Chapter 530 You have your Sword Orb, I have my Saint Spirit!


Destructive sword Qi filled the area as the silver sword orb whizzed forth, ultimately gathering around it. In a brief span of a few breaths, the sword Qi surrounding the sword orb had grown to a diameter of several thousand feet.

Sword light swept across the horizon like a divine sword falling from the heavens, ripping even the fabric of space itself when it passed by.

Giant cracks began to appear in the sea below. Any unfortunate aquatic beasts that fell into them were instantly torn to pieces by the sword Qi.

Such power caused the scalps of countless disciples to turn numb.

A several thousand feet wide flood of sword Qi rushed straight towards Zhou Yuan.

The expressions of the fighting Sword Cometh Peak and Saint Genesis Peak disciples immediately changed when they saw this, the former filling with delight, while the latter turning deathly pale.

“It’s the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb technique!” Horrified looks filled the eyes of Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and Zhang Yan.

They never imagined that Baili Che had actually managed to learn Sword Cometh Peak’s Cangxuan Art.

One must know that it had only been a few months since he became chief disciple, so how had he managed to learn it so quickly? How talented did one have to be to achieve such a crazy feat?

As one of the seven Cangxuan Arts, the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb was a true-blue high grade Heaven Genesis technique. A technique of that level was something that even purple sash disciples could only dream about.

Everyone clearly understood the terrifying might a technique of that level would possess.

Baili Che may have yet to reach the ninth layer Alpha-Origin at this point in time, but with the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb, even a slightly weaker ninth layer would be slain by him in a single strike. 

If a slightly weaker ninth layer would meet such an end, what more could be said about Zhou Yuan?

In that instant, all the hearts of the Saint Genesis Peak disciples rose in their chests. If Zhou Yuan was eliminated by Baili Che in a single blow, their plan would fail immediately.

Compared to the panicking Saint Genesis Peak disciples, the morale of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples was greatly boosted. The latter’s attacks became fiercer all of a sudden, managing to repeatedly push back the numerous Saint Genesis Peak disciples despite the number disadvantage.

The tides seemed to be falling in Sword Cometh Peak’s favor all of a sudden.

Amidst countless terrified gazes, Zhou Yuan gravely stared at the rapidly approaching flood of silver sword aura. At the very center, the silver thumb-sized sword orb seemed to continuously breath peerless sword Qi.

In the face of such concentrated and powerful sword Qi, even his elementary external cultivation body could feel a stabbing pain.

This feeling made Zhou Yuan understand that even with the jade skin and silver bone of his little Mythic Saint Body, he would still be cut open if the attack were to land on his body.

A high grade Heaven Genesis technique was indeed worthy of its title.

Zhou Yuan licked his lips. However, there was surprisingly no trace of fear in his eyes, but instead a bubbling excitement.

With his outstanding Spirit senses, he had also discovered that though Baili Che had indeed managed to create a sword orb, it was obviously extremely unstable.

As if it had not been created through one’s own hard work.

Zhou Yuan breathed in deeply as his eyes slowly closed.

All the whistling sword Qi in the area was completely blocked out by him as the world around him fell silent.

In his Qi Dwelling.

The Saint Spirit seed released a faint buzzing noise, before suddenly shooting forth with a swoosh.


Meanwhile, the several feet wide torrent of sword Qi arrived. It appeared in the sky above Zhou Yuan, before powerfully chopping downwards with power that could level mountains.

“Get eliminated!” Baili Che’s roar boomed like thunder. Elation rose from the corners of his lips as he stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure with a chillingly sinister look in his eyes. 

He was going to utterly destroy all of Zhou Yuan’s earlier arrogance with this blow.

Let’s see if this fellow still dared to be out of line in the future!

Don’t bother acting tough again without sufficient strength!


The giant flood of swords ruthlessly hacked towards Zhou Yuan.

Countless gazes were firmly glued to this location.

If not for the protection brand on every disciple, anyone would believe that Zhou Yuan would be a dead man in a split second.

As the deadly sword Qi loomed over Zhou Yuan, his tightly shut eyes abruptly opened as a dazzling gleam surged within them.

His clothes flapped loudly around him as he raised his head, and looked at the torrent of sword Qi, before an icy smile rose from the corners of his lips.


The several thousand feet wide torrent finally swung down upon its target.

An indescribable storm of destruction unfurled, causing the surrounding area to distort, while making it impossible for anyone to get a clear view.

The sea below churned violently as countless waves rose one after another, creating a frightening sight.

The power of the blow made the scalps of countless watching disciples turn numb. Was this the strength of Sword Cometh Peak’s chief disciple? Such strength would indeed stir fear in anyone’s heart.

“Zhou Yuan has likely been blown straight out of the Genesis reservoir.” A disciple sighed deeply.

“Even the full power defense of some ninth layers will be unable to withstand a direct hit, let alone him.”

“Zhou Yuan is already pretty amazing to have forced out this move from Baili Che, but it’s a pity he made that fatal misstep…”


Numerous disciples sighed in pity.

Baili Che coldly snorted, his expression somewhat stormy, because he never expected that he would be forced to use the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb to defeat a mere Zhou Yuan.

“But you should also be honored.”

With an icy chuckle, he raised his head as the distorting space gradually returned to normal.

But the smile on his face slowly turned rigid a split second later.


 At the same time, shocked noises rang out across the area like a flood, while countless gazes blankly stared at the recovering space, where the enormous torrent of sword Qi had frozen midway through its chopping motion.

What shocked everyone, however, was that Zhou Yuan was still standing below it, instead of being kicked out from the reservoir like everyone had expected.

A mysterious hundred foot tall glowing silhouette had appeared above him. The glowing figure enveloped his entire body, with its arms crossed above it in a defensive posture.

The tip of the sword Qi flood was currently stuck at the arms of the mysterious glowing silhouette, unable to advance even a single inch!

The Devil Sweeping Sword Orb technique had been blocked!

Countless disciples were stupefied by this scene.

The originally high morale and fiercely fighting Sword Cometh Peak disciples also stopped attacking with stunned expressions.

Zhou Tai, Lu Yan, Zhang Yan and the rest were likewise dazedly staring at the completely uninjured figure standing in the air.

Let alone them, even sect master Qing Yang and the other peak masters, outside the Genesis reservoir, cried out in surprise as amazement colored their faces. They looked at each other, and could not help but mutter, “That glowing silhouette…”

“Is the Omega Saint Spirit Art!”

Sect master Qing Yang could not stop his expression from changing.

“This little one has learnt the Omega Saint Spirit Art?!”

In another location far away, elder Shen Taiyuan and elder Lu Song’s mouths slowly grew bigger and bigger, while disbelief and shock filled their eyes.

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