Chapter 527 Genesis Breaker Blood Art

In the sky above the churning sea, there was another location that likewise drew many gazes, because the two individuals there were very famous in the Cangxuan Sect.

Nothing needed to be said about Kong Sheng’s reputation. He was the number two Chosen,second only to Chu Qing.

As for Yaoyao, although she had only showed her hand a few times over the past year, the strength she displayed could only be rated as immeasurable. Everyone was certain that if she wanted to, she would definitely have a spot among the Chosens.

With these two titans facing each other today, numerous people were looking forward to finding out who would emerge the eventual victor.

Kong Sheng stood on his Genesis Qi high up in the sky, his slim figure drawing innumerable admiring gazes from the female disciples.

Opposite him, Yaoyao appeared to be standing on the wind, her graceful figure akin to a slender willow. Her gorgeous face in particular was so flawless that it would make anyone smitten. It was as if the essence of beauty had been concentrated into a single person, causing everyone to sigh in amazement and envy.

The only regret was her pair of clear, yet empty looking eyes that were filled with indifference towards all things. It was as if nothing in this world would ever draw even a spark of interest in her.

In the face of such an amazing beauty, even Kong Sheng felt his heart ripple a little. However, he was a man of formidable mental fortitude, and quickly calmed his wavering heart as his expression slowly turned serious.

Robust and powerful Genesis Qi slowly pulsed around his body, as a peerless pressure swept towards Yaoyao in mountain pushing and sea splitting manner.

However, Yaoyao’s face did not even twitch in the face of this Genesis Qi pressure. No one knew why, but all Genesis Qi pressure seemed incapable of affecting her.

She gently grasped a Genesis Rune Brush that seemed to be made from jasper and raised it. With a slight turn of her wrist, complicated strokes instantly formed at its tip. 

“Come lightning.”

A Genesis Rune took shape and rapidly expanded. The surrounding Genesis Qi immediately rushed over, fusing with the rune as they transformed into churning black clouds. Lightning flashed within the clouds as thunder rumbled.


Thick thunderbolts suddenly ripped apart the black clouds, filled with berserk energy as they mercilessly blasted towards Kong Sheng.

The power within the thunderbolt was extremely violent in nature, and even an ordinary ninth layer would not dare to directly face it.

The brush in Yaoyao’s hand did not stop as the thunderbolts charged forward, nimbly dancing in the air as complex rune after rune left its tip.

Whoo whoo!

A gale rose and fused with Genesis Qi to become giant wind blades, accompanied by piercing whistles as they hurtled through the sky.

Yaoyao revealed her alarming Genesis Rune prowess the moment she acted, easily creating powerful Genesis Runes with simple gestures without any pause in between. The confidence and ease in the movements showed that failure wasn’t even a possibility to her.

Kong Sheng raised his head, gazing at the rapidly growing thunderbolts and wind blades, as his expression turned a little graver. Yaoyao’s speed was a little shocking even to someone like himself.

Though the latter did not have much Genesis Qi in her body, her Spirit power was extremely abundant. Each drawn Genesis Rune would rapidly absorb the surrounding Genesis Qi, and was not the slightest bit weaker than attacks from a real Genesis Master.

In the face of such a powerful opponent, Kong Sheng did not plan on holding anything back.

With a deep breath, he made a grabbing motion and a simple-looking sword appeared in his hand, its blade adorned with faint blood-red patterns.


As the thunderbolts and wind blades arrived, Kong Sheng suddenly made his move. Numerous glowing swords appeared in an instant, brightly shining as they rose together like a sun, becoming the most dazzling thing in the area.

Sword light swept forth with heart palpitating power, slicing apart the thunderbolts and wind blades with unstoppable momentum.

Like a hot knife through butter.

The aftershocks shot into the sea below, carving bottomless scars on its surface. It was a long while later before they were slowly filled back by the sea water.

