Chapter 528 Spirit Breaks Sealing Technique


Under the attention of countless gazes, the glowing silver ball shrank at an alarming speed with Zhou Yuan’s figure located at the center.

In the distance, the scouts from the various peaks cried out in alarm. They were aware of the Heaven Frost Sealing technique’s ability to suppress Genesis Qi. Once touched by it, it would swiftly invade the body and seal all of the Genesis Qi inside.

Even if Zhou Yuan tried to resist, his Genesis Qi would be substantially weakened, which would undoubtedly cause him to fall into a disadvantage against Baili Che.

The scouts could not help but sigh deeply at this situation. As the one who managed to become the chief disciple of Sword Cometh Peak, Baili Che was indeed very capable. This Heaven Frost Sealing technique would give almost any opponent a headache.

And now, Zhou Yuan was going to become one of them...

Bzz bzz!

Inside the silver ball, robust Genesi Qi erupted from Zhou Yuan’s body. Golden light surged forth, slamming into the rapidly shrinking ball. However, cold Qi would rush forward when the two forces met, forcing back the golden Genesis Qi.

Once the Heaven Frost Sealing technique succeeded, it would restrain the target’s Genesis Qi. There was no way to forcefully resist unless one’s Genesis Qi foundations far surpassed the user’s.

Baili Che was currently half a foot into the ninth layer, and his Genesis Qi foundations were even stronger than Yuan Hong’s. Although Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi had increased during the mountain trial, it was quite impossible for him to have reached Baili Che’s level.

Hence, Zhou Yuan seemed to have fallen into a very dangerous situation.

Baili Che crossed his arms as he stood in the air. He looked at the trapped Zhou Yuan and smiled superficially, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, I’ve told you before that though you’re quite talented, you’re ultimately still too immature.”

If his opponent had been a little more careful, Baili Che would not have so smoothly trapped Zhou Yuan in the Heaven Frost Sealing technique.

Though it was a formidable technique, the user had to first trap his target inside before it could begin to show its power.

Inside the glowing ball, Zhou Yuan raised his head, his gaze penetrating the ball to lock onto Baili Che as he smiled, “It appears that chief disciples Baili Che believes he has already won?”

“Are you still going to be stubborn at this juncture.”

Baili Che shook his head, ignoring Zhou Yuan as he formed a seal with one hand.


The silver ball instantly began to shrink even faster, reaching a size of several feet in the span of a short few breaths, with Zhou Yuan’s body almost within reach.

A brief touch was all it would take for the technique to take root in his flesh and seal away Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi.

“Time for it to end.”

Baili Che let loose an icy chuckle as his hands slammed into each other. The silver ball contracted once more, soon about to touch Zhou Yuan’s body.

Countless nervous gazes looked towards the battlefield.


Under their gazes, the silver ball quickly neared Zhou Yuan. However, when the cold Qi emitting light threads were half a foot from his body, the ball suddenly stopped in its tracks.

The sneer on Baili Che’s lips turned a little rigid as his brows tightly knitted together. He had sensed an unknown force inside the glowing ball that was preventing his Heaven Frost Sealing technique from taking even half a step further.

“What’s going on? Zhou Yuan isn’t using any Genesis Qi to resist. Moreover, this technique is able to restrain Genesis Qi, and it’s impossible for him to put up any resistance given his Genesis Qi foundations!” Confusion churned in Baili Che’s mind.

He stared at the interior of the glowing ball, where Zhou Yuan stood with his hands hanging by his side, a calm, unruffled expression on his face.

However, invisible and powerful undulations seemed to slowly gather between his brows.

Zhou Yuan raised his head, looking at the bewildered Baili Che, as he slowly said, “Your technique may be able to restrain Genesis Qi, but did you think that Genesis Qi is all I have?”


As his voice rang out, the surging Spirit power between his brows rushed forth like a flood. It was invisible and intangible, but mysterious undulations churned within it.

The glowing ball which had originally shrunk to the size of a few feet began to swell at an alarming speed. In the end, it enlarged to a size of several hundred feet as a cracking noise sounded, no longer able to bear the heavy load.


The silver ball was forcefully blown apart from the inside by the surging Spirit energy, transforming into a sky full of glittering silver.

The scouts from the various peaks in the distance cried out in surprise.

No one had expected Baili Che’s Heaven Frost Sealing technique would be broken by Zhou Yuan in his brutish manner!

Baili Che’s expression darkened substantially. He had thoroughly prepared for every possible scenario he could imagine, but he had not anticipated that Zhou Yuan’s Spirit would become so powerful.

Zhou Yuan seldom revealed his Spirit cultivation in the Cangxuan Sect, causing many to forget that he was a dual cultivator of Genesis Qi and Spirit.

Zhou Yuan stood with one hand behind his back as Spirit power whizzed out from between his brows.


A loud sound suddenly erupted from the sea below, as the water rushed into the air. 

It was as if some invisible force was circling around the water as it transformed into a ten thousand feet wide ball that slowly came to hover beside Zhou Yuan.

Light gleamed off the water ball as a mysterious and invisible undulation pulsed. It was Spirit power.

With a wave of his sleeve, the water ball infused with Spirit power shot forward with a piercing screech, viciously smashing towards Baili Che.


Baili Che’s eyes darkened as light pulsed from the Nine Scales Sword in his hand. With a swing, sword light rushed out, growing to a hundred feet as it sliced through the water ball.


Sword light swept past, cutting the ball into two.


However, the two halves of the ball suddenly exploded, becoming countless drops of water that shot towards Baili Che like a torrential storm.

Silver Genesis Qi rose from Baili Che’s body, protecting him from the onslaught.

Plop! Plop!

Although the silver Genesis Qi managed to block the majority of the water droplets, a few still managed to strike Baili Che’s body, causing his face to twist hideously at the moment of impact.

These water droplets did not have much destructive power, but contained Spirit energy that directly penetrated his flesh and struck his Spirit.

As such, a piercing pain from between his brow would accompany each strike, nearly causing Baili Che to faint.

Fortunately, he was quick to react and swiftly retreated, while the Nine Scales Sword transformed into layer after layer of sword light that bounced back all of the water droplets, no longer daring to let any of them touch him...

“Your Spirit has reached the advanced Corporeal stage?!”

Baili Che steadied his body as he stared darkly at Zhou Yuan. From the intensity of the Spirit corrosion from earlier, he had already realized that Zhou Yuan’s Spirit had reached the advanced Corporeal stage.

Zhou Yuan looked at Baili Che and said, “It seems that chief disciple Baili Che has miscalculated.”

A fierce expression rose in Baili Che’s eyes as he icily said, “It’s too early to say such words! So what if you’re at the advanced Corporeal stage, you’re still biting off more than you can chew! I will just have to crush you with Genesis Qi!”

He had always been disdainful of dual cultivators of both Genesis Qi and Spirit.


Light surged along the blade of the Nine Scales Sword as the Genesis Qi in his body erupted without any reservation. In the next instant, his figure disappeared from the spot and appeared in front of Zhou Yuan.

Bzz bzz!

Sword light whizzed out as countless sword shadows appeared in the sky, aimed at Zhou Yuan’s fatal spots.

After the failure of the Heaven Frost Sealing technique, Baili Che had clearly changed his approach, intending to clash directly with Zhou Yuan.

An icy light also surged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as the white tip of the Heavenly Yuan Brush turned pitch-black. Golden Genesis Qi roared out, as he pushed his Genesis Qi to its limits.

Jade light blossomed on his skin, while silver flashed in the bones deep within his flesh.

Clang! Clang!

Two figures exchanged blows at lightning speed in the sky, going over a thousand rounds in a few short minutes, alarming undulations sweeping outwards with every collision of sword and brush.

The intensity of a fight like this was extreme.

Numerous onlookers secretly wet their lips as they watched. Anyone could see that there was absolutely no sign of Zhou Yuan losing out in the direct clash against Baili Che.

Many had originally believed that Zhou Yuan could not possibly be Baili Che’s match.

However, from the scene before their eyes, it was obvious that Zhou Yuan had grown even stronger over the past two months.

Baili Che’s expression grew darker and darker with each exchanged blow. He could clearly feel that he was not gaining the upper hand at all.

The most troublesome thing, however, were the Spirit attacks Zhou Yuan sneaked in when they clashed. The slightest slip was all it would take for them to touch Baili Che’s body and  attack his Spirit, creating a huge headache for the latter.

Only now did he realize that the Saint Genesis Peak chief disciple he had looked down on all along, was actually not as weak as he had imagined.


Berserk Genesis Qi devastated the surroundings after yet another clash, the space around them rippling a little as two figures shot backwards.

Baili Che stabilized his body with a wave of his sleeve. He expressionlessly stared at Zhou Yuan and slowly said, “No wonder you were so arrogant, you do have some ability.”

Zhou Yuan grasped the Heavenly Yuan Brush, as its brush hairs turned soft and gently fluttered in the wind.

“Chief disciple Baili Che’s strength does not seem to match up to your previous arrogance.” A faint smile rose on Zhou Yuan’s lips.

Baili Che’s face twitched a little, as he fell silent for a moment. A disdainful smile soon flowed out from the corners of his lips as he shook his head and said, “Why am I wasting breath on you…”

“It’s about time to show you what a true chief disciple is.”

“... I hope that your legs won’t turn to jelly from fear!”

Baili Che took in a deep breath, iciness flashing in his eyes, as he stared in contempt at Zhou Yuan. At the same time, an extremely dangerous aura slowly spread from his body.

“You shall tremble in fear before the most powerful technique of Sword Cometh Peak!”

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