Chapter 523 Can’t Escape

Countless Sword Cometh Peak disciples were struggling on the surface of the boiling sea. However, after the initial panic was over, more and more people began to calm down. They seated themselves in a cross-legged position, and began to probe for any vulnerabilities.

In fact, Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu, Baili Che and several of the stronger disciples had already begun to attack the boundary, causing the space around them to ripple.

From the looks of it, they should be able to force their way out.

High up in the sky, the scouts from the various peaks slowly came back to their senses when they saw this. They had likewise realized that though the boundary was enormous, it lacked offensive capabilities...

“It’s likely some kind of trapping boundary.”

“Though it’s humongous, it’s power is scattered because there are too many Sword Cometh Peak disciples. At this rate, Kong Sheng and the others will soon break free.”

“What a pity. Saint Genesis Peak has far too little people on their side. Even if all them attacked, they won’t be able to eliminate enough Sword Cometh Peak disciples.”

“But Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao are not to be underestimated.”


The scouts from the various peaks whispered amongst themselves. After the initial shock, they realized that though all of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples were trapped in the boundary, Saint Genesis Peak did not appear to have any means of turning this opportunity into an decisive advantage.

From the looks of the current situation, once Kong Sheng and the rest broke free, and gathered up with some of the other elite disciples, they would be completely capable of defending themselves against anything Saint Genesis Peak threw at them.

When that happened, Sword Cometh Peak would only need to keep delaying for time, and Saint Genesis Peak would most certainly end up being fully eliminated.

However, there was one thing that puzzled the many scouts. The Saint Genesis Peak disciples were still standing there in the air, with seemingly no intention of using this chance to eliminate a few Sword Cometh Peak disciples.

Could Saint Genesis Peak have invested so much effort and time to set up this boundary, lure the Sword Cometh Peak disciples over, and trap them, just to watch them struggle for a while?

Time swiftly flowed under the puzzled gazes of the scouts.

Thump! Thump!

Several loud thumps were heard from the boundary at this moment. Everyone watched as several glowing figures dashed into the sky, revealing themselves to be Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and Baili Che.

The trio’s faces were rather stormy at this moment, even the usually composed Kong Sheng. It was clear that he had been very angered by Sword Cometh Peak disciples being trapped.

He had already been extremely cautious, but who could have expected that Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao would set up a boundary of such scale on the surface of the sea.

The Saint Genesis Peak disciples’ expressions changed when they saw the Kong Sheng trio break free, as they warily stared at the trio.

Kong Sheng took in a deep breath, suppressing the rage in his heart. He cast a glance at the trapped Sword Cometh Peak disciples below, before casting his gaze towards Yaoyao, “I truly never imagined that you would be so capable. To think that you were even able to construct a boundary of this scale.”

His discerning abilities were not weak, and knew just how difficult it was to set up a boundary like this. Among all the Cangxuan Sect disciples, even Ye Ge could not achieve this feat.

Yaoyao cast an indifferent glance at him, not replying as she continued to hold Tuntun in her arms.

“Sword Cometh Peak was indeed careless this time, but your boundary seems to be only capable of trapping, and incapable of hurting anyone…” Kong Sheng calmly said, “More and more Sword Cometh Peak disciples will soon break free, returning the situation to its original state.”

He spat out a breath of air, before he continued, “Admit defeat now, or it won’t be a pretty sight when the angry Sword Cometh Peak disciples escape.”

His expression was indifferent, but anyone could feel the fiery anger in his words. The pressure it brought caused several Saint Genesis Peak disciples to shiver. Kong Sheng was clearly quite intimidating in the Cangxuan Sect.

However, Yaoyao merely stroked Tuntun’s fur, completely ignoring Kong Sheng’s little speech.

“Where does someone who was recently trapped in a cage find the face to ask us to admit defeat?” Laughter was suddenly heard at this moment. Numerous gazes turned to see a glowing figure rise from the sea and land at Yaoyao’s side.

It was Zhou Yuan, who descended into the sea earlier.

Baili Che glanced at Zhou Yuan and said, “Zhou Yuan, you should appreciate our kindness.”

“Or you may go ahead and see how many of our Sword Cometh Peak disciples you guys will be able to eliminate in this span of time.” A sneer rose from the corners of Baili Che’s mouth.

Zhou Yuan swept a glance at him and grinned, “I feel… that everyone who fails to escape the boundary in five minutes will be eliminated.”

His words immediately drew laughter from Baili Che, even Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu shooting an icy glance at the former.

“Delusional.” Zhao Zhu sneered.

Zhou Yuan chuckled, not bothering to explain. He looked towards the other disciples and commanded, “Prepare yourselves. Keep a firm eye on any of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples that escape, and make sure they don’t destroy the boundary.”

Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the rest nodded, though there were confused looks in their eyes. They clearly did not understand where Zhou Yuan’s confidence came from.

Kong Sheng and the rest did not move. They merely continued to watch Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan, ready to stop them from attacking the escaping elite disciples.

As such, the two sides fell into a deadlock of sorts for a time.

Time flowed as more and more of the elite Sword Cometh Peak disciples began to break free. They stood behind Kong Sheng and the rest, faces brimming with anger as they glared at the Saint Genesis Peak side.

There were about a hundred of these elite disciples.

Although their numbers could not match Saint Genesis Peak’s side, they were far superior in quality. As such, both parties were currently evenly matched.

The scouts from the other peaks were very puzzled by this situation. As more and more Sword Cometh Peak disciples escaped the boundary, Saint Genesis Peak’s advantage would grow smaller and smaller...

A mocking smile rose from the corners of Baili Che’s lips as he gazed at the growing number of disciples behind him. Soon after, he unhurriedly said, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, we’re fast approaching the five minute mark…”

“More and more of my Sword Cometh Peak disciples are escaping.”

The other Saint Genesis Peak disciples looked towards Zhou Yuan in worry.

Zhou Yuan merely smiled, declining to reply.

The smile on Baili Che’s face grew even wider. Just as he was about to speak again, Kong Sheng’s expression abruptly changed as he jerked his head around and peered into the distance, where the surface of the sea was beginning to churn violently.

Howl after howl rang out from the sea.

Countless titanic silhouettes began to appear under the surface.

Aquatic beasts! Countless aquatic beasts!

Kong Sheng’s pupils abruptly shrank as his expression turned extremely ugly.

“The aquatic beasts are swarming towards this place!” A hiss escaped from the cracks between his teeth.

The mockery on Baili Che’s face froze. He could only watch helplessly as the howling aquatic beasts surged towards them from all directions, and charged into the giant boundary.

A split second later, the miserable and panicked shrieks of countless Sword Cometh Peak disciples rang out.

Beams of light shot into the sky, throwing figure after figure out of the reservoir.

In less than a minute, over a thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples had been eliminated.

At his current point in time, both the scouts from the various peaks and the Saint Genesis Peak disciples were dumbstruck as they dazedly watched this scene...

Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and Baili Che were ashen faced as they stared at the churning surface of the sea.

No one had expected so many aquatic beasts to appear at this juncture...

Zhou Yuan also observed the spectacular sight below, before he softly chuckled and clapped, as his unhurried voice rang out. 

“Don’t worry chief disciples Baili Che, not a single Sword Cometh Peak disciple will be able to escape anymore.”

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