Chapter 533 Sword Cometh Peak at a Dead End


A torrential rainstorm poured on this area of the sky. If one took a closer look, one would discover that every raindrop was composed of a Genesis Rune, and contained terrifying power. When they fell in such an overwhelming amount, even a mountain range would be flattened by their might.

Bzz bzz!

Amidst the torrential rain, Kong Sheng’s expression was a little grave as the sword in his hand danced, transforming into countless swords that enveloped his entire body. Every slash would cut countless raindrops apart, making it impossible of any of them to approach him.

These raindrops were not only made from Genesis Runes, but also contained Spirit power. Any drop that landed the body would result in assault on the Spirit. As such, even Kong Sheng did not dare to let any touch him.

However, even though he was currently in the Genesis Rune boundary Yaoyao had constructed, he was unafraid due to the Rune Breaker Blood Art on his sword, allowing him to easily dispel any Genesis Rune that came his way.

As he defended against the torrential rain, Kong Sheng suddenly raised his head, looked towards a certain spot and said, “Though your boundary is formidable, it does not pose much of a threat to me.”

The space rippled as Yaoyao’s slender figure was revealed.

Her clear, indifferent eyes looked down as her red lips parted slightly. “A mere Rune Breaker Blood Art fills you with so much confidence?”

“You should take a look at your sword.”

Kong Sheng’s gaze immediately turned towards his sword, as his pupils shrank a little. The blood patterns on the blade had become fainter.

“The raindrop Genesis Runes?!” Kong Sheng’s heart shook.

His expression turned a little uglier as he stared at Yaoyao and said, “So your boundary was not aimed at me, but my Rune Breaker Blood Art!”

Yaoyao nonchalantly said, “Although the Rune Breaker Blood Art is able to counter some Genesis Runes, it is in turn also countered by certain Genesis Runes. That’s why I told you that you are a little too naive if you believe the technique will allow you to look down on Genesis Runes.”

Kong Sheng frowned. He never expected that from the very beginning, Yaoyao was not targeting him but his Rune Breaker Blood Art...

Once his Rune Breaker Blood Art was neutralized, his advantage would also fade away.

“It appears that I have to fight you with my own strength.” Kong Sheng sighed softly as his eyes gradually turned fierce, while alarming Genesis Qi undulations slowly rose from his body.

He had originally planned on using the Rune Breaker Blood Art to defeat Yaoyao as quickly as possible. However, it was now clear that his plan had been unrealistic. Yaoyao was far more problematic than he had imagined.

“I can only hope that Baili Che will be able to swiftly defeat Zhou Yuan, and free the Sword Cometh Peak disciples from the boundary.”

Yaoyao seemed to read Kong Sheng’s thoughts, her lips rising slightly as she said, “If you’re still hoping to count on Baili Che, I’m afraid that you’ll be disappointed.”

Kong Sheng’s eyes narrowed as he icily said, “What do you mean?”

He was currently in Yaoyao’s boundary, and was unable to sense the situation outside.

With a light tap of her Genesis Rune brush, the surrounding space began to ripple, revealing the outside world. Kong Sheng’s gaze immediately looked towards the battlefield of Zhou Yuan and Baili Che, as his pupils abruptly shrank.

He could only see Zhou Yuan’s figure, and Baili Che’s Genesis Qi undulations had already disappeared from the Genesis reservoir.

“How can this be?!” At this juncture, even someone like Kong Sheng could not stop his expression from changing as he blurted out, “How could Baili Che have lost to Zhou Yuan?!”

Kong Sheng thoroughly understood Baili Che’s strength, while Zhou Yuan was merely the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak. There should have been a substantial gap between the two individuals.

However, Yaoyao could not be bothered to answer Kong Sheng’s question, merely staring at him in amusement.

Kong Sheng also realized that his question was rather laughable, since the truth was already laid clear before his eyes. His expression fluctuated indeterminately for a time, but in the end, he could only grit his teeth and say in a low voice, “That useless trash!”

Now that Baili Che had lost to Zhou Yuan, the already unfavorable situation would only become much much worse.

While frustration surged in Kong Sheng’s heart, the far away Zhou Yuan felt the attention on him, and immediately lifted his head to look in Yaoyo and Kong Sheng’s direction.

His gaze met Kong Sheng’s for a moment, before he chuckled. In the next instant, his figure suddenly shot towards the fighting Saint Genesis Peak and elite Sword Cometh Peal disciples.

After beating Baili Che, Zhou Yuan was obviously now free to clean up the escaped elite disciples.

With his addition into the battle, Sword Cometh Peak’s side immediately descended into chaos as the panic rose on the faces of the numerous disciples.

