Chapter 526 Heaven Frost Sealing Technique


Silver Genesis Qi erupted from Baili Che’s body, as an extremely cold and sharp aura spread.

It was Sword Cometh Peak’s Mystic Frost Genesis Qi.

Sword Qi akin to frost that pierced straight into the bone. If it invaded one’s body, a shredding chill would explode, making it very troublesome to deal with.

The temperature around them rapidly plummeted at this moment.

Zhou Yuan remained standing in the air, golden Omni Serpent Qi charging out from the top of his head, creating a canopy of gold above him. The faint silhouette of a golden serpent coiled within as it hissed at the sky, giving off a tyrannical presence.

Countless gazes gathered towards this spot, firmly fixed on the two figures.

Saint Genesis Peak had been in a constant decline over the years, and even if they managed to produce a chief disciple, he or she would honestly be a cut lower than the chief disciples of the other peaks.

As such, the previous Saint Genesis Peak chief disciples would often display a submissive demeanor towards the other chief disciples.

This was why Baili Che was so dissatisfied with Zhou Yuan’s attitude. In the former’s opinion, the latter should be acting like his predecessors, and show humbleness and tactfulness before the rest of them.

Unfortunately… Zhou Yuan did not seem to be of the same opinion.

Hence, Baili Che felt Zhou Yuan to be someone incapable of understanding the big picture. Since that was the case, he would have to use the cruel reality to tell the new chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak what his actual position was in the Cangxuan Sect.

A sneer hung from Baili Che’s lips, iciness flashing across his eyes as his hands suddenly slapped together!


Silver frost like Genesis Qi flooded forth like an avalanche charging down the mountain. Piercing cold filled the area as frost rapidly formed in the air.

This Genesis Qi was indeed substantially stronger than Yuan Hong from back then!

Zhou Yuan’s expression did not ripple as golden Genesis Qi also whizzed forth, transforming into flood that ruthlessly smashed into the incoming silver frost Genesis Qi like a roaring golden serpent.

There were currently over five thousand Genesis Qi stars in his Qi Dwelling, and he was also much stronger than when he had defeated Yuan Hong.

Hence, he did not show much fear in the face of Baili Che’s Genesis Qi attack.


Torrents of silver and gold ran through the sky, viciously slamming into each other a split second later. The two forces rapidly ate away at each other until their mutual destruction.

“He’s grown stronger since he fought Yuan Hong.” While the Genesis Qi clashed, Baili Che frowned a little as he felt the strength of Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi, the iciness in his eyes grew even colder.

“Frost explosion!”

He suddenly yelled as his hands formed a seal.


The flood Genesis Qi abruptly exploded the instant his voice rang out, as a circle of silver light swept outwards an alarming speed.


Silver light pulsed with incomparable sharpness as it cut the torrent of gold into two, and darted towards Zhou Yuan at lightning speed.

Baili Che was clearly very proficient in his usage of Genesis Qi.

The halo of silver rapidly expanded in Zhou Yuan’s pupils. His eyes narrowed slightly as his hand made a grabbing motion. The Heavenly Yuan Brush instantly appeared as its snow-white hairs swiftly turned pitch-black.


The black brush in his hand swung over his head, seemingly tearing open a crack in space as a black blur flashed past.


The black brush descended as black light met silver light.

The sharp silver halo was split into two, its fate ironically the same as the golden Genesis Qi it had sliced apart earlier...

The two halves of the silver halo continued to fly past Zhou Yuan, before bursting into specks of light.

After cutting the silver halo, Zhou Yuan’s figure rapidly etherealized as he shot forward like a shadow. He appeared above Baili Che as the lightning quick Heavenly Yuan Brush turned into numerous deadly brush shadows that thrust towards Baili Che’s fatal spots from all directions.

In the Genesis Breaker state, every brush shadow became a deadly attack.

Moreover, the Heavenly Yuan Brush was currently a true-blue Heaven Genesis Weapon.

