Chapter 53 I Know This Too

Green light pulsed on Qi Yue’s hand, never stretching beyond half a finger in length. As the green light throbbed, even the air itself was sliced apart with ‘ch’ sounds, making clear its astonishing destructive power.

Only a single glance was needed for everyone to realise the identity of the green aura. It was one of the most powerful techniques of Qi Manor, the Auraflare technique.

The insanely terrifying power of this technique made it such that ordinary practitioners would not dare to engage it in a direct clash. Hence, there were very few experts under the Qi Nourishing stage who could face Qi Yue while he was using this technique with eight open channels.

Hence, the situation was reversed once again.

Qi Yue’s entire body brimmed with killing intent as he stared and Zhou Yuan and said in a chillingly eerie voice, “Zhou Yuan, I’ll admit that you are indeed very capable. I would never have imagined that a cripple from half a year ago would become such a huge threat to me!”

“The great threat that you pose has made me feel that it would be better to cripple you once more!” Qi Yue revealed a set of spookily white teeth as he smiled sinisterly.

Surprise flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he stared at the throbbing green aura on Qi Yue’s palm. The former had clearly not expected Qi Yue to have learnt the Auraflare technique.

However, Qi Yue’s green aura was extremely faint and seemed rather unstable. It was evident that he had just barely managed to bring out this technique.

Even so, the power of the green aura far surpassed the low grade Black tier Galloping Thunder Fist from earlier.

“It just so happens that you and I have opposite views.” Zhou Yuan’s voice was indifferent as he looked at Qi Yue’s twisted face that oozed with killing intent. “Because I have never seen you as a threat from the very beginning. In my eyes, you are merely a small pebble in my path of cultivation.”

Qi Yue’s pupils shrank, his seething rage ultimately releasing itself in the form of laughter. To have a once crippled prince see him as a tiny pebble in the latter’s path made him feel humiliation he had never experienced before.

“I truly hope that you will still be able say these words when you are kneeling at my feet later!”

Qi Yue’s killing intent had reached its peak. His presence raged like a tiger as the green aura pulsed on his palm. He could not longer restrain the killing intent in his heart. His foot stomped on the ground, shattering the stone floor, as his figure swiftly shot towards Zhou Yuan amidst countless cries of alarm.

Qi Yue’s palm sliced through the air. The faint green glow around it emitting extremely deadly pulses.

Zhou Yuan remained where he stood. In the onlookers’ eyes, it seemed as if he had been frightened silly by Qi Yue’s ferocity.

On the A class side, Su Youwei’s face paled a little. She was almost about to lose control and dash towards the stage, but firmly suppressed this desire with her rationality.

By the side, Chu Tianyang’s fists were tightly clenched, a tense expression on his face as he unblinkingly stared at the stage.

On the central viewing platform, Zhou Qing’s body leaned forward as faint traces of Genesis Qi surged around him. It was obvious that he planned to step in at the final moment to ensure that nothing happened to Zhou Yuan.

Below him, Qi Yuan smiled faintly, as if victory was already in his grasp.

Under countless gazes of pity, Zhou Yuan stared at Qi Yue as he murmured, “Is the Auraflare technique really that great?”

He stepped forward, his body suddenly jerking and his back rising as he opened his mouth, “Dragon Breath!”


The roar of a dragon echoed faintly as the surrounding Genesis Qi transformed into a stream of white that was swallowed by Zhou Yuan with a single gulp.

As he grew more and more proficient with the ninety eight forms of the frolicking dragon, Zhou Yuan now no longer needed to perform all the stances and could vibrate his bones to activate Dragon Breath.

The mouthful of rich Genesis Qi that entered his body immediately started to spin at high speeds in his channels as it was compressed.

Zhou Yuan raised his head, gazed at Qi Yue’s increasingly distorted face and slowly extended his hand. Disbelief flooded everyone’s eyes as they watched a green glow emerge from Zhou Yuans palm, a green glow that pulsed as it shredded the air.

The green glow was exactly the same hue as the one on Qi Yue’s hand, only a little deeper.

Most importantly, Zhou Yuan’s green glow was a whole inch long, while Qi Yue’s was less than half a finger long.

Countless cries erupted throughout the entire field.

“Prince Zhou Yuan is also… using the Auraflare technique?!”

“How is that possible? Isn’t the technique exclusive to Qi Manor? How could prince Zhou Yuan have learnt it?!”

“Prince Zhou Yuan’s aura is deeper and longer! His mastery is clearly even greater than Qi Yue’s!”

“How is this possible…”

Cries of alarm and surprise rose and fell. Everyone was shocked by the scene before their eyes.

The eyes of the rapidly approaching Qi Yue also widened at this moment as he stared at the throbbing green light on Zhou Yuan’s hand.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth lifted when he saw Qi Yue’s appearance as he mockingly said, “Sorry but I also know the Auraflare technique!”

When the final word left his mouth, Zhou Yuan abruptly stepped forward as his hand ruthlessly chopped at the incoming Qi Yue like a green blade.

Ch ch!

As the palm descended, the air was split apart and cracks emerged on the ground below.

Under the attention of countless gazes, Zhou Yuan’s and Qi Yue’s palms slammed into each other as the two green lights emitting deadly auras clashed.


A very faint sound seemed to echo.

Zhou Yuan’s and Qi Yue’s figures crossed each other, both taking several steps forward before slowly coming to a stop.

Their backs faced each other as the green aura on their hands continued to flicker.

The entire field had become extremely quiet and every gaze was glued to the two participants. They knew that the outcome of this battle of the titans was about to appear.

“How is this possible…” A low voice broke the silence. Everyone watched as Qi Yue mumbled, “Why do you know the Auraflare technique? And why is it so powerful?!”

“I’m afraid that it’s all thanks to you.” Zhou Yuan’s voice was emotionless.

Qi Yue’s pupils shrank as if something suddenly clicked in his head and his face immediately twisted. “So… Luo Hao died at your hands!”

No wonder they could not find any traces of Luo Hao no matter how they searched. It turns out that he had long been killed by Zhou Yuan. Moreover, the Auraflare technique had fallen into his hands and had even been secretly learnt by him.

Zhou Yuan ignored Qi Yue. With a light swing of the former’s sleeve, a blade of wind whizzed forth.

The wind blade swept past and countless onlookers on the field gasped as they watched Qi Yue’s entire arm slowly fall off, fresh blood spurting out as it dropped onto the ground.

The place of the cut was as glossy as a mirror.


It was at this very moment that a Qi Yue’s miserable shriek rang out.

The entire field was dead silent, everyone blankly staring at the miserably shrieking Qi Yue. They knew the outcome of the match had been decided at this very moment.

However, this outcome had clearly exceeded everyone’s expectations.

No one could have imagined that the very same Qi Yue, who had practically reigned supreme over the Great Zhou Institute for the past two years, would lose in such a miserable manner at Zhou Yuan’s hands today.

Gaze after gaze was tinged with amazement as they turned towards the stage where Zhou Yuan stood with his hands hanging at his side. They never imagined that the crippled prince, whom was rumoured to be unable to begin his channel opening cultivation, would unknowingly begin to reveal his potential.

The Great Zhou royal clan was perhaps not as in the decline as they had thought.

On the tall viewing platform, Zhou Qing and Qi Yuan were similarly shaken by the outcome of the match. However, Zhou Qing was pleasantly surprised, while Qi Yuan’s face was green with anger. When he saw Zhou Yuan cut off Qi Yue’s arm, he could not longer control the rage in his heart and suddenly stood up as he howled, “Child, how vicious!”


A pillar of golden Qi dashed out from the top of his head, transforming into a giant golden hand that grabbed at Zhou Yuan.

If this palm landed, it would crush the entire stone stage.

Grade 4 Genesis Qi, Primal Gold Qi!

However, as the giant gold hand descended, a similarly powerful red Qi also dashed into the sky, transforming into a giant scarlet hand that mercilessly smashed into the gold hand.

Grade 4 Genesis Qi, Flame-Thunder Qi!

An earth shaking noise reverberated across the area as the land shook and terrifying gales swept outwards, filling the sky with dust.

At the same time, Zhou Qing’s rage filled voice thundered,

“Qi Yuan, are you planning on rebelling?!”

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