Chapter 517 Declaration of War

Numerous Sword Cometh Peak disciples stood in the air some distance from the island where the Saint Genesis Peak disciples were stationed, watching the latter like tigers eyeing their prey.

A tall young man stood in front of them with his hands behind his back. He had a sharp gaze, while powerful Genesis Qi undulations pulsed from his body.

This person was called Zhong Yun, and was no ordinary disciple. He had been one of the strongest contenders for the previous chief disciple selection, but had ultimately lost to Baili Che, losing him the chance of becoming chief disciple.

Although he lost to Baili Che, Zhong Yun was a proud individual that refused to accept the results. In addition, he had some conflicts with Baili Che, and had thus been sent here by the latter to be excluded from the main mission.

Zhong Yun gazed at the island from far away with a gloomy expression as he snorted and said, “Humph, sending me here for a mere Saint Genesis Peak. Baili Che is too much!”

The surrounding disciples laughed awkwardly, not daring to openly agree. Zhong Yun may dare to curse Baili Che but the same could not be said for them.

“Senior brother Zhong Yun, we’ve already surrounded them for two days, but there seems to be no activity from Saint Genesis Peak…” A disciple hurriedly tried to change the topic.

Disdain and mockery were revealed on Zhong Yun’s face as he said, “What can the few hundred of them do? Do they really believe they’ll be able to overturn the heavens because they have a chief disciple?”

“Zhou Yuan merely managed to beat Yuan Hong. If he was in our Sword Cometh Peak’s selection instead, he won’t even make it to the top five.”

“If not for Zhou Xiaoyao and that mysterious little creature, I would have charged in and eliminated all of them from the Genesis reservoir ceremony.”

Like Baili Che, Zhong Yun clearly did not think much of the Saint Genesis Peak chief disciple, Zhou Yuan. Though they had both participated in their respective chief disciple selection, the difficulty of Saint Genesis Peak’s was clearly not on the same level as Sword Cometh Peak.

The disciples around him voiced their agreement one after another. Soon after, someone remarked with some hesitation, “But regardless of how we toyed with the Saint Genesis Peak disciples over the past two days, Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao still refused to show themselves. This is quite odd.”

Zhong Yun’s eyes narrowed slightly. He had clearly also made the same observation. He peered at the depths of the island and muttered, “Zhou Yuan doesn’t have much ability, and is nothing to be feared, but Zhou Xiaoyao is someone that even our two Chosens do not dare to underestimate… holing themselves inside and refusing to leave… they’re likely up to something.”

His eyes flickered brightly in thought. After a long time, he said in a low voice, “Wu Qingteng, you’ll lead eight hundred disciples and feign an attack from the right to draw the attention of the Saint Genesis Peak disciples and that mysterious little creature. I’ll use the diversion to lead two hundred elite disciples into the island to ascertain what Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao are up to inside!”

The other Sword Cometh Peak disciples were clearly bored out of their minds from being stationed here long ago. They immediately jerked to attention upon hearing that Zhong Yun planned to attack the island, and acknowledged in unison.


Sword Cometh Peak’s attack began after one incense stick of time.

The disturbance immediately caused a flurry of activity amongst the numerous Saint Genesis Peak disciples. In the end, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan led the disciples to meet the incoming attack, causing a chaotic battle to break out on the surface of the sea.

Tuntun lazily joined the battlefield, but the Sword Cometh Peak disciples merely fled one after another wherever it passed.

While the chaos ensued, the two hundred elite disciples led by Zhong Yun stealthily slipped into the island, and swiftly began their search.

They finished searching the entire island after a few dozen minutes. To Zhong Yun’s surprise, they had failed to find any traces of Zhou Yuan or Zhou Xiaoyao, neither were there any signs of the duo appearing in the battle outside.

“The two of them aren’t here!”

Zhong Yun’s face was filled with astonishment, as a mocking smoke began to appear from the corners of his lips. “Could the two of them have left the Saint Genesis Peak disciples behind to hunt for Genesis essence on their own?”

“That’s pretty smart of them. Since they knew that the Saint Genesis Peak disciples are basically a lost hope, why not hunt for more Genesis essence by themselves.”

Swish! Swish!

Zhong Yun lifted his head and looked in a certain direction, where Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan were hastily rushing back with a group of disciples, evidently realizing that the former had infiltrated the island.

An evil look flashed across Zhong Yun’s eyes when he saw this, before he loudly shouted, “Idiots from Saint Genesis Peak, Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao have already abandoned you useless fools long ago. It’s laughable that all of you are still stupidly guarding this place!”

The Zhou Tai trio and the other disciples froze as they stared at the island in shock, clearly unaware that the island they had so painstakingly guarded had been empty all along.

The other disciples looked at each other as defeated looks rose on their faces. The already low morale began to crumble at this moment.

Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao were their hopes for the Genesis reservoir ceremony. Not knowing where the two of them were now was clearly quite a huge blow to everyone.

The Zhou Tai trio fell silent as they gazed at the defeated Saint Genesis Peak disciples with complicated expressions.

