Chapter 532 Victory and Defeat


Countless watching disciples could not help but gasp when the silver sword orb shattered, as disbelief and undescribable shock filling their faces.

Who could have imagined that Zhou Yuan would be so ferocious. To think that he had actually smashed Baili Che’s Devil Sweeping Sword Orb!

Just how much power did it take to achieve such a feat?!

“How did this happen…” The elite Sword Cometh Peak disciples were in a daze. This was the first time they had seen the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb being crushed by someone.

Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the rest swallowed in unison, respect flowing in their eyes as they gazed at the young figure in the sky.

At this current moment, Zhou Yuan really looked overwhelming.

Countless gazes shifted towards Baili Che. The latter’s face had become death pale when the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb was shattered.


In the end, he vomited a mouthful of blood, while the Genesis Qi in his body descended into chaos, evidently sustaining substantial injuries. The Devil Sweeping Sword Orb had been linked to him, and he was naturally affected by its destruction.

Blood flowed from the corner of his mouth, his eyeballs nearly popping from their sockets as he glared daggers at Zhou Yuan, and howled in rage, “Zhou Yuan! You dare to shatter my sword orb!”

Although he had relied on external help in order to cultivate the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb, it was ultimately still a success. He only needed to invest more effort and time into the orb in the future to slowly stabilize it.

However, now that it had been smashed to pieces by Zhou Yuan, all of the hard work from before had basically evaporated into nothing. How could this not enrage Baili Che?

In the sky, Zhou Yuan looked down at Baili Che from above with indifferent eyes. The outcome of this match had already been decided the moment the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb was shattered.

Although both of them managed to learn two of the seven Cangxuan Arts, Baili Che’s unstable sword orb did not possess the qualifications to challenge Zhou Yuan’s Omega Saint Spirit Art.

After all, the Saint Spirit seed was the culmination of Zhou Yuan’s own efforts, and though it was still at the initial stage, it was not something Baili Che’s unstable Devil Sweeping Sword Orb could match.

“Chief disciple Baili, will you withdraw on your own accord or do I need to take action?” Asked Zhou Yuan.

Baili Che’s expression changed slightly as his gaze swept towards the two other battlefields in the distance. However, Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu were currently locked in their intense battles, and clearly had no way of sending support his way.

In his current condition, it was obviously impossible for him to fight Zhou Yuan.

Various expressions rapidly flickered in his eyes. In the next instant, he suddenly retreated at full speed, planning to avoid Zhou Yuan for the moment, before finding an opportunity to get his revenge.


An uproar erupted from the scouts of the various peaks, as complicated expressions rose on their faces. In the very beginning, no one had expected the battle between Zhou Yuan and Baili Che ultimately ending in the latter becoming the first to run away.

Zhou Yuan shook his head at the sight of Baili Che’s rapidly retreating figure. An icy light flashed in the former’s eyes as he said, “Still not giving up huh?”

With a stomp, his figure transformed into a blur as he shot forth.

The glowing Saint Spirit also looked down at this moment and enveloped Zhou Yuan’s body once more. In the blink of an eye, it appeared above Baili Che like a phantom.

Zhou Yuan was expressionless as a hand viciously swung downwards.

Immense power was gathered within this strike, which was also amplified by the Saint Spirit. A muffled boom sounded from the air under the hand as the surrounding space rippled violently.


Baili Che roared as all the Genesis Qi in his body exploded without hesitation in a desperate attempt to resist.


However, the power of Zhou Yuan’s attack was clearly far beyond anything Baili Che could match in his current condition, easily crushing all the silver Genesis Qi as it descended.


Zhou Yuan's palm slammed into Baili Che’s chest with unequaled ferocity.


Blood sprayed from Baili Che’s mouth, before his figure was sent flying like a cannonball, crashing into the surface of the sea below.


The sea within a ten thousand feet radius crumbled inwards, creating a giant hole with Baili Che’s body lying at the very center.

“How…… this be…”

His eyes were wide open, and his clothes in tatters, as he struggled to grab at Zhou Yuan in the sky. However, the hand ultimately crumpled powerlessly to the ground.

Even till now, he still could not believe that he had actually lost to Zhou Yuan.

The very same person he had always looked down on since the beginning was far stronger than he had ever imagined.

As numerous scenes of the exchanges between the two of them flashed past in his mind, Baili Che finally realized how laughable and comical his previous arrogance and disdain had been.

The sunken-in phenomenon on the surface of the sea persisted for quite some time, before slowly being filled by the surrounding water. A ray of light rose into the sky, sweeping up Baili Che’s figure and throwing him out of the Genesis reservoir.

The entire area was deathly silent.

