Chapter 535 Cooperation of the Seven Peaks

 It was silent high up in the sky, everyone evidently stunned by news of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

That was a ten thousand foot aquatic beast, which wielded terrifying power. Any Chosen who encountered it alone would have no choice but to flee, because it was basically impossible for any of them to face it in battle.

Li Qingchan looked at Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, as she slowly said, “Moreover, the ten thousand foot aquatic beast has some intelligence, and is able to command other aquatic beasts. Once it appears, it will surely begin to encircle and annihilate our seven peaks, which was how the disciples of the seven peaks were eliminated a hundred years ago.”

“No one expected this situation to appear again this year…”

“Hence, for the sake of avoiding the same fate, we’ve come to the conclusion that all seven peaks need to work together, and most importantly, all of the Chosens must unite our strength to defeat the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.”

“This is why we’re here.”

Zhou Yuan frowned, feeling an incoming headache. He was clearly caught unprepared by the sudden appearance of the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

Though Zhou Yuan had never seen one before, it was definitely very dangerous. He had after all personally experienced the pressure of a thousand foot aquatic beast, and if a thousand foot aquatic beast was already such a threat, what more a ten thousand foot one...

If this matter was not handled well, they would likely be unable to wait for the end of the Genesis reservoir ceremony. All of the disciples would be completely eliminated by that ten thousand foot aquatic beast.

If that were to happen, this ceremony would truly become a joke.

Kong Sheng’s eyes faintly flickered in thought for a moment, before he said, “We can help, but there are some conditions. Immediately release all of the trapped Sword Cometh Peak disciples, while Saint Genesis Peak must not only return the Genesis essence they took away, but also give additional compensation.”

Zhou Yuan immediately laughed when he heard this. “Let’s cut the bullshit senior brother Kogn Sheng, and continue fighting instead.”

What kind of joke was that. Saint Genesis Peak clearly had the upper hand at the moment, and yet Kong Sheng actually had the face to state such conditions.

Zhao Zhu frostily said, “We’re all Chosens here, what right does a mere chief disciple like yourself have to speak!”

Zhou Yuan remained composed, not bothering to retort this time as he waved his hand and said, “Tuntun, go beat him.”


In front of outsiders, Tuntun would act quite respectful towards Zhou Yuan. It let loose a thunderous roar as its enormous body pounced forward. Black light flickered on its sharp claws as they tore through the air and viciously slashed at Zhao Zhu.

Zhao Zhu’s expression immediately changed as he quickly formed a seal with his hands. Genesis Qi surged forth, transforming into a peerless sword that shot forth to meet Tuntun’s claws.


A berserk shockwave swept outwards, accompanied by a loud ‘clang’.

The sword shattered under Tuntun’s claws as Zhao Zhu’s figure hurriedly retreated, leaving Tuntun’s range as he stormily glared at Zhou Yuan.

Kong Sheng also icily shouted at this moment, “Zhou Yuan!”

The Genesis Rune brush in Yaoyao’s hand shook as Genesis Runes swiftly formed, and orbited around her body, ready to attack Kong Sheng at any time.

A fight was about to break out between them again all of a sudden.

“Stop!”  The other Chosens cried out to stop them.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained impassive as he said, “Senior brothers and sisters, aren’t you guys hoping to gather the power of ten Chosens to deal with that ten thousand foot aquatic beast? No problem, Yaoyao and Tuntun are fully capable of replacing the two of them.” 

Li Qingchan helplessly replied, “Two more Chosens will naturally improve our chances.”

Zhou Yuan calmly said, “Then I’ll have to trouble my senior brothers and sisters to advise senior brother Kong Sheng to have a good look at the current situation. I hope that the silly conditions from earlier will not be said again, because the only ones they are shaming are themselves.”

“We can release the remaining Sword Cometh Peak disciples, but that will be all. The Genesis essence was rightfully earned by our Saint Genesis Peak disciples, and that is something I will not back down on. As for compensation… Sword Cometh Peak tried to oppress us with their superior numbers, so I can only say that they have only themselves to blame.”