Several figures quickly shot out from the group, the powerful Genesis Qi surging around their bodies not the least bit weaker than Yuan Hong’s. They had dispatched the top disciples that were second only to Baili Che in an attempt to stop Zhou Yuan.

Boom! Boom!

However, their attempts were clearly useless. Zhou Yuan was far from comparable to his past self during the chief disciple selection. If he were to fight Yuan Hong again now, the latter would barely be able to put up a fight.

The same outcome awaited these top disciples from Sword Cometh Peak.

It did not take long for disciple after disciple to be gravely injured by Zhou Yuan, and kicked out of the reservoir.

In the face of this scene, the scouts from the various peaks could only shake their heads inside. The situation had already fallen completely in Saint Genesis Peak’s favor. With Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu both unable to leave their battlefields, there was no one on Sword Cometh Peak side who could stop Zhou Yuan.

As time passed, all the Sword Cometh Peak disciples, with the exception of Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu, would be eliminated from the ceremony.

This was also something Kong Sheng naturally understood.

Hence, his expression had turned extremely ugly. He had not expected the situation to develop in such a manner.

Sword Cometh Peak was overwhelmingly superior to Saint Genesis Peak, and dealing with the latter should have been an easy task. Who could have imagined that they would not only fail to achieve crushing victory, but instead be forced into such dire states by Saint Genesis Peak.

Yaoyao’s bright eyes looked over as she unhurriedly said, “Sword Cometh Peak can still maintain some dignity if you guys choose to withdraw from the Genesis reservoir.”

Kong Sheng’s eyes turned ice-cold as he frostily retorted, “In your dreams!”

“Then we’ll have to kick you guys out one by one.” With a small jerk of her wrist, her Genesis Rune brush descended as countless Genesis Runes instantly formed. Lightning and fire weaved together, pulsing with unequaled violence.


Lightning and fire Genesis Runes twisted together like giant pythons as they swarmed towards Kong Sheng.

Torrential Genesis Qi exploded from Kong Sheng’s body, clearly no longer holding anything back as anger fueled him.


A tremendous battle broke out between the two, the scale clearly much greater than the earlier fight between Zhou Yuan and Baili Che.

However, no matter how ferociously Kong Sheng attacked, he was unable to escape the mercilessly onslaught of the innumerable Genesis Runes, leaving him no choice but to meet each one head-on with his full power.

As time flowed, Kong Sheng’s attacks grew more and more anxious, because he could see more and more Sword Cometh Peak disciples being eliminated after Zhou Yuan entered the battlefield.

In the Heaven Disorientating Boundary below, even more Sword Cometh Peak disciples were locked in fierce battle with the aquatic beasts, as they were eliminated one after another.

This was a huge loss for Sword Comth Peak.

As the scouts from the various peaks watched, they understood that the outcome of the battle was already apparent.

If the situation continued, Sword Cometh Peak would ultimately be left with their two Chosens, while all the other disciples would be eliminated… it would be a very wretched conclusion indeed.

“Saint Genesis Peak is truly ruthless.” The scouts looked at each other, seeing the fear and wariness in each other’s eyes. Looks like they could no longer view Saint Genesis Peak in the same manner they had before.

“Sword Cometh Peak has kicked a metal board this time, and has lost all face…”

The scouts from the various peaks sighed. Saint Genesis Peak did have chief disciples before, but none of them had managed to change anything. Who could have imagined that Saint Genesis Peak would suddenly undergo a complete transformation after Zhou Yuan became chief disciple.

Time slowly flowed.

There were only a few dozen elite Sword Cometh Peak disciples remaining, surrounded by several hundred Saint Genesis Peak disciples. The former had no way out, and there was no longer any hints of the playful amusement when they had chased Saint Genesis Peak earlier.

Zhou Yuan calmly gazed at the terrified Sword Cometh Peak disciples. Without any hesitation, he waved his hand and said, “Eliminate all of them.”

After eliminating all the other Sword Cometh Peak disciples, they could concentrate on dealing with Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu.


However, just as the Saint Genesis Peak side was preparing to attack, thunder suddenly boomed.

Zhou Yuan raised his head, frowning a little as he peered into the distance, where thunder clouds gathered as numerous lightning bolts flashed.

After the lightning, boundless Genesis Qi began to sweep towards them from other directions, as powerful figures appeared in the sky one after another.

Zhou Yuan could see some familiar faces amongst them.

Lu Yan cried out in surprise from beside him, “The Chosens from the other five peaks!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. While their earth-shaking battle was taking place, the Chosens from the other five peaks had finally arrived...

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