Chapter 525 Battle Between the Two Peaks

In the sky above the Genesis reservoir.

Five humans and a beast stood in the air facing each other, as the space between them seemed to solidify with tension.

In the distance, the scouts from the various peaks shivered in anticipation as they watched. Who could have imagined that the very same Sword Cometh Peak, which should have been able to steamroll over Saint Genesis Peak, would ultimately be forced into a situation where their two Chosens and chief disciple had to personally enter the fray.

“Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao are no pushovers.” Said someone as he sighed.

Several disciples nodded in agreement. In an ordinary circumstance, there was absolutely no way that Saint Genesis Peak should be capable of even exchanging blows with Sword Cometh Peak, even with Zhou Yuan, Zhou Xiaoyao and the ferocious and mysterious little beast.

How could their meagre forces possibly eliminate nearly a ten thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples, right?

If they were to fight, the ten thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples would already be enough to trap the duo and the beast… unless the latter went on an unrestrained killing spree. But this was a battle between disciples of the same sect, and not a life or death situation. As such, there were numerous unsaid restrictions. 

At this current point in time, Sword Cometh Peak’s advantage in the numbers department was no longer present. Hence, they had to rely on their Chosens and chief disciple to turn things around.

“Both sides are now rather balanced in power…”

“Kong Sheng or Zhou Xiaoyao are formidable individuals. One is the ranked two Chosen, while the other seems to have immeasurable strength. No one can say for certain who would come up on top if they were to fight.”

“That mysterious little creature is not simple either. I’ve heard that it managed to injure Zhao Zhu recently, and the latter would definitely not dare to underestimate it this time.”

“At the end of the day, it’s Zhou Yuan and Baili Che’s fight that will be the biggest variable.”

“Baili Che is not Yuan Hong… although Zhou Yuan is also a chief disciples, Saint Genesis Peak’s chief disciple selection is clearly not on the same level as the other peaks.”

“If Baili Che defeats Zhou Yuan, he would be able to break open the boundary and save the remaining Sword Cometh Peak disciples. When that happens, control of the situation will return to Sword Cometh Peak’s hands.”

“This is interesting, quickly report news of this back to the peaks!”


Hushed conversations continued to spread between the scouts of the various peaks. In the end, figure after figure began to leave, clearly intent on relaying back what had happened here to their respective peaks.

They knew that the Chosens of their peaks would definitely be stunned by these events.

Who could have imagined that the ferocious and menacing Sword Cometh Peak army would be pushed so far by a mere few hundred disciples of Saint Genesis Peak.


While the general versus general face off was happening in the sky, the hundred elite Sword Cometh Peak disciples that had managed to break free cast vengeful gazes at the Saint Genesis Peak group.

They were currently filled with anger, and since they did not have the qualifications to interfere in the fight between Zhou Yuan and the rest, they could only turn their sights towards the other Saint Genesis Peak disciples.

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples had always looked down with disdain upon the Saint Genesis Peak disciples. As such, though the former was clearly at the numbers disadvantage, they did not believe the latter had any right to face them.

“Get lost!”

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples charged forward, pouncing towards the boundary in an attempt to destroy it from the outside and free the trapped disciples.

Zhou Tai’s expression turned frosty as he gazed upon the ferociously approaching Sword Cometh Peak disciples, and solemnly said, “Everyone, junior brother Zhou Yuan and junior sister Xiaoyao have gone to great lengths to 

“Though junior brother Zhou Yuan is our chief disciple, he is not obligated to make everything smooth sailing for us. On the road of cultivation, we still have to rely and fight for ourselves.”

“If we fail to protect the boundary and allow the Sword Cometh Peak disciples to get in, none should have any right at all to enjoy the perks of this Genesis reservoir ceremony.”

“So what do you guys think we should do now!” His breathing grew heavier as the gazed at the crowd with fierce eyes akin to a tiger’s.

