Chapter 519 Sword Cometh Peak’s Army

Barely any time had passed since Baili Che sent out the signal, before teams of Sword Cometh Peak disciples began to endlessly stream in from all directions. News that nearly a thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples had been eliminated by Saint Genesis Peak soon spread, causing the entire island to be filled with angry presences for a time.

No one had expected the very same Saint Genesis Peak that they had collected a protection fee from last year, to actually dare to declare war on them.

Just how arrogant was this?

Did Zhou Yuan really believe defeating Yuan Hong and obtaining the chief disciple position would put them on the same level as Sword Cometh Peak?

All of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples were calling for Saint Genesis Peak to pay a painful price for their chief disciple’s arrogance.

Under this atmosphere, Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu also returned with their teams.

Atop a certain mountain on the giant island.

Zhao Zhu rested his arm on the pummel of the sword hanging from his waist, while wearing a mocking smile on his face. Beside him, an expressionless Kong Sheng was gazing at the numerous angry Sword Cometh Peak disciples.

“This junior brother Zhou Yuan of ours… I don’t know about his ability, but his balls are likely the largest in the Cangxuan Sect.” Said Zhao Zhu with a smile, though his tone was filled with ridicule.

Kong Sheng calmly said, “Losing nearly a thousand disciples all at once will lower our Genesis essence collecting substantially.”

He paused for a moment, before he said with a pause between each word, “Zhou Yuan really does not understand the rules.”

In his view, Zhou Yuan should never have eliminated the Sword Cometh Peak disciples. The former could have instead used them as hostages to secure certain conditions.

Although all of it would ultimately be taken back with interest.

“He’s truly an ignorant fool.” Zhao Zhu stabbed the tip of his sword into the ground as he smiled. His smile gave off an aura of extreme danger. 

“Now that they’ve declared war on our Sword Cometh Peak… what should we do?”

Kong Sheng turned his head to look at Baili Che and said, “Gather the disciples and consolidate our forces. Since they dare to declare war on us, we’ll show them just how laughable they are.”

“I will make Zhou Yuan the biggest joke in this Genesis reservoir ceremony.”

His voice remained calm till the end, but everyone could feel the chillingly icy aura flowing within it.

It made Zhao Zhu and Baili Che jump a little in fear. They knew that Sword Cometh Peak’s number one Chosen had finally been angered by the foolish Zhou Yuan.


The gathering Sword Cometh Peak disciples naturally caused quite a disturbance that was quickly sensed by the other peaks. They reacted immediately by sending out disciples to scout for information.

Every single one of the other five peaks were shocked when they heard the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak had declared war on Sword Cometh Peak.

“Is Zhou Yuan crazy?”

“What chance do those few hundred disciples possibly have against Sword Cometh Peak?”

“Even though there’s Zhou Xiaoyao, what can a single person possibly do to change the situation?”

“Looks like Saint Genesis Peak intends on throwing it all away…”


The disciples from the various peaks shook their heads and sighed. After all, no one had expected the new chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak to be so unyielding. However, no matter how unyielding he was, he should have first looked at the difference in strength between them.

Since both sides were obviously not on the same level, Zhou Yuan was essentially asking for trouble.

On Snow Lotus Peak’s island, Li Qingchan’s eyebrows knitted together when she heard the news as she muttered, “What is Zhou Yuan doing?”

Saint Genesis Peak’s overall strength was far lower than Sword Cometh Peak’s. If they were to clash directly, it would most certainly be akin to smashing a rock with an egg.

Even Yaoyao and Tuntun would only be able to hold off Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu, while the rest of the Sword Cometh Peak would instantly crush Saint Genesis Peak’s disciples...

She could not wrap her head around why Zhou Yuan would declare war like this.

Wasn’t it better to drag for time while Sword Cometh Peak’s attention was somewhere else… Sword Cometh Peak was now so angry that they had even thrown aside gathering Genesis essence, and were clearly intent on finishing off Saint Genesis Peak first.

Things were obviously going to become very dangerous for Saint Genesis Peak in the face of Sword Cometh Peak’s entire army.

Li Qingchan was not the only Chosen who was paying attention to this matter, as the Chosens from the other peaks had also cast their gazes over. Of course, they were more interested in Zhou Xiaoyao. She was after all the most mysterious existence in the Cangxuan Sect.

When the two peaks clashed, Kong Sheng would definitely exchange blows with her, allowing them an opportunity to gauge her abilities.

As such, while the Sword Cometh Peak army was heading out, the other peaks also sent out some disciples to observe...

The imminent clash of the two peaks quickly became the focal point of the Genesis reservoir ceremony.


On Saint Genesis Peak’s island.

Zhou Yuan was seated on a boulder by the sea, while Yaoyao stood behind him carrying Tuntun.

A scout hurriedly flew over as his voice rang out, “Chief disciple, the Sword Cometh Peak disciples have already assembled and can come at us at any time!”

The other disciples began to stir restlessly upon hearing this, but slowly calmed down when they saw Zhou Yuan’s calm expression.

Zhou Yuan nodded, acknowledging the message, before he turned towards the other disciples and said, “Although we are not as strong as Sword Cometh Peak, we’ll at least show the other peaks that our bones are very hard.”

“If they want to bite us, they’ll have to pay the price.”

Zhou Yuan’s calm voice was tinged with a wolf-like viciousness.

The other disciples nodded as fierce looks appeared in their eyes. Since there was no way out, they no longer had any reason to be intimidated by Sword Cometh Peak. In any case, this was already the worst possible situation.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, go ahead and instruct us how we should fight. Although we’ll soon be eliminated, we’ll at least drag some of them along with us.” Zhou Tai gritted his teeth.

He was ready to go down fighting.

Zhang Yan, Lu Yan and the rest nodded in agreement, revealing their ferocity as they rubbed their palms together.

Zhou Yuan merely chuckled when he saw this. He knew that with the exception of himself and Yaoyao, even Zhou Tai and the others did not feel that they had any chance of winning.

“Let’s reorganize first. When Sword Cometh Peak appears, follow my commands.”

He raised his head and gazed at the horizon, where dark clouds seemed to be gathering. A storm was brewing.

Time quietly flowed.

As the atmosphere on the island grew increasingly tense, all of the disciples calibrated their conditions to ensure that they would be in peak state when the fighting began.

At a certain moment

The surrounding Genesis Qi stealthily began to boil.

Seated on a rock, Zhou Yuan opened his eyes and calmly said, “They’re here.”

Every disciple’s expression changed slightly as they raised their heads and peered into the distance. Countless glowing figures began to appear at the edge of the sea, seemingly covering the sky as they flew towards the island.

This astonishing scene was accompanied by a terrifying pressure.

The sea began to churn as towering waves rose.

Sword Cometh Peak was here. 

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