Chapter 524 General Against General


On the sea that stretched as far as the eye could see.

Countless howling aquatic beasts were swarming over from all directions, causing giant waves to rise as they charged into the Heaven Disorientating Boundary, and clashed with the numerous trapped disciples inside.

This sudden turn of events made all of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples fall into a state of panic. Several disciples even shattered their protection brands at first contact, removing themselves from the ceremony.

This turn of events shocked all the watching parties.

No one had expected so many aquatic beasts to suddenly appear...

After these aquatic beasts entered the Heaven Disorientating boundary, the boundary was originally lacking in offensive capabilities suddenly gained astonishing destructive power...

This caused the Sword Cometh Peak disciples to suffer terrible losses in a short span of time. 

“How can this be…” In the air, Baili Chen watched this scene with an ashen expression, while more and more Sword Cometh Peaks transformed into beams of light that shot into the sky, a sign that they had been eliminated.

Veins emerged in Baili Che’s eyes as he stared at Zhou Yuan and icily demanded, “How did you lure so many aquatic beasts here?!”

They had previously believed the boundary to lack any form of offensive capabilities. Who could have expected that so many aquatic beasts would appear in the blink of an eye?

This was definitely no coincidence!

Zhou Yuan’s earlier confidence made them certain that he had something to do with this.

But Baili Che could not understand how Zhou Yuan could draw over so many aquatic beasts...

He was not the only one. Even the Saint Genesis Peak group’s faces were filled with disbelief, as they looked to Zhou Yuan in amazement.

“It’s already useless to ask such questions now.”

By the side, Kong Sheng’s eerily chilling voice slowly rang out. The number one Chosen of Sword Cometh Peak was staring at Zhou Yuan with a gaze as sharp as the edge of a blade.

“I truly have underestimated you guys too much…”

“I never imagined that the two of you would force Sword Cometh Peak into such a miserable situation!”

The current situation was clearly the result of Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao’s actions. The other Saint Genesis Peak disciples were merely akin to audience members watching the show, and were nothing to be feared.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained composed as he said, “You guys were the ones who forced our hand.”

If Sword Cometh Peak had not kept pushing them at every step, Zhou Yuan would naturally have no reason to invest so much thought into dealing with the former. After all, it would be better to use this energy to collect more Genesis essence, right?

Kong Sheng did not comment. “From the looks of it, it will be impossible to make you guys voluntarily release the boundary, right?”

Zhou Yuan softly said, “Senior brother Kong Sheng, I believe such words need not be said either, right?”

Since they were already at this stage, there was naturally no reason to give in. 

He did not believe Sword Cometh Peak would also take a step back if he did. 

Kong Sheng nodded as he slowly said, “Since that is the case… we’ll have to resort to our last option.”

No emotion whatsoever could be seen on his handsome face as he took a step forward. In that instant, formidable and berserk Genesis Qi abruptly rose from his head like a column of smoke.


Genesis Qi surged outwards, devastating the surroundings like a storm.

A heart palpitating pressure slowly spread.

The pressure caused the expressions of the numerous Saint Genesis Peak disciples to change drastically, as they involuntarily took several steps back, fear flashing across their faces.

The top three Chosens of the Cangxuan Sect were indeed existences that were both respected and feared.

“We’ll finish off you guys, and the boundary will naturally be broken.” Genesis Qi flickered as if it were solid in Kong Sheng’s eyes, while sword Qi surged.  Anyone who met his gaze would feel a piercing pain in their eyes.

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned a little more solemn. Kong Sheng’s strength was indeed extraordinary.

The Genesis Qi pressure alone was already making him feel a stabbing pain all over his body. The Chosen that was said to be second only to Chu Qing did live up to his reputation.

By this stage, Kong Sheng also knew that it was time for them to fight.

Only by defeating Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, would they be able to destroy the boundary and save the remaining Sword Cometh Peak disciples.

Though Sword Cometh Peak would have already lost face regardless of the outcome, as a Chosen, he had to do what he could to salvage the situation.

“Oh? Finish us off? Are you so sure that you have that ability?”

While Zhou Yuan was doing his best to resist the Genesis Qi pressure from Kong Sheng, a clear as a mountain spring like voice sounded from behind the former.

Yaoyao gracefully stepped forward, the spot between her brows flickering as powerful Spirit energy pulsed. It had neither form nor substance, but it still swept forward like a breeze, and slowly matched Kong Sheng’s Genesis Qi pressure.

With a grasp of her hand, a green jade Genesis Rune brush appeared, while her bright eyes frostily stared at Kong Sheng.

Kong Sheng likewise stared at Yaoyao, as his expression turned a little graver. He was clearly also quite wary of the latter.

“Junior sister Xiaoyao…”

“I’ve honestly wanted to personally sample your Genesis Rune prowess since long ago.”

Kong Sheng’s gaze was sharp as he gripped the sword at this waist.

“Don’t forget about me!”

Zhao Zhu icily snorted as he also walked forward. Although the Genesis Qi pressure from him was not as strong as Kong Sheng’s it was also very powerful.


A deafening beast roar abruptly sounded when Zhao Zhu moved forward. Tuntun’s cute and tiny body suddenly began to grow, and a mysterious giant beast covered in golden scales soon appeared in the sky with a flash of light.

A ferocious aura unfurled, drawing numerous alarmed gazes.

Tuntun shook its head as its dark gold eyes locked onto Zhao Zhu.

Zhao Zhu’s expression darkened a little when he saw this, as he let out another icy snort. He had been caught off guard last time and injured by Tuntun, making him very inclined to teach this little bastard a lesson this time.

“Looks like it ultimately became general against general.”

Baili Che stared at Zhou Yuan, and said, “Zhou Yuan, this is the scenario you wanted, right?”

When taking everything into account, Sword Cometh Peak had the absolute advantage. Zhou Yuan had undoubtedly invested so much into this boundary for the sake of evening the playing field.

Currently, both sides appeared to be at an equilibrium.

Which was clearly Zhou Yuan’s ultimate goal.

“You should be my opponent, right?” Baili Che’s eyes narrowed slightly as he closely examined Zhou Yuan. With an icy laugh, the former said, “But I’m afraid you’ve miscalculated…”

“Do you really believe that you’re my match?!”

Vigorous Genesis Qi exploded as he took a step forward. Though it did not reach the level of Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu, it was clearly a whole level stronger than Yuan Hong.

Baili Che was on the verge of breaking into the ninth layer!

The strongest three disciples of Sword Cometh Peak had finally begun to reveal their eerie fangs.

Behind them, the elite Sword Cometh Peak disciples that managed to break free from the boundary felt their morale rise. Piercing gazes looked towards the Saint Genesis Peak group as pillar after pillar of Genesis Qi dashed into the sky.

Zhou Yuan’s expression gradually turned grave as he gazed at the Sword Cometh Peak disciples. With a grasp of his hand, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared.

“I’ll leave the others from Sword Cometh Peak to you guys.” He looked towards Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the rest.

They nodded in acknowledgement. They knew that it had not been easy for Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao to reduce the gap to this state. If they failed to fulfil their task, there would truly be no hope left.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze turned towards Baili Che. In the next instant, golden Genesis Qi soared out from the top of his head like a pillar of light, as a giant python seemed to hiss within it.

His clothes flapped wildly as the tip of the brush was slowly raised and pointed at Baili Che.

“Chief disciple Baili, won’t we know whether I’m your match once we fight?”

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