The Saint Genesis Peak disciples’ eyes gradually turned red at this moment as they gritted their teeth and roared, “We’ll stop them!”

Zhou Tai grinned, revealing a set of sinisterly white teeth. There was nothing more to be said, as he turned his scarlet eyes towards the incoming Sword Cometh Peak disciples with a nasty smile, “Sword Cometh Peak… you guys have been eyesore to me since long ago. Let’s have a good brawl this time!”


Burst after burst of vigorous Genesis Qi dashed into the sky.

The Saint Genesis Peak disciples howled as their Genesis Qi blasted them forward to collide against the elite disciples of Sword Cometh Peak.

The sky immediately became a chaotic mess.


While the disciples of the two peaks clashed, higher up in the sky, an expressionless Kong Sheng glanced at Zhou Yuan, before turning towards Baili Che. “Quickly finish him off and break the boundary so we can save more disciples.”

His tone was nonchalant, clearly feeling that Zhou Yuan was the weakest point amongst the trio.

Baili Che softly chuckled when he heard this. His gaze swept across Zhou Yuan, contempt rising from the corners of his mouth to form a superficial smile as he said, “Relax senior brother, I will let this ignorant fool know exactly how much he’s actually worth.”

Falling into Zhou Yuan’s trap and losing so many Sword Cometh Peak disciples was already a huge disgrace for Sword Cometh Peak. Baili Che was currently filled with anger and frustration, the very same anger and frustration that most certainly needed to be unleashed onto Zhou Yuan.

Kong Sheng nodded with indifference, before warily turning towards Yaoyao. He did not say anything as his figure moved forward, soaring into the sky to separate into their respective battlefields.

Yaoyao’s bright eyes tracked his figure, before turning towards Zhou Yuan. “It should be no problem for you, right?”

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “I’ve long wanted to experience the power of Sword Cometh Peak’s chief disciple. I hope that he won't just be all talk.”

He paused for a moment, before he said, “You should try to be a little more careful. Kong Sheng will not be an easy opponent.”

As second ranked Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, Kong Sheng was obviously not to be underestimated.

“Is the second rank Chosen really so formidable?”

Asked Yaoyao as she seemed to pout a little. Her graceful figure moved, riding the wind as she followed Kong Sheng.

Zhou Yuan raised his thumb towards her leaving figure and said, “Truly a hero amongst women.”

A despising gaze looked over from the side. Tuntun was obviously in contempt of such bootlicking.

Zhou Yuan shot a glare at it and shouted, “What are you looking at, hurry up and go finish off your opponent!”

Tuntun merely extended a paw, and made a gesture.

“What? You want a share of the Genesis essence?” Zhou Yuan laughed as he jabbed a finger at Tuntun and said, “You little bastard, why didn’t you dare to say anything earlier while Yaoyao was here?”

Genesis Qi surged from under Tuntun’s four legs, turning into a cloud that it quickly lay down on as it wagged its tail at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes at its ‘going on strike’ posture, before sending a kick at Tuntun as he said, “Hurry up and go, you can have anything if you win, but if you lose, you’ll only have the wind to eat.”

Only then did Tuntun shake its head and rise to its feet, ferocity pulsing from its dark golden eyes as they locked onto Zhao Zhu, before taking the lead to head to find another battlefield.

Zhao Zhu snorted as he swept an icy glance at Zhou Yuan. “Junior brother Baili, teach this sharp-tongued brat a lesson for me.”

After finishing, he swiftly darted forth, following Tuntun away.

With three humans and one beast gone, only Zhou Yuan and Baili Che remained facing each other in the sky.

A chillingly eerie look filled Baili Che’s eyes as he stared at Zhou Yuan and unhurriedly said, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, looks like it’s just you and I now…”

His smile was clearly skin-deep.

“So what do you think? How should I crush you in order to best release all of this pent up anger?”

While he spoke, increasingly powerful Genesis Qi surged out from his body like a storm, the space around him shivering a little at the immense pressure.

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