Chapter 520 Sword Cometh Peak Besieges the Island

On the Saint Genesis Peak island.

Countless glowing figures swarmed towards the island from the east, practically blotting out the sky with their vast numbers. The Genesis Qi undulations that pulsed from each figure caused the sea below to churn violently.

Nearly ten thousand figures ultimately came to a stop some distance from the island, as countless piercing gazes shot towards the island, creating an alarming pressure.

On the island, the few hundred Saint Genesis Peak disciples nervously gazed at the great army. The other side’s numbers were far too great, making it feel as if there was no end to them at a glance.

Cold sweat emerged on everyone’s palms. When had the declining Saint Genesis Peak ever seen such a line-up?

Fortunately for them, Zhou Yuan was standing on a boulder in front of  everyone, his calm face seemingly possessing a unique power that gradually calmed the hearts of the flustered disciples.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head, his eyes narrowing slightly as he looked towards the crazy number of Sword Cometh Peak disciples. He could also see a few figures even further away, who were most likely disciples from the other peaks that had come to observe.

While Zhou Yuan swept his gaze across the place, three figures flew out from the giant army of disciples and stopped some distance in front of them. It was Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and Baili Che.

Kong Sheng cast his indifferent gaze over, pausing on Zhou Yuan for a moment, before looking towards Yaoyao, who was a little further behind.

It was obvious that he felt Zhou Yuan was not worthy of his attention. If not for Yaoyao’s existence, Saint Genesis Peak would be nothing in his eyes.

Kong Sheng shot a glance at Baili Che, indicating that the former should step forward.

Zhou Yuan was merely a chief disciples, and did not have the qualifications to speak to him.

Baili Che immediately understood and slowly stepped forward. His piercing gaze looked towards the guarded Saint Genesis Peak disciples as a thunderous voice boomed, “I’ll ask one last time. Do you Saint Genesis Peak disciples really intend on declaring war on my Sword Cometh Peak?” 


The Genesis Qi in all the Sword Cometh Peak disciples abruptly began to circulate at this moment. Countless pillars of aggressive Genesis Qi dashed into the sky, tearing apart the clouds.

An intimidating pressure engulfed the island, causing the numerous Saint Genesis Peak disciples to feel difficulty breathing as their expressions turned exceptionally grave.

They finally had a taste of Sword Cometh Peak’s strength.

As such, the island turned stiflingly silent.

The corners of Baili Che’s mouth raised a little as he nonchalantly said, “Sword Cometh Peak does not take advantage of others, nor wishes to bully weaklings. But since someone has done something foolish, this person will naturally have to pay the price.”

“I feel that this price should be borne by the one who instigated this matter on his own, and not other Saint Genesis Peak disciples.”

He softly chuckled, before he continued, “If you guys feel the same, you only need to take two steps back. We will not only let you off, but even give you guys some Genesis essence to complete Genesis reservoir ceremony.”

“Of course… we’ll require those few ringer leaders to give Sword Cometh Peak an explanation.”

The disciples from the other peaks could not help but grin when they heard Baili Che’s words. What an underhanded tactic.

In this situation, if the Saint Genesis Peak disciples gave in the the pressure and stepped back, wouldn’t that mean that they were handing over their chief disciple Zhou Yuan?

This would undoubtedly make Zhou Yuan a huge laughing stock.

How big of a failure would a chief disciple be if he was unable to win over his fellow disciples and end up being sold off by them instead?

No one would be thick skinned enough to continue being chief disciples if this happened to them.

Baili Che’s voice also landed in the ears of the numerous Saint Genesis Peak disciples, causing them to look at each other. However, none of them took even a single step back. Somewhere at front, Zhou Tai laughed icily and said, “Baili Che, stop trying these petty tricks. We’ll gladly face whatever you’re going to throw at us!”

“That’s right!”

“Do you think we’re afraid of you guys!”

“Worst comes to worst, we’ll just give up on this Genesis reservoir ceremony!”


The other disciples shouted one after another. Baili Che was truly vicious. To think that he would attempt such a tactic to divide them.

Baili Che raised his eyebrows, somewhat surprised as he glanced at Zhou Yuan. The former had not expected the latter to already possess such popularity in Saint Genesis Peak.

