Chapter 531 Shattering the Sword Orb

In the sky above the seemingly endless sea, countless gazes dazedly stared at the giant torrent of sword light that had frozen in the air. Under the terrifying sword light, a hundred foot tall mysterious glowing silhouette hovered. It’s appearance was very blurry, while a mysterious power pulsed from it.

Zhou Yuan stood inside the glowing figure with a calm expression, completely unharmed.

The entire world seemed to freeze for an instant.

Next, torrential cries of surprise rose one after another like waves.

“What is the heck is that?!”

“What is that Genesis technique, to think that it managed to block the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb technique!”

“How is this possible?!”


The disciples from the various peaks had clearly lost their composure, because this scene was just far too astonishing.

They could not comprehend how Zhou Yuan had managed to withstand a terrifying killing blow from Baili Che that could slay even an ordinary ninth layer practitioner...

That had been the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb technique!

One of the seven Cangxuan Arts, and also the highest grade Genesis Qi technique of Sword Cometh Peak!

When this technique was used, everything should have been swept away without resistance such that it would be worthy of its reputation. However, it had been blocked by a mysterious glowing silhoutte.

The Sword Cometh Peak and Saint Genesis Peak disciples stared with their mouths wide open, as the expressions of both parties changed once more. The former’s joy turned to alarm and horror, while the latter turned from terror to blankness.

They too could not understand why Zhou Yuan could come out completely unscathed after receiving the attack head-on.

Only Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and Zhang Yan seemed to recall something as they suddenly looked at each other. Disbelief overflowed in their eyes, before they finally managed to blurt out after some difficulty, “That glowing figure… could it be…”

“The Omega Saint Spirit Art?!”

In the sky, deep guttural noises jumped out from the cracks between Baili Che’s teeth, his face twisted hideously, while his nearly entirely red eyes stared at the mysterious glowing silhouette around Zhou Yuan.

As the chief disciple of Sword Cometh Peak, his insight was naturally far better than any ordinary disciple. Hence, he had immediately recognized the glowing figure the moment it appeared.

There was absolutely no doubt that only the same high grade Heaven tier Omega Saint Spirit Art could block his Devil Sweeping Sword Orb.

“That blasted Zhou Yuan! How did he learn the Omega Saint Spirit Art in such a short span of time!” Baili Che gnashed his teeth, eyes filled with shock and anger.

“He must have had some kind of external help!”

Baili Che’s expression was very stormy. In truth, he had not naturally learnt the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb, but borrowed external help in order to forcibly create it.

Due to it not being the fruits of purely his own efforts, it was less concentrated and unstable.

In Baili Che’s view, if even he could not properly learn the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb technique in two months, it would definitely be impossible for Zhou Yuan to learn the Omega Saint Spirit Art.

As such, Zhou Yuan must have made use of some kind of external help.

“I’ve underestimated you!”

Baili Che let out an icy laugh as he stared at Zhou Yuan. He had gradually calmed down after the initial anger. Although Zhou Yuan had managed to learn the Omega Saint Spirit Art, it was most likely only barely able to block his Devil Sweeping Sword Orb.

What Baili Che needed to do now was to stabilize the situation, and start searching for an opportunity.

At this current juncture, Baili Che no longer dared to underestimate Zhou Yuan, and had begun to view the latter as an opponent on the same level as himself.

High up in the sky, Zhou Yuan cast a glance at Baili Che from far away, as a meaningful smile rose from the corners of his lips as if reading the latter’s thoughts.

He raised his head and focused on the tremendous sword light. At the deepest area of the light, he could just barely make out the vibrating silver sword orb, that continued to take in and give out frightening sword Qi.

“Devil Sweeping Sword Orb huh… what a formidable offensive Genesis technique.”

“However, it’s a pity that you’ve disgraced it.” Zhou Yuan's indifferent voice sounded, transmitting into Baili Che’s ears.

Baili Che immediately laughed in anger upon hearing this as he icily said, “What bold words!”

Zhou Yuan merely chuckled softly in response, paying no attention to Baili Che. With a thought, dazzling light began to emerge from the Saint Spirit around him. 

A mysterious and boundless power spread from the Saint Spirit’s body.

Although it was still exceptionally indistinct, it was growing increasingly mysterious and immeasurable.

The Saint Spirit lifted its hand, as light suddenly surged along it. The glowing hand began to extend as it shot towards the sword light like lightning.


Glowing hand and sword light collided as a mysterious power pulsed. The sword light swiftly began to dissolve, the original width of several thousand feet forcibly ripped apart by the Saint Spirit’s hand.

Baili Che’s expression changed drastically, obviously not expecting the Saint Spirit figure to be so tyrannical. With a thought, the Sweeping Devil Sword Orb began to tremble, as endless sword Qi spewed out, and rushed towards the glowing hand in an attempt to destroy it.

Bzz bzz!

However, the rushing sword Qi was unable to achieve much. Circles of light continuously appeared around the glowing hand, blocking the torrential sword Qi, while continuing to make a beeline towards the silver sword orb at the center.

“You dare!”

Baili Che shouted in anger upon finally realizing Zhou Yuan’s goal. However, the glowing palm continued to dissolve the sword Qi with ease, causing the former to grow a little panicked. After briefly thinking about it, he could only grit his teeth, and urge the sword orb backwards to return into his body.


However, the instant the sword orb began to retreat, the Saint Spirit around Zhou Yuan suddenly disappeared from the spot.


It appeared again in the retreat path of the silver sword orb, as its other hand reached out. The hand rapidly grew as it swung downwards like a mountain and grabbed the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb.

“Release it!” Roared Baili Che in alarm as he hurriedly sent a thought to the orb, causing an eruption of torrential sword Qi in an attempt to rip apart the Saint Spirit.

However, boundless power surged out from the Saint Spirit’s body, and rushed towards the hand, annihilating the torrential sword Qi.

In the distance, Zhou Yuan’s figure moved and appeared on the Saint Spirit’s shoulder, and calmly looked towards the ashen-faced Baili Che.

“Release the sword orb!” Shouted Baili Che in anger.

A mocking smile rose from the corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth as he stomped his foot. Golden Genesis Qi soared out from the top of his head, and flowed into the Saint Spirit’s blurry body.

At the same time, his voice rang out, “The powerful Sweeping Devil Sword Orb technique has become so unstable and inferior in your hands. It is not wrong to say that you’ve truly shamed this technique!”

Upon obtaining the support of Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi, the Saint Spirit’s two glowing hands rapidly began to grow. In the end, it released a hiss as its palm viciously slammed together.


Terrifying power swept outwards, devastating the surroundings as the nearby space violently rippled.


Countless gazes watched in horror at the spot where the Saint Spirit’s palms had slammed together. The silver sword orb trembled unsteadily as tiny cracks began to appear, before ultimately shattering to pieces...

He had actually shattered Baili Che’s sword orb!

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