Rage flared in Kong Sheng’s eyes as he glared daggers at Zhou Yuan, but the latter did not shrink back, meeting the former’s gaze with equally intense iciness.

Li Qingchan was silent for a moment, before she looked towards Kong Sheng and said, “Senior brother Kong Sheng, the Genesis reservoir ceremony is not over yet. The lost Genesis essence can be hunted back, and our five peaks can give you guys a little compensation. Of course, that’s on the condition that you guys will give your full support in dealing with the ten thousand foot aquatic beast.”

Ye Ge also smiled slightly as he said, “Senior brother Kogn Sheng, this is already a show of good will from us. Moreover, this matter concerns all of the disciples, and if we are somehow all eliminated due to Sword Cometh peak, I’m afraid that all of the peaks’ resentment will be directed towards you guys. It will be no good to incur the wrath of the majority.”

Kong Sheng’s expression turned a little ugly. “Junior brother Ye Ge, are you threatening me?”

Ye Ge shook his head and chuckled. “I’m sure senior brother Kong Sheng understands the consequences.”

Kong Sheng fell silent, his heart filled with sullenness. He never imagined that the plan to annihilate Saint Genesis Peak would ultimately end in Sword Cometh Peak falling into such a miserable position instead.

He knew that Ye Ge was not wrong. If all seven peaks were wiped out due to Sword Cometh Peak, anyone could easily imagine how unwelcomed the Sword Cometh Peak disciples would be in the future.

Various thoughts churned in Kong Sheng’s mind. In the end, he took in a deep breath and suppressed the sullen feelings in his heart, while a voice escaped from the cracks between his teeth, “Release them!”

Zhou Yuan chuckled softly and nodded at Yaoyao.

With a gentle flick of her brush, numerous Genesis Runes descended and landed on the Heaven Disorientating Boundary. The boundary immediately began to shake, before slowly dissipating.

As it disappeared, the trapped disciples within it quickly rose into the sky.

However, not even a thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples were left.

At the sight of such heavy losses, Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu’s faces could not help but twitch for a moment. The other Chosens also secretly wet their lips, as they involuntarily cast another glance at Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.

These two were truly ruthless. They had eliminated several thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples...

Regardless, it seemed that they had finally managed to settle this issue for the time being.

Li Qingchan breathed a small sigh of relief as she said, “Though a ten thousand foot aquatic beast is formidable, we may be able to deal with it as long as we join forces.”

“Of course…” She paused for a moment, and suddenly looked towards Chu Qing. “I also hope that senior brother Chu Qing will give his hundred percent.”

Chu Qing was taken aback by these words, before his handsome yet eyebrow-less face turned solemn as he righteously said, “Junior sister Qingchan, I have to formally state that I’ve never slacked off before, and have given my all in every fight. If you slander me again, I will lodge a complaint against you with Lightning Prison Peak’s junior brother Lu Jingshen."

However, the other Chosens merely smiled faintly in response to his impassioned rebuttal, their eyes clearly saying that ‘we’ll be fools to believe you’.

Only an elegant, exceptionally fair-skinned girl in blue bit her lips and said in a small voice, “I believe senior brother Chu Qing.”

She was the other Chosen of Cangxuan Peak, and was called Su Xiu.

Chu Qing gratefully looked towards Su Xiu and said, “Junior sister Su Xiu is an excellent judge of character, as expected of a member of our Cangxuan Peak.”

Su Xiu’s fair little face blushed slightly as she bashfully lowered her head, not daring to look at Chu Qing.

Li Qingchan cast a helpless glance at the former. How could she not see Su Xiu’s feelings towards Chu Qing. In the end, Li Qingchan could only shake her head, before turning towards the crowd. “Since it’s been decided, the various peaks shall gather their disciples, and we’ll meet again at another location to discuss our strategies on how to deal with that ten thousand foot aquatic beast.”

“We need to work together on this task. If not, we will soon share the fate of that generation of disciples from a hundred years ago.”

“If everyone does not intend to become teaching material for the subsequent batches of disciples, we’d better do our best.”

The Chosens could not help but shiver when they imagined this scene, before forcefully nodding their heads.

That ten thousand foot aquatic beast must die!

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