Chapter 518 Sword Cometh Peak’s Rage

As Zhou Yuan’s declaration of war sounded, fear rose on the faces of the nearby Sword Cometh Peak disciples. Although they currently had the absolute advantage in numbers, Zhou Yuan’s presence made them palpitate in terror.

Especially after seeing Zhong Yun being blasted away by a single punch from Zhou Yuan.

“Quick! Retreat!”

“Go back and report this to the two Chosens and the chief disciple!”


Nearly a thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples hurriedly fled.

“Stop them!” Shouted Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan in unison.

The several hundred Genesis Peak disciples released angry roars, as if spitting out all of the sullenness from earlier. Though they felt Saint Genesis Peak declaring war on Sword Cometh Peak was akin to smashing a rock with an egg, they were unafraid. As long as chief disciple Zhou Yuan did not back down, they would naturally follow his lead.

Several hundred disciples dashed in all directions, pouncing at the Sword Cometh Peak disciples.

The sky was a chaotic mess for a time.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze turned towards the nearby Tuntun, glaring at it as he said, “Are you still not going to help, if you keep skiving, I’ll starve you for a few days!”

Although he had left Tuntun behind, he had clearly underestimated the little fellow. Without him and Yaoyao around, Zhou Tai and the rest were completely incapable of making it move.

Even when it did take action, it would do so in the laziest of manners. If not, the likes of Zhong Yun and the rest would not have dared to come so near.

Only after being threatened by Zhou Yuan, did Tuntun finally release a roar. It shot Zhou Yuan an dissatisfied look, before transforming into a flash of scarlet light as it shot into the midst of the thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples.

When it passed by, the leaderless disciples were rapidly defeated one after another.

As such, nearly ninety percent of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples were captured in time it took to burn half an incense stick, only a few of the quicker and luckier ones able to escape.

Zhou Yuan only gave orders, and did not participate in the action, because he knew that Saint Genesis Peak’s morale was currently very low and a battle like this was exactly what they needed to recover.

On the island, numerous Saint Genesis Peak disciples were keeping watch over the captured Sword Cometh Peak disciples. Although the former had sustained some injuries, all of them were clearly rather excited, a complete contrast from the depressing mood they were in earlier.

Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and Zhang Yan sighed deeply when they saw this. A chief disciples was indeed the pillar of support for the many disciples. When Zhou Yuan was absent, it had been impossible for them to cheer up the disciples no matter how hard they tried.

And now, the morale began to rise once more the moment he appeared.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, how shall we deal with them?” Asked Zhou Tai.

Zhou Yuan cast a glance at the prisoners and said, “Take away their Genesis essence and then break their seals to eliminate them.”

Every disciple would be branded with a seal when they entered the Genesis reservoir. The seal would protect them once from a fatal attack, but also send them out of the reservoir once activated.

Zhou Tai was a little alarmed by this, because it would be akin to completely falling out with Sword Cometh Peak.

Zhou Yuan knew what the former was thinking and calmly said, “Sword Cometh Peak has already left us no choice. Since this is the case, we’ll openly do battle with them.”

Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan looked at each other as they gritted their teeth and nodded. Sword Cometh Peak had indeed made things clear, and would not relent so easily.

Since the other party wasn’t going to show any mercy, they did not need to be polite either.

Hence, the Zhou Tai trio turned around and forcefully nodded at the numerous Saint Genesis Peak disciples.

In the next instant, blast after blast of Genesis Qi exploded. The angry curses from the Sword Cometh Peak disciples were completely useless as they were swept up one after another by rays of light and thrown out of the reservoir.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across the area, before he looked at the excited Saint Genesis Peak disciples and slowly said, “We’ve caused quite a huge loss to Sword Cometh Peak, so they’ll most likely send all their forces to surround and wipe us out next.”

The numerous disciples fell silent, but their burning gazes remained fixed on Zhou Yuan.

“Are you guys afraid?” Asked Zhou Yuan.

The disciples looked at each other as they broke into grins and said, “We’re basically akin to a broken jar anyways, and have nothing to lose. Worst comes to worst, we’ll give up on this Genesis reservoir ceremony.”

They had already figured things out. Rather than repeated giving in at every corner, and ending up with barely anything, why not happily duke it out instead. At least it’ll tell that other peaks that though Saint Genesis Peak was weak, they were not easy targets!

A sliver of gratification flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes as he nodded.

“Since you’re afraid, let’s have a real brawl with Sword Cometh Peak this time…”


On the giant island that was currently Sword Cometh Peak’s base of operations.

Baili Che’s face filled with shock when he saw the hundred miserably escaping Sword Cometh Peak disciples. Soon after, fire began spouting from his eyes as he angrily demanded, “What’s going on? Where’s Zhong Yun?!”

A disciple wailed,  “Chief disciple, it’s Zhou Yuan. Senior brother Zhong Yun was injured by him, while the other senior brothers were eliminated from the ceremony!” 

Baili Che’s complexion turned ashen as he suddenly punched at the boulder beside him, instantly shattering it.  Losing several hundred disciples all of a sudden was a very substantial loss!

“What the hell was Zhong Yun doing?! I only asked him to watch Saint Genesis Peak, so why did he go so close?!” Baili Che was furious. “Although Saint Genesis Peak is weak, they still have Zhou Xiaoyao, Zhou Yuan and that mysterious little creature. Why did Zhong Yun dare to approach with a mere thousand disciples?”

The disciple answered, “Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao did not show themselves for several days. Senior brother Zhong Yun suspected there was something amiss and thus took the risk to investigate. In hindsight, this was likely all part of Zhou Yuan’s scheme!” 

Baili Che’s expression darkened. “How vicious of him!“

The fact that Zhou Yuan had shown no hesitation in order the elimination of their Sword Cometh Peak disciples showed that things were already beyond reconcilable. 

Numerous Sword Cometh Peak disciples were rushing over at this moment, anger clearly stirring within them due to hearing the news.

“How dare he!”

“Saint Genesis Peak is way too arrogant, to think that they even dare to eliminate our Sword Cometh Peak disciples!”

“We need to teach them a proper lesson!”

“Right, we can no longer tolerate their actions!”


The Sword Cometh Peak disciples were filled with rage. Due to Sword Cometh Peak’s rise in power over the past few years, many disciples had developed dominant characters, and were naturally unable to accept that even Saint Genesis Peak dared to commit such an act against them.

The disciples that had escaped gritted their teeth and said, “Zhou Yuan also left a message for us. He said that Saint Genesis Peak has declared war on our Sword Cometh Peak!”


These words made all of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples burst out into angry laughter.

A mere Saint Genesis Peak with their few hundred disciples actually dared to declare war? This was the joke of the century!

Baili Che was also laughing. Soon after, he chillingly said, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan really does not know what’s good for him.”

“I originally wanted to give them a little more time, but from the looks of it, since they’re spitting at our kind gesture, don’t blame us for not leaving them any dignity!”

He took in a deep breath as a piercing look rose in his eyes. 

“Send out the signal to notify the two Chosens and the other teams out hunting Genesis essence.”

“Since Saint Genesis Peak dares to declare war on us…”

“We’ll kick them out of the reservoir!”

Towards the end, Baili Che’s voice was already shaking with murder.

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