Upon seeing this, Zhong Yun could not help but laugh to himself in a pleased manner. “I advise you guys to voluntarily withdraw from the ceremony to prevent yourselves from being humiliated even further.”

“In addition, that chief disciple of yours seems to be really undependable.”

Zhong Yun laughed.

The other Sword Cometh Peak disciples around him also began to laugh, their gazes filled with ridicule as they looked towards the Saint Genesis Peak crowd.

The Saint Genesis Peak disciples were unable to speak as they numbly accepted the other party’s mocking.

Lu Yan’s pretty face turned ashen as she shouted, “Shut up!” 

Zhong Yun disdainfully said, “I’ll give all of you one day. If you don’t voluntarily withdraw from the ceremony, don’t blame us for not showing any courtesy.”

He beckoned with his hand, indicating for the Sword Cometh Peak disciples to leave.

However, just as he was about to turn around, a calm voice suddenly sounded in everyone’s ears, “Since you’re already here, where else do you plan on going?”

Zhong Yun’s figure turned rigid as he jerked his head to the side, where a young figure had appeared at some unknown time atop a cliff and was staring at him with an expressionless face.

Surprised noises erupted from Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the other Saint Genesis Peak disciples. “Chief disciples!”

The figure belonged to Zhou Yuan, who had been missing for the past few days!

Zhong Yun also stared at Zhou Yuan in confusion. “Where did you pop out from?”

They had clearly searched the entire island earlier, but had not discovered any signs of Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan did not reply, merely continuing to coldly stare at Zhong Yun. The former raised his foot, and his figure suddenly appeared in front of the latter like a phantom as a punch was thrown.


Zhong Yun’s expression immediately turned frosty upon seeing that Zhou Yuan actually dared to attack, as a sinister smile was revealed, “Do you really believe that the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak is worth anything in my eyes?!”

“Since you want to be humiliated, allow me to show you the gap between your Saint Genesis Peak and my Sword Cometh Peak!”


Alarmingly powerful Genesis Qi abruptly exploded from his body.

Though he said so, Zhong Yun did not show any mercy. His hands came together, before abruptly pulling away as a dark blue sword took shape between his palms, pulsing with an aura of endless sharpness.

“Blue Moon Shadow Sword!”

With a stern shout, the blue sword zipped forth, transforming into a blur of blue as it shot towards Zhou Yuan at a speed that was nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye.

As sword light flashed past, even space itself was split apart.

This was essentially a killing move.

Blue sword light rapidly expanded in Zhou Yuan’s pupils. However, he remained expressionless as jade light emerged from his skin, while silver light blossomed in his bones.

Genesis Qi rushed through his meridian channels.


Five fingers tightly clenched into a fist as a punch was thrown.

Snow-white brush hairs flew out from his sleeves and wrapped around his fist like a gauntlet that was rapidly dyed black...

Genesis Breaker!

Fist and sword light collided.

“You’re courting death!” Zhong Yun’s sinister voice sounded.


However, his pupils abruptly shrank the moment the words left his mouth as horror rapidly flooded them. Because he had just seen his blue sword light being shattered by the punch!

“How can this be?!” A terrified voice escaped from his mouth. He was unable to believe that his full power attack would be shattered by Zhou Yuan’s punch.

The hairs on Zhong Yun’s body stood on ends as unease crept up within him. Zhou Yuan did not seem to be as weak as he had imagined.


His figure rapidly darted backwards in an attempt to avoid the attack.

The moment his body moved, however, he saw a fist hurtling through the air, the five fingers opening to grab his throat like an eagle’s claw.

Zhou Yuan slowly lifted his head, expressionless as he looked at the raised Zhong Yun and offhandedly said, “You don’t seem to be very strong, so why are you so boastful?”

The Saint Genesis Peak disciples burst into cheers upon seeing Zhou Yuan display his amazing abilities and capture Zhong Yun in a single move. They finally felt a little better after being depressed for so many days.

The ashen-faced Zhong Yun struggled as he sternly croaked, “Zhou Yuan, you’d better believe me when I saw Sword Cometh Peak will declare war on you guys if you touch me!”

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples behind him also yelled, “Release senior brother Zhong Yun or our Sword Cometh Peak will crush you guys!”

The cheering from the Saint Genesis Peak disciples immediately stopped, evidently feeling the pressure from Sword Cometh Peak.

Ridicule flowed out in Zhong Yun’s eyes when he saw this. He viciously glared at Zhou Yuan and shouted, “Release me!”

With Sword Cometh Peak behind him, he absolutely did not believe that Zhou Yuan dared to try anything.


However, the words had barely left his mouth when a palm viciously swung towards him, and slapped him in the face, causing blood to drip from the corner of his mouth.

Zhou Yuan withdrew his hand, casually swinging it, as he frowned and said, “Don’t be so noisy.”

Zhong Yun was stunned. His face twisted a split second later as he looked towards Zhou Yuan and howled, “You dare to hit me?!”


The reply he received was a punch that could split a mountain. A sonic boom was heard as a fist slammed into Zhong Yun’s chest and sent him flying. He smashed into several cliffs, before being buried by the falling