Chapter 534 Ten Thousand Feet

Rushing wind sounds continuously rang out in the sky, as countless glowing figures arrived. They ultimately came to a stop in the vicinity, creating a very impressive sight.

The disciples from the other five peaks had rushed over at this moment.

Several figures stood at the very front, powerful Genesis Qi undulations pulsing from their bodies, while drawing numerous respectful gazes.

Zhou Yuan could see some familiar faces amongst them.

Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Ye Ge...

They were obviously the Chosens of the other five peaks.

The Saint Genesis Peak disciples, that were about to charge at the remaining Sword Cometh Peak disciples, could not help but stop upon seeing this, as they stared at the distant sky in alarm.

They had clearly been alarmed by the arrival of the other five peaks.

They did not understand why the disciples and Chosens from the other five peaks would suddenly arrive here.

High up in the sky, the Chosens immediately cast their gazes towards the battlefield the moment they appeared. However, shock filled their faces when they saw the pitiful state Sword Cometh Peak was in.

Ye Ge could not help but blurt out in a stunned voice, “What’s going on? Where are the Sword Cometh Peak disciples? Is this all of them?”

“What else could it be, they’ve obviously been eliminated. How ruthless.” Answered Chu Qing with a solemn expression as he caressed his shiny bald head.

“Eliminated by those few Saint Genesis Peak disciples?” The corners of Ye Ge’s lips twitched slightly.

“With that vicious woman around, do you think Saint Genesis Peak is an easy target?? Chu Qing secretly glanced towards Yaoyao’s direction as he pouted, before he gloatingly said, “Kong Sheng seems to have been trapped by her too.”

Ye Ge rolled his eyes at the former. “Stop saying that she’s vicious. Sword Cometh Peak only have themselves to blame.”

Chu Qing responded by rolling his eyes in an even more exaggerated manner. “You’ve basically forgotten your past pain now that your wounds have healed. That little demoness did not even blink when she sold us away previously. If not for my heroic efforts, do you think that you would have made it back alive?”

Ye Ge smiled and said, “You’re always slacking off, of course she couldn’t put up with you.”

Chu Qing sincerely said with all of his heart, “You call that slacking off?! I was clearly trying to be friendly. When we’re outside the sect, harmoniously sharing treasures is so much better than tiring fighting.”

Li Qingchan moved over and icily glared at the two of them as she scolded, “Can the two of you shut up, get back on topic!”

After finishing, she shifted her gaze downwards as amazement flitted across her eyes. She was naturally aware of Sword Cometh Peak going all out to eliminate Saint Genesis Peak.

However, no one had expected Sword Cometh Peak, who supposedly had an absolute advantage, to suffer such serious losses.

Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were truly formidable.

Although Li Qingchan was quite sure that the giant boundary was Yaoyao’s handiwork, Zhou Yuan definitely made some contributions.

Though it was still a little hard to believe that the two of them working together had actually caused such mayhem for Sword Cometh Peak.

At this current juncture, Zhou Yuan puzzledly gazed at the Chosens from below. He rose into the air to approach them, cupping his fists together as he asked, “Senior sister Qingchan, why are you guys here?”

His gaze swept across the other figures as a grave expression appeared in his eyes. In addition to Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and Ye Ge, basically all the other Chosens were also present.

This was not a line-up that could be ignored.

Li Qingchan looked towards Zhou Yuan and softly said, “We’ve come to discuss something…”

She paused for a moment, turning towards Yaoyao’s battlefield as she continued, “Can we first get Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu over?”

Li Qingchan’s words were also transmitted to Kong Sheng and Yaoyao’s ears.

Yaoyao was a little taken aback, similarly surprised by the arrival of the eight Chosens. However, she did not immediately agree, but first cast her gaze towards Zhou Yuan to seek his opinion.

Zhou Yuan fell silent for a moment, before he nodded. Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu would take a long time to deal with. They only needed to guard the boundary and prevent the Kong Sheng duo from damaging it.