Baili Che’s expression darkened slightly when he saw Zhou Yuan attack. Although he often mentioned his disdain for Zhou Yuan, the chief disciple of Sword Cometh Peak was clearly no overconfident fool.

He had thoroughly researched every aspect of Zhou Yuan, and naturally knew that the Heavenly Yuan Brush seemed to possess the strange property of being able to restrain Genesis Qi.

In the face of Zhou Yuan’s Heavenly Yuan Brush, any Genesis Qi attacks would most certainly be much less effective.


The night-black brush shadows thrust towards their targets with deadly force. However, an earth-shaking sword cry suddenly rang out when they were a few feet from Baili Che.

Sword light flashed as cold Qi froze the air.

Sword shadows swept out like a storm, clashing against each brush shadow with impeccable accuracy. Clear ‘clangs’ echoed endlessly as more than a hundred exchanges occurred in a few dozen breaths.

Every clash caused an alarming wave of Genesis Qi to sweep outwards, rippling the surrounding space.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Amidst countless amazed gazes, a sky full of brush and sword shadows collided. In the end, both sword and brush shadows dispersed at the same time, as two figures shot backwards...

Zhou Yuan steadied his body, the Heavenly Yuan Brush pointed downwards at an angle. Genesis Qi swirled around his body like a liquid gold, as he focused towards his front.

Baili Che stood there with a sneer on his face, and a sword in his hand. The blade of the sword was covered in scales, which clashed horribly in color, a rather peculiar sight indeed.

The sword shivered, continuously absorbed the surrounding Genesis Qi as its edge shined with a heart palpitating gleam.

“That’s… Sword Cometh Peak’s Nine Scales Sword?!”

Several cries of surprise were heard in the distance, evidently recognizing the scaly sword.

“Nine Scales Sword…” Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed. This sword had quite a reputation in Sword Cometh Peak, and was also a low grade Heaven Genesis Weapon, though it was on the higher end of the low grade spectrum.

With such a formidable weapon in his possession, it was no wonder that Baili Che did not fear Zhou Yuan’s Heavenly Yuan brush.

“If you think you can rely on a Heaven Genesis Weapon to show off, you’re grossly underestimating the resources of Sword Cometh Peak.” Said Baili Che as the Nine Scales Sword released a buzzing cry.

Zhou Yuan calmly replied, “You say that you’re going to teach me a lesson, but from what I can see that won’t be enough… besides, I should remind you that every second you waste on me will cost Sword Cometh peak more and more losses.”

“Since you’re urgently rushing to your defeat, I’ll be happy to accomodate.”

A chilling smile rose from the corners of Baili Che’s mouth as he stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “Did you think I was warming up with you earlier?”

He suddenly jerked the Nine Scales Sword as a ripple spread from it.

As the ripple spread, silver threads of light began to glimmer around them. No one knew when they had been placed, but they had already encompassed the surrounding area. 

At closer inspection, the densely packed silver threads seemed to resemble a silver ball, while Zhou Yuan and Baili Che were currently standing within it.

A heart palpitating aura pulsed from the glowing silver ball.

Baili Che stared at Zhou Yuan in mockery as he said, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, do you recognize this technique?”

“This is a unique Genesis technique of Sword Cometh Peak, the Heaven Frost Sealing technique…”

“Once this technique lands on the body, the Genesis Qi within would be frozen and sealed. Plus, it’s extremely difficult to neutralize.”

Baili Che grinned widely. “After your Genesis Qi is sealed, what will you use to fight me?”

His figure abruptly withdrew as a crack opened in the tightly packed silver strings, allowing him to pass through, before swiftly closing...

A sneer emerged on Baili Che’s face as he gazed at the now trapped Zhou Yuan and extended a finger.


In the next instant, the glowing silver ball rapidly began to shrink!

Heaven Frost Sealing technique, activate!

The chief disciple of Sword Cometh Peak had finally revealed his sinister fangs.

Countless nervous gazes looked over at this moment.

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