Chapter 522 Heaven Disorientating Boundary Displays its Power


An enormous boundary enveloped the land. The world spun inside, seemingly transforming into the primal chaos before creation, while everyone lost all sense of time and space.


Countless shrieks could be heard as the Sword Cometh Peak disciples fell like birds with broken wings from the sky, plunging one after another into the sea below.

They struggled in the water, unable to rise back into the air no matter how hard they tried, always falling back into the sea as if some mysterious power was binding them to it.

In fact, even Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and Baili Che’s figures were sinking. However, they fell at a much slower speed due to their strong Genesis Qi foundations. Even so, it was only a matter of time before they too were submerged into the misty waters.

This scene was unbelievably strange.

The scouts from the various peaks were stupefied as they watched, clearly shocked by the sudden turn of events. It was quite a sight to behold.

Nearly ten thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples had been trapped!

The surface of the sea seemed to boil at this moment.

“It’s the boundary!”

“What a powerful Genesis Rune boundary! It must have been insane to set it up!”

“So this is Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao. They weren’t escaping but baiting Sword Cometh Peak. They must have set up this boundary in advance, and were only waiting for Sword Cometh Peak to fall into its grasp!”

“What boundary is this? I can’t believe that it can trap so many Sword Cometh Peak disciples! Even Ye Ge of Spirit Rune Peak can’t set up such a boundary!”


The scouts gasped in shock at this moment, They had originally been fully convinced that Saint Genesis Peak was going to be crushed by Sword Cometh a split second later, but who could have imagined such a turn of events in the blink of an eye!

They were not the only ones. Even Zhou Tai, and the other Sword Cometh Peak disciples, who were readying themselves for one final stand, had their mouths wide open as they stared at the scene before them.

“How… how did this happen?” Zhou Tai swallowed several times as he looked towards Zhou Yuan in disbelief.

Zhou Yuan grinned and answered, “This is what we were preparing.”

Lu Yan also blankly stared at Zhou Yuan as she said, “So you guys were missing from the island previously, because you came here to set up a boundary?”

Zhou Yuan nodded. “If we constructed the boundary on the island, the other side would have been very wary. Only by placing it on the vast sea would manage to catch all of them.”

He grinned at the dumbstruck group, before continuing, “I didn’t divulge any information due to the importance of this matter. I hope everyone does not blame me too much.”

Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the rest numbly shook their heads. The sight before their eyes had already turned their brains to mush, and they had completely no idea of what they should do now.

They had already resolved themselves to fight till the end against Sword Cometh Peak’s overwhelming might. Who could have expected that the situation would suddenly change so drastically.

While the earth-shaking change was occurring in this region of the sea, outside the Genesis reservoir, sect master Qing Yan, the five peak masters and the many elders also saw what had happened.

“Is that the Heaven Disorientating Boundary?” Spirit Rune Peak master Bai Mei was the first to cry out in surprise, his voice clearly a little shaky. This boundary was no stranger to him, because it was part of Spirit Rune Hall’s collection.

However, it was extremely complex and difficult to set up. In the entire Spirit Rune Peak, even Ye Ge would be hard pressed to successfully construct it.

Peak master Bai Mei never expected that it would be set up by Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.

“What genius. They’ve borrowed the power of the Genesis reservoir by linking up the boundary and the sea. This greatly expanded the scale of the boundary, making it capable of trapping ten thousand people.” He praised out loud.

Strange expressions were revealed on the other peak masters’ faces, before they cast a sideway glance at the expressionless peak master Ling Jun.

The entire Cangxuan Sect knew that Sword Cometh Peak was filled with resentment towards Saint Genesis Peak, and were most certainly going to use the latter to release all of these negative feelings during the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

With regards to this situation, sect master Qing Yang had tried to mediate, in hopes that Sword Cometh Peak would not bully Saint Genesis Peak too much, but peak master Ling Jun given the excuse that these were the intentions of the disciples, it would not be appropriate for him to interfere.

But all the other peak masters knew that peak master Ling Jun was likewise a little sore over this matter, and hoped to punish Saint Genesis Peak.

As such, the other peak masters had been pitying Saint Genesis Peak somewhat. They knew that even with Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, it was basically impossible for Saint Genesis Peak to put up a fight against Sword Cometh Peak.

Saint Genesis Peak’s foundations were just far too weak after all.

How could a mere few hundred disciples possibly match the ten thousand strong Sword Cometh Peak?

However, who could have foreseen that Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao would sneak out while the rest of the disciples were hiding away on their island, and set up a boundary of this scale without anyone noticing.

A boundary which had currently trapped all the Sword Cometh Peak disciples.

With regards to Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao’s tactics, even sect master Qing Yang and the rest were a little impressed. These two little ones had extraordinary ambition and daringness.

“It is indeed a wonderful boundary, but they may have bitten off more than they can chew.”

Peak master Ling Jun calmly said, “They’ve sacrificed power in order to trap all of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples. The ordinary disciples may be powerless, but some of the elite disciples will soon find an opportunity to break free from the boundary. When that happens, they only need to exert a little force from the outside to destroy the boundary.”

Peak master Ling Jun’s discernment abilities were clearly top tier, instantly finding the boundary’s weakness at a single glance.

“With so little time, how many Sword Cometh Peak disciples can those few hundred Saint Genesis Peak disciples possibly eliminate?”

“Therefore, this boundary will only delay the inevitable, and is no cause for concern.”

Sect master Qing Yang and the rest did not refute. They had likewise made the same observation. The boundary might work on the ordinary disciples, but would not be very effective against the elite disciples.

If Zhou Yuan and the others did not have any follow-up plans, the situation would most likely develop as peak master Ling Jun had said. This amazing boundary was merely delaying the inevitable.

In the sky distorted by the boundary, Zhou Yuan looked towards the stunned Zhou Tai and gang, as he smiled and said, “The boundary can only trap the ordinary disciples. Kong Sheng and the rest will soon break free.”

Zhou Tai and the rest jerked back to their senses as they mumbled, “Although the Sword Cometh Peak disciples have been trapped, the few of us will at most be able to eliminate only a thousand of them within a short period of time.”

They were feeling rather ashamed. Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao had created such a good chance for them, but they were incapable of achieving decisive advantage due to their lack of power.

Zhou Yuan merely smiled when he heard this. “There’s no need for you guys to worry. Leave it to me.”

Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the rest cast doubtful  glances at Zhou Yuan. They had sensed that the boundary only had trapping capabilities, and lacked any form of powerful offensive abilities. Even if Zhou Yuan were to personally take action, how many people could he possibly eliminate by himself?

Zhou Yuan did not explain. He merely exchanged a look with Yaoyao, as the latter nodded and said, “Go, I will stabilize the boundary.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. With a deep breath, his figure abruptly descended, plunging into the Genesis reservoir with a splash.

He raised his head and saw that the area within a several thousand mile radius had been divided into little individual pockets by the boundary. In every pocket, a struggling figure could be seen.

Iciness surged in Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

The main act was finally going to begin!

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