Yaoyao gently flicked her wrist, causing the sky full of lightning and fire Genesis Runes to dissipate. With a wave of her hand, the far away Tuntun also rushed over.


With the temporary truce, Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu also gathered together. However, their expressions were currently rather ugly.

Zhao Zhu icily said, “Zhou Yuan, release my Sword Cometh Peak disciples!”

However, Zhou Yuan merely swept a nonchalant glance at him, before ignoring him.

Zhou Zhu could not help but grow extremely angry at such treatment.

Ye Ge spoke up at this moment, “Please don’t get too worked up junior brother Zhao Zhu. I hope that the two peaks will put your disagreements on hold for the time being.”

“On hold? They’ve eliminated several thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples, and Zhou Yuan even eliminated Baili Che. You’re telling me to put this on hold?” Zhao Zhu laughed in anger.

His words immediately caused the Chosens to glance at Zhou Yuan in amazement.

In their opinion, though Zhou Yuan was the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, he should be the weakest amongst the chief disciples of the seven peaks. They had not expected him to be capable of eliminating Baili Che.

“The man can subdue the little witch is special indeed.” Only Chu Qing was not surprised, his expression screaming that he had predicted this all along.

However, his words immediately drew Yaoyao’s gaze, as a clear as a mountain spring like voice icily sounded, “Who are you calling little demoness?”

Chu Qing’s expression turned a little rigid as he hurriedly said, “I misspoke, I meant little fairy.”

Kong Sheng’s was chillingly frosty as he said, “What are you guys doing here? Either Sword Cometh Peak or Saint Genesis Peak will be leaving the Genesis reservoir ceremony today.”

Yaoyao offhandedly remarked, “That will surely be Sword Cometh Peak.”

“Try us!” Zhao Zhu bristled in anger.


Tuntun released a deep roar as its eyes locked onto Zhao Zhu. A terrifyingly dreadful aura rose from its body, causing Zhao Zhu’s pupils to shiver as he quickly took a defensive stance.

Li Qingchan felt an oncoming migraine upon seeing that the two parties were about to lunge at each other once again. “We rushed here to stop both sides from taking things too far.”

“Senior sister Qingchan, what is going on?” Asked Zhou Yuan with a frown.

“While you guys were fighting, we discovered a giant disturbance in the Genesis reservoir. If our guess is not wrong, a big one has likely appeared in this ceremony.” The one who spoke was a tall young man. His hair was scattered over his shoulders, making him look rather wild.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze paused on the former’s skin, which seemed to be infused with a jade-like luster. It was surprisingly even purer than his jade skin, and was an indication that the young man’s body was extremely tough and packed with power.

His jade skin originated from the little Mythic Saint Body.

In the Cangxuan sect, the only ones who could practice an even stronger Genesis technique than himself, was the Hongya Peak with their true Mythic Saint Body.

The person before him was obviously the ranked four Chosen, Shang Chunqiu.

“Big one?” Zhou Yuan was stunned for a moment, but quickly realised that it should be referring to an aquatic beast.

Li Qingchan slowly said, “If we’re not wrong, the big one that appeared this time has likely reached a length of…”

“About ten thousand feet…”

“A ten thousand feet aquatic beast?!”

Zhou Yuan was not the only one to react this time, even Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu involuntarily gasped.

Normally speaking, a thousand foot aquatic beast could achieve an eight dragons baptism, and required a Chosen to slay it. Hence, one could see how powerful such an aquatic beast was. And now, a ten thousand foot level aquatic beast had appeared. How terrifying would such a titan be?

“A ten thousand foot aquatic beast has only appeared once a hundred years ago, and the outcome was all the disciples from the seven peaks being eliminated…”

Li Qingchan stared at Zhou Yuan, Yaoyao, Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu.

“That’s why we rushed here in hopes that you guys will be able to put aside your differences for the time being, such that all seven peaks can work together against that aquatic beast.”

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