The scouts from the various peaks watched this scene with grave expressions, before they looked towards the youthful figure standing in the sky. At this very moment, the battle between the two chief disciples of Sword Cometh Peak and Saint Genesis Peak had undoubtedly been decided.

However, the outcome had exceeded everyone’s expectations… no one had expected that one to remain standing till the very end would be Zhou Yuan.

Respect flitted across the eyes of the many scouts. In the past, they had felt that Zhou Yuan’s provocations towards Baili Che had been nothing but foolish and arrogant. However, the final outcome now made them understand.

Zhou Yuan was not the ignorant fool, but them.

Of course, it could also be said that this new chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak was truly a little immeasurable...

No matter what, after this battle between the two chief disciples, there would no longer be anyone who felt that Zhou Yuan was any less a chief disciple than the rest from the other peaks...


Outside the Genesis reservoir.

With the exception of peak master Ling Jun, the eyes of sect master Qing Yang and the peak masters widened a little when Baili Che was swept out of the reservoir.

Sect master Qing Yang sighed and said, “The younger generation will surpass us in time.”

“The foundations of Zhou Yuan’s Omega Saint Spirit Art are clearly much more solid than Baili Che’s Devil Sweeping Sword Orb technique. Looks like he has worked hard.” Praised peak master Lianyi as she swept a glance at peak master Ling Jun.

In the face of such a situation, even someone like peak master Ling Jun could not stop his expression from turning somewhat sour as he said in a low voice, “In the entire Cangxuan Sect, old Xuan has the greatest understanding of the seven Cangxuan arts. Zhou Yuan’s success in reaching the initial stage is impossible without old Xuan’s guidance, how else could someone like him have managed to learn it?”

Sect master Qing Yang waved his hand and said, “Obtaining old Xuan’s guidance is also the little one’s ability.”

Peak master Ling Jun had nothing to say in response, however, his face remained rather ugly from start to end.

“The battle between Sword Cometh Peak and Saint Genesis Peak has come to a conclusion. However, such a thing should not happen again. I understand Sword Cometh Peak’s resentment due to their previous losses, but I advise them to stop before going too far.” Sect master Qing Yang looked towards peak master Ling Jun. Though his expression was gentle as usual, there was a warning tone in his words.

It had been inappropriate for sect master Qing Yang to forcibly suppress the brewing anger in Sword Cometh Peak previously. As such, he had used his silence to permit their actions in the Genesis reservoir, hoping that the disciples would be able to release their anger and be done with it.

But who could have imagined that Sword Cometh Peak would ultimately not only fail to release their frustration, but instead be forced into such a desperate situation by a mere few hundred Saint Genesis Peak disciples.

And now, even the chief disciple of Sword Cometh Peak had been defeated.

Thus, it was not that Sword Cometh Peak was not given a chance, but they who were unable to grasp it.

As the master of a sect, sect master Qing Yang naturally could not allow Sword Cometh Peak to keep oppressing Saint Genesis Peak on purpose, because that would obviously be too unfair.

Though peak master Ling Jun was still a little frustrated, he had no choice but to nod in acknowledgement.

Nearby, elder Shen Taiyuan and elder Lu Song were still stuck in their shock due to Baili Che’s defeat by Zhou Yuann’s hands. It was a long time later, before they slowly returned to their senses.

“Old fogey, you’ve really picked up a treasure…” Lu Song sighed in envy.

Who could have expected that Zhou Yuan would learn the Omega Saint Spirit Art in a short span of two months. This trump card of his has been concealed far too well.

Shen Taiyuan stroked his beard, trying to keep his composure, but he ultimately could not stop himself from grinning widely. He knew that when Zhou Yuan defeated Baili Che, Saint Genesis Peak had already become the victor in the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

This battle would let the other peaks know that they could no longer look down on Saint Genesis Peak. In the future, Saint Genesis Peak would obtain even more cultivation resources, and gradually grow to ultimately become the true seventh peak of the Cangxuan Sect.

Shen Taiyuan gazed at the young figure inside the reservoir as happiness flowed out in his eyes.

He knew that it was not he, the substitute peak master, who had contributed most to Saint Genesis Peak’s slow rise over the past year, but the young one known as Zhou Yuan.

At this very moment, Shen Taiyuan once again felt extremely glad, that he had no second thoughts while going against the public opinion to recruit, and give the young man from the peak selection ceremony the greatest support he could.

Everything he had invested back then had clearly been reciprocated beyond his wildest imaginations.

The young man that few had favored, had slowly become one of the most well known figures in this generation of disciples. In fact… Shen Taiyuan had the faint premonition that due to this young man, Saint Genesis Peak’s name would once again be heard throughout Cangxuan Heaven in the future...

Like it had been back then, when patriarch Cang Xuan was overseeing Saint Genesis Peak.

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