Baili Che shook his head and said, “Since you refuse our generous offer, don’t blame us later on.”

With a wave of his hand, two thousand disciples began to spread out in a fan formation, before advancing towards the island.

They did not stupidly charge forward because of Yaoyao. The latter was after all a master of Genesis Runes, and could have easily set up several traps on the island. Blindly charging in would only result in unnecessary losses.

The disciples from the other peaks sighed when they saw this. Baili Che was no simpleton. He showed no impatience, and instead chose to push forward at a safe and steady pace. With such a huge advantage on Sword Cometh Peak’s side, Saint Genesis Peak was basically helpless.

The Saint Genesis Peak disciples began to panic somewhat as they watched the two thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples slowly approach, before gaze after gaze turned towards Zhou Yuan.

They were not the only ones. Even the disciples from the other peaks were now closely observing Zhou Yuan, hoping to find out how the new chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak was going to deal with Sword Cometh Peak’s encirclement.

In fact, even sect master Qing Yang, the five peak masters and the elders of the various peaks had cast their attention towards this location.

In the sky east of the island, two thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples slowly approached.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath as he watched this scene. He then turned towards the Saint Genesis Peak disciples and slowly said, “Do you guys trust me?”

The disciples looked at each other, before nodding.


Zhou Yuan nodded and said, “Everyone prepare to withdraw in the southwest direction. We’re leaving this place.”

The disciples that were already prepared for their last stand were stunned as they stared at Zhou Yuan in shock. Running away? What use was running at this juncture? It would only make them a bigger joke in the eyes of the other peaks.

Lu Yan gently gritted her teeth and said, “Are we still going to flee? We can’t escape them.”

If not for Zhou Yuan’s past accomplishments, she would have begun to feel that he was a little too cowardly.

Zhou Yuan looked at them and said in a low voice, “If you guys trust me, follow my orders. If the outcome of the ceremony is unsatisfactory, I will give up my position as chief disciple.”

The disciples fell silent. In the end, their figures began to rise into the air.

“Yaoyao, you lead them while I cover our backs.” Zhou Yuan looked towards Yaoyao. The latter faintly nodded as she rose into the air with Tuntun, taking the lead as she flew in the southwest direction.

Zhou Tai, Lu Yan, Zhang Yan and the rest immediately followed.


Their movements were immediately seen by the countless watching gazes, causing an uproar to sweep across the area.

No one had expected this. Saint Genesis Peak was running again at this juncture?

Did they think they would be able to escape?

Sword Cometh Peak had only allowed them to flee previously because the former wanted to concentrate on collecting Genesis essence. But this time, Sword Cometh Peak was clearly focused on finishing off Saint Genesis Peak.

Running away was completely useless in this situation.

The disciples from the other peaks secretly shook their heads, clearly quite disappointed by this turn of events. They had thought Zhou Yuan’s calmness stemmed from some kind of trump card. Who could have expected that he would choose to retreat in the end?

Baili Che was also stunned by the sight of the Saint Genesis Peak disciples abandoning the island and fleeing. He quickly looked towards Kong Sheng, and saw the latter seem to breath a small sigh of relief.

Kong Sheng calmly said, “I had originally thought they may have set up some kind of trap on the island. But it appears that I was worrying for nothing.” 

Although he did not fear any traps set by the other party, it would inevitably lead to losses on their side.

Since the other side was abandoning the island, there was most likely no problem with it.

In that case, there was no longer any need for him to be wary. 

Baili Che grinned. An eerily chilling look filled his eyes as he waved his hand and shouted in a thunderous voice.

“Hear my command Sword Cometh Peak disciples! Chase them at full force. Eliminate every single one of them from the ceremony!”


Countless Sword Cometh Peak disciples yelled as they surged forward.

On the island, Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned frosty as he watched the Sword Cometh Peak disciples shoot over at full speed. He did not utter a single word as Genesis Qi rose from under his feet, launching him into the air to catch up to the retreating Saint Genesis Peak disciples.

“Come Sword Cometh Peak…”

“I hope this giant present will not disappoint you guys…”

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