A sky full of thunderbolts and wind blades had been completely diced by a single sword attack.

Countless gazes were filled with indescribably shock. As the disciple that managed to become the number two Chosen, Kong Sheng’s strength was indeed unrivalled.

Yaoyao stood in the air, her bright eyes watching events play out, before her gaze slowly turned towards the sword in Kong Sheng’s hand. To be more precise, she was looking at the strange blood-red patterns on its blade.

These blood-red patterns had played no small part in the ease in which Kong Sheng had sliced apart the thunderbolts and wind blades from earlier.

“This is…” Yaoyao’s red lips opened slightly as she slowly said, “The Rune Breaker Blood Art?”

There were a few Genesis techniques which specialized in dealing with Genesis Runes, which were usually known as Rune Breaker Blood Arts. However, a lot of effort needed to be invested in order to learn such techniques, and there were also numerous restrictions such as being only useful against a few Genesis Runes. Hence, there were not many people who practiced them.

The blood-red patterns on Kong Sheng’s sword were clearly some kind of Rune Breaker Blood Art.

Kong Sheng brandished his sword with a calm expression, not denying Yaoyao’s words. “Junior sister Xiaoyao is very knowledgeable. I’ve spent a long time preparing in order to ensure victory today. I hope that junior sister Xiaoyao will not feel that this is an unfair advantage.”

He had always been wary of the mysterious Yaoyao. As such, he had invested a substantial amount of time and energy to learn a Rune Breaker Blood Art and guarantee today’s victory.

With this technique, he would be able to calmly face Yaoyao’s onslaught of Genesis Rune attacks, giving him the upper hand.

Yaoyao’s gaze withdrew from the blood patterns as she nonchalantly said, “I’m afraid that you’re a little too naive if you believe a mere Rune Breaker Blood Art will guarantee your victory.”

A Rune Breaker Blood Art would indeed give one an advantage against Genesis Runes, but it was a decisive advantage.

However, forcing someone like Kong Sheng to make such preparation was clear evidence of how intimidating Yaoyao was.

Kong Sheng merely chuckled in response. His gaze swept towards a certain battlefield in the distance as he said, “We’ll know whether or not I’m naive once we fight. Zhou Yuan on the other hand is likely suffering at junior brother Baili’s hands.”

“In these three battles, my Sword Cometh Peak will perhaps soon take the first win.”

Yaoyao tilted her head slightly and looked in the same direction, where Baili Chue was currently drifting backwards as a giant glowing ball trapped Zhou Yuan. It was clear that a trump card had begun to activate.

It was Sword Cometh Peak’s Heaven Frost Sealing technique.

“That’s my Sword Cometh Peak’s Heaven Frost Sealing technique, which junior brother Baili is quite adept at. Zhou Yuan was too careless, and has now unknowingly fallen into Baili Che’s trap.”

Kong Sheng slowly said, “The outcome of the battle is already obvious.”

His tone was calm, but his words were aimed at disrupting Yaoyao’s state of mind.

Contrary to his expectations, Yaoyao only took a single glance before withdrawing her gaze. “You should pay more attention to your own situation instead.”

Just as Kong Sheng was about to retort, his eyes suddenly widened as he lifted his head to find that the color of the sky around them had begun to change, while numerous complicated runes drifted in the surroundings

Genesis Qi frantically surged towards them, slowly forming a giant boundary.

A boundary that was filled with berserk energies.

“What frightening mastery.”

Kong Sheng’s expression slowly turned grave as the wariness in his eyes grew. To think that Yaoyao had managed to construct such an astonishing boundary without his notice. Her Genesis Rune proficiency was god-like indeed.

His hand tightly grasped around the handle of his sword as Genesis Qi rushed out, causing his clothes to flap around him.

He knew that a tough battle was unavoidable.

Fortunately, Baili Che should soon be able to finish things on his end, defeating that loathsome Zhou Yuan and obtaining an advantage for their side.

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