happens it will immediately sense us as foreign presences in the reservoir and proceed to exterminate us.”

Everyone had a grave expression, likely feeling the pressure from the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

Zhou Yuan suddenly asked, “Can we kill it before it fully forms?”

“Immature and arrogant.” Zhao Zhu glanced at Zhou Yuan and sneered.

Although their battle was over, Zhao Zhu clearly held a grudge due to Sword Cometh Peak’s crushing defeat. As such, there was naturally no way he would let a chance to mock Zhou Yuan go.

Zhou Yuan mercilessly retorted, “An already defeated opponent.”

Zhao Zhu’s expression immediately turned green with anger.

Zhou Yuan merely ignored him and looked towards Li Qingchan. The latter shook her head and explained, “First, there’s already not enough time. In addition, it's hiding in the extreme depths of the reservoir, while it is very exhausting for us to move in the reservoir, making it impossible to linger for long in its depths. Hence, we can’t enter the depths to kill it.”

“Moreover, there are countless aquatic beasts protecting it, with no lack of thousand foot aquatic beasts amongst them.”

Zhou Yuan frowned a little. The pressure in the reservoir was not an issue for him, and he could roam inside for long periods of time at little cost. However, he could not deal with the tight security.

“Given the current circumstances, we’ll have to wait for the ten thousand foot aquatic beast to form, and begin its assault on us. We’ll then concentrate our forces and engage it in battle.”

“Although a ten thousand foot aquatic beast will be formidable, it is not impossible for us to fight it if we work together.” Shang Chunqiu grinned, battle lust brewing in his eyes. There was no sign of any fear due to terror of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

The other Chosens nodded. Those who could become Chosens were naturally talented and prideful individuals that would not be frightened by a ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

“I have another question.” Kong Sheng suddenly spoke up.

“If the ten thousand foot aquatic beast is ultimately slain by us, how we will be splitting the Genesis essence.”

These words immediately caused the crowd to fall silent, as burning desire flashed across their eyes.

The Genesis essence from a thousand foot aquatic beast could give them an eight dragons baptism, but the highest level nine dragons baptism had never once appeared even till now. As such, many had made the hypothesis that higher quality Genesis essence was required.

The Genesis essence from a ten thousand foot aquatic beast would certainly fulfill this requirement.

In other words, the ones who obtained the ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence would probably attain the highest level nine dragons baptism!

The current generation of Chosens were all at the ninth layer Alpha-Origin stage, and were thus doing everything they could to strengthen their Genesis Qi foundations in preparation for breaking into the Divine Dwelling stage.

However, at their level, the creation of every additional Genesis Qi star in their Qi Dwelling took a tremendous amount of effort.

A nine dragons baptism would undoubtedly result in substantial growth in their Genesis Qi foundations, a temptation that even the Chosens could not resist.

Besides the threat of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, the giant rewards also played a huge part in enabling the seven peaks to form an alliance in such a smooth manner.

The silence lasted for quite some time, before finally being broken by Li Qingchan. “Whoever contributes the most will get to enjoy fifty percent of its Genesis essence, while the other fifty will be shared amongst the participants of the battle.

The others pondered a little, before nodding in agreement. This was a great motivation for everyone to do their best. After all, they had also calculated that at least fifty percent of a ten thousand foot aquatic beast’s Genesis essence was required to obtain a nine dragons blessing...

“Since we’re all in agreement, we’ll follow this plan.”


While the disciples of the seven peaks prepared and waited, sect master Qing Yang and the rest of the sect’s upper echelons were closely watching outside the Genesis reservoir.

“Hehe, that lass Qingchan from Snow Lotus Peak does have the bearings of a great general.” Sect master Qing Yang’s sharp gaze could see everything, and had naturally seen Li Qingchan’s capabilities in guiding the alliance. As such, he could not help but shower her with praise.

Peak master Lianyi smiled and said, “Qingchan may have overstepped her boundaries, such responsibilities are rightfully Chu Qing’s.”

Sect master Qing Yang shook his head in helplessness. “Don’t count on that lazy fellow to take on such tasks.”

“Since sect master is well aware of Chu Qing’s laziness, you shouldn’t caused such a commotion.” Peak master Bai Mei chuckled. He was naturally referring to the ten thousand foot aquatic beast, because sect master was the one who had control over the amount of Source Dragon Qi that poured into the reservoir. All he needed was to let in a little more to fulfill the conditions for the birth of a ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

Sect master Qing Yang sighed softly, before he said, “The Mythic Utopia is about to resurface. When that happens, all the genius youngsters in the entire Cangxuan Heaven will gather, and a storm of blood will soon follow. I’ve made this ten thousand aquatic beast with the intention of training them.”

“We can give them protection brands in the sect, but once they enter the Mythic Utopia, they will only be able to rely on themselves, and a little carelessness is all it would take for them to lose their lives.”

“After all, the interior of the Mythic Utopia is a truly dangerous place. They will not only have to face numerous ferocious Genesis Beasts, but also guard against the schemes of the other geniuses. Has there ever been a time where the prided geniuses of our sect have not ended up being buried in the Mythic Utopia?”

“If they can’t even pass this little test, it would be better if they did not go to the Mythic Utopia.”

Everyone else fell silent upon hearing sect master Qing Yang’s words. In the end, they nodded, understanding his painstaking efforts.

They cast their gazes towards the Genesis reservoir, and looked at the gathered disciples on the island.

“I hope these little ones will also realize sect master’s intentions, and not disappoint…”

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