Chapter 521 Boundary Open


Several hundred glowing figures zipped across the sky above the endless waters, accompanied by muffled rumbling as the surging Genesis Qi rippled the fabric of space, the resultant discharge leaving long trails on the sea below.

These figures were naturally the Saint Genesis Peak disciples.

They were currently advancing at full speed, while occasionally casting worried gazes behind them with apprehensive looks on their faces.


Far behind them, the clouds were ripped apart as a swarm of glowing figures appeared, practically blotting out the sky. Sharp and powerful Genesis Qi violently split apart the waters, making them churn for a long time before returning to calmness.

These were the pursuing troops of Sword Cometh Peak.

They closely followed the Saint Genesis Peak group, slowly but surely catching up inch by inch. From the looks of it, they were obviously not going to stop until every single Saint Genesis Peak disciple was eliminated from the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and Baili Che were located at the front of the giant army, sneering expressions in their eyes as they watched the fleeing Saint Genesis Peak disciples.

In their eyes, this was a silly game of a cat toying with a mouse.

All the accumulated resentment of Sword Cometh Peak would only be gone once they had their fill of fun.

“Keep following them. I want to make them unable to catch even a single moment of respite.”

“Also, make sure to be on alert the moment they near any of the islands.”

Kong Sheng’s calm voice was transmitted into every disciple’s ears. He was clearly maintaining his vigilance due to Yaoyao’s existence. The latter was after a master of Genesis Runes, and they could not omit the possibility of her leaving Genesis Rune traps on the islands.

To have become a Chosen of Sword Cometh Peak, Kong Sheng was clearly no ordinary individual.

As such, the two groups sped across the air above the Genesis reservoir. 

Even further behind, the scouts from the various peaks could not help but sigh in pity as they watched the miserably fleeing Saint Genesis Peak, feeling that Sword Cometh Peak was indeed a little too much.

Time swiftly flowed as the chase continued.

After an incense stick of time, the Saint Genesis Peak disciples began to falter, their speeds slowing as stragglers appeared.

Behind them, the Sword Cometh Peak disciples burst out into laughter, as amusement filled their eyes. They knew that when Saint Genesis Peak finally reached their limits, this farce of a chase would finally be over.

When that happened, they would be able to do whatever they wanted to Saint Genesis Peak.

As Zhou Tai looked at the many slowing disciples, he suddenly said,  “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, you and junior sister Xiaoyao should go ahead. As long as you two are around, Sword Cometh Peak will never be at ease!”

He knew that they would be chased to exhaustion by Sword Cometh Peak if this continued.

“That’s right, you two leave first. We’ll stay behind and duke it out with them!” Lu Yan also gritted her teeth. Rather than fleeing in this pathetic and sullen manner, she preferred to use her Genesis Qi in one last stand.

“We’ll fight them till the last man!"

The other disciples also cried out, clearly at the limits of their patience.

Zhou Yuan's figure gradually slowed down. He glanced at the group and waved his hand, causing them to slowly come to a stop in the air. 

When they stopped, the Sword Cometh Peak army behind them immediately rushed forward, before spreading out like a pair of wings to create a giant encirclement around the Saint Genesis Peak disciples. 

There was no longer any escape. 

Baili Che sent a playful gaze at the ugly looking Saint Genesis peak disciples and unhurriedly said, "Oh? Not running anymore?"

"My earlier offer is still valid. If you hang over Zhou Yuan, Sword Cometh Peak will let the rest of you off." Baili Che unhurriedly said, his intent extremely disgusting and evil.


However, his words were met by spitting noises from the numerous Saint Genesis Peak disciples. Sword Cometh Peak had already forced them into such a miserable situation. They would only be fools if they were to believe the other party's words. 

Moreover, losing out on the Genesis reservoir ceremony was nothing compared to handing over Zhou Yuan. If they handed him over, it would leave an irredeemable black mark on both Zhou Yuan and Saint Genesis Peak.

“How regretful.” Baili Che softly chuckled, before turning towards Zhou Yuan with a faint smile. “Ordinary disciples may not understand the big picture, but chief disciples Zhou Yuan should, right? Why don’t you voluntarily admit your mistake. It may create a way out for some of your disciples.”

Zhou Yuan replied in a firm, unwavering voice, “Baili Che, it may not be good to celebrate too early.”

Baili Che did not respond to this remark. The iciness in his smile intensified as he sighed and said, “You really don’t know what’s good for you.”

“Since you can’t appreciate my kindness, don’t blame anyone else for what happens next.”

As the final word left his lips, Genesis Qi began to surge in the bodies of all the Sword Cometh Peak disciples. A single command was all that separated them from moving.

Far away, the scouts from the various peaks sighed as they watched.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath as his gaze scanned the slowly shrinking encirclement. He then turned his head, meeting Yaoyao’s gaze as both of them nodded.

Next, they slowly closed their eyes, as their Spirits began to stir between their brows.

In the distance, Kong Sheng’s pupils suddenly shrank when he saw this as a sense of unease rose within him. He immediately shouted in a commanding voice, “Everyone attack, and kick them out of the ceremony!”


Countless Sword Cometh Peak disciples immediately charged forward, torrents of Genesis Qi whipping through the air to blast at the Saint Genesis Peak disciples.

“To the last man!”

The eyes of all the Saint Genesis Peak disciples turned red. Anyone would be filled with anger and frustration after being pushed into such a corner. Even if they were not Sword Cometh Peak’s match, they would at least try and drag a few people along when they were eliminated.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan!”

Zhou Tai and the rest looked towards Zhou Yuan, waiting for his order to strike.

Zhou Yuan’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened at this moment. He gazed at the Sword Cometh Peak disciples surging towards them, before looking towards the angry and nervous Saint Genesis Peak disciples.

“I said earlier that as long as you guys placed your faith in me, it will not be so easy for Sword Cometh Peak to kick us out…”

“Next, we’ll present this giant gift to Sword Cometh Peak.”

As the final word left his mouth, his hands suddenly formed a seal as Spirit power exploded from between his brows.

Behind him, an extremely powerful burst of Spirit power also erupted from Yaoyao.

Invisible ripples unfurled, enveloping the surrounding area.


Countless disciples watched in astonishment as countless strings of light suddenly shot out from the sky and sea. These light threads swiftly connected, forming numerous mysterious Genesis Runes.

A screen of light spread at an alarming speed, completely enveloping the entire area.

“Not good! It’s a boundary!” Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and Baili Che’s expressions changed. What horrified them the most were the spreading undulations that made even their hearts shiver.

“We’ve fallen into their trap!”

The same thought flashed in the trio’s minds.

They never imagined that Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao would be able to set up a boundary even without an island. How much skill did it take to achieve such a feat?

However, before they could react, Zhou Yuan’s voice rang out.

“Heaven Disorientating Boundary, open!”

As his voice echoed, countless gazes watched in shock as mist rapidly rose from the surface of the sea. It felt as if they had now been isolated from the rest of the world as the scenery around them changed.

While the world changed around them, Zhou Yuan’s eyes met Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and Baili Che’s, as an icy smile rose from the corners of the former’s lips.

The grand feast they had prepared for Sword Cometh Peak was finally about to begin.

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