Chapter 529 Devil Sweeping Sword Orb


Two glowing figures swifty flashed past in the sky. In the end, a sword swept forth and collided with a claw covered in dark golden scales. Sparks immediately splattered as a berserk shockwave unfurled, rippling the surrounding space.

The sharp claws of the paw were unimaginably tough, blowing away the sword, and causing the sword wielding figure to shoot back in retreat, revealing itself to be Zhao Zhu.

His expression was rather ugly at this current time.

A mysterious giant dark golden creature stood in the air before him, the very personification of majesty. Dark gold gleamed along its entire body, as Tuntun’s golden eyes glanced disdainfully at Zhao Zhu, obviously feeling the latter was unworthy of its attention.

Zhao Zhu was naturally able to feel the contempt in Tuntun’s eyes, causing rage to boil inside of him. To think that he was being despised by a mere beast!

However, though he was angered inside, Zhao Zhu could not help but feel rather troubled. After the previous exchange, he had finally understood how formidable Tuntun was.

The latter’s dark golden scales were extremely tough, protecting it like a layer of armor. Even his sword Qi was incapable of cutting through such a sturdy defense.

What was most problematic, however, was Tuntun’s devouring power that could directly devour Zhao Zhu’s sword aura. As such, he had been unable to make any leeway even when giving his all.


Zhao Zhu exhaled deeply as he slowly composed himself. He knew that he could not be anxious at this moment, but instead rely on his Genesis techniques to slowly duke it out with Tuntun.


While Zhao Zhu was collecting himself and preparing to slow down the pace of his attacks, he suddenly felt a burst of astonishing sword Qi that felt as if it could pierce even the land and sky.

Zhao Zhu was a little alarmed as he turned his head, his gaze locking onto a certain battlefield in the distance.

It was the fight between Zhou Yuan and Baili Che.

“Junior brother Baili actually intends to use that move…” There was surprise in Zhao Zhu’s eyes. He never imagined that Baili Che would have to use his full power against a mere Zhou Yuan.

Fortunately, the earlier Baili Che used this trump card to defeat Zhou Yuan, the quicker the situation would fall into their control.

Zhao Zhu only needed to hinder Tuntun, while Baili Che finished off Zhou Yuan, and proceeded to destroy the boundary from the outside, saving the Sword Cometh Peak disciples trapped within.

Zhao Zhu’s gaze swept across the figure in front of Baili Che as iciness flashed in his eyes.

When Baili Che brought out that move, the battle there should soon be decided.



Zhou Yuan felt a strong feeling of danger as the surging sword Qi burst out of Baili Che’s body. The former’s figure quickly retreated, leaving the range of the sword Qi as he grave stared at the latter from afar.

Alarmingly powerful sword Qi was currently pulsing from Baili Che’s body, tearing open numerous cracks in the surrounding space.

It was obvious that Baili Che was preparing a deadly killing blow.

Veins bulged on Baili Che’s face, creating quite a sinister sight. Sword Qi rose from his head like a viscous fluid, before condensing into a silver thumb-sized sword orb...

The silver sword orb was somewhat illusory and distorted, as if it would fall apart at any time.

Despite this, a loud and resonant sword cry echoed across the area when the sword orb was formed. Torrential sword Qi filled the sky, creating an alarmingly intimidating sight.

Far away, the scouts from the various peaks watched this scene in astonishment. Some of them were familiar with this technique, causing their voices to tremble.

“This is… Sword Cometh Peak’s Cangxuan Art…”

“The Devil Sweeping Sword Orb?!”

“My god, how did Baili Che learn it so quickly?!”


Outside the Genesis reservoir, sect master Qing Yang, the five peak masters and the numerous elders also saw this, causing their eyes to widen a little.

“Humph, this Devil Sweeping Sword Orb is very unstable. It was obviously forcibly created instead of being properly nourished by the wielder. In fact, it seems as if someone has forcibly been given guidance on it.” While focusing on the silver sword orb, peak master Lianyi suddenly let out an icy chuckle, before shooting a glance at peak master Ling Jun.

Peak master Ling Jun was expressionless as he said, “Baili Che is quite talented. Although it has only been a few months since he was given the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb technique, he managed to gain some comprehension of its wonders. It’s not strange for him to have just barely managed to create one. Peak master Lianyi should not make false accusations.”

Peak master Lianyi disdainfully retorted, “You know best whether or not my words are true.”

It was no surprise that the two of them were at each other’s throats again, to which sect master Qing Yang and the rest could only shake their heads in helplessness.

At another location, elder Shen Taiyuan and elder Lu Song had bitter looks on their faces. They had been pleasantly surprised for a while when Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao managed to trap all the Sword Cometh Peak disciples, because it had evened the playing field for their side.

But who would have expected that Baili Che had managed to learn one of the seven Cangxuan Arts, the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb!

Although it was only at the initial stage and was extremely unstable, it was still a high grade Heaven Genesis technique, and its power could only be described as terrifying.

Even those with the power of the ninth layer Alpha-Origin would not dare to face such a skill head on.

Lu Song looked at Shen Taiyuan and sighed. “It’s already pretty good of them to have achieved this.”

Shen Taiyuan was silent for a moment, before he said, “I do not blame them, but myself for not being useful enough. If not for me, those two kids would not have to shoulder such heavy pressure.”

Although he was currently the substitute peak master of Saint Genesis Peak, he could not become a true peak master, and stand shoulder to shoulder with the other peak masters due to his lack of strength.

In the Cangxuan Sect, only those that have stepped into the Nascent Source stage were qualified to become peak masters. In fact, peak master Ling Jun and the rest were top tier experts amongst the Nascent Source stage, and had even begun to create their own law domains. Although their law domains were incomplete, it still made them incomparable to ordinary Nascent Source stage practitioners.

On the other hand, Shen Taiyuan was merely at the Heavenly Sun stage, and still some distance aways from the Nascent Source stage. How could he possibly compare to the likes of peak master Ling Jun and the rest?

If Shen Taiyuan was also at the Nascent Source stage, peak master Ling Jun would not dare to take things too far.

Lu Song also fell silent, and could only let out a soft sigh in the end. In this world, one needed sufficient strength to have the right to speak even within the sect.

“We can only hope that Zhou Yuan will be able to endure a little longer. At the very least, we’ll make Sword Cometh Peak suffer a little more losses even if we lose!”


Bzz bzz!

Under the countless astonished gazes, the silver sword orb slowly descended from Baili Che’s head and floated in front of him.

The sword orb gently vibrated, giving off terrifying sword Qi that tore apart the fabric of space.

Baili Che’s complexion was rather pale, but there was an extremely excited look in his eyes. His gaze turned towards Zhou Yuan as a sinister smile rose from the corners of his lips.

“Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, this is the first time I’ve managed to activate this technique. It is your honor to be defeated by it.”

Baili Che clearly no longer planned on wasting time, and had thus brought out his strongest trump card.

A grave look filled Zhou Yuan’s eyes, evidently realizing the origins of Baili Che’s trump card.

Power on this scale… what else could it be but one of the seven Cangxuan Arts?!

He was quite amazed that Baili Che had managed to learn this technique in such a short span of time.

Baili Che took Zhou Yuan’s silence as terror, causing him to laugh gleefully. His expression soon turned ferocious as he extended a finger and lightly pointed at the sword orb.

Baili Che’s ice-cold voice accompanied his gesture.

“Are you scared now? Unfortunately for you, it’s already too late!”

“Devil Sweeping Sword Orb… go!”

An earth-shaking sword cry echoed at this very moment, as devastating sword Qi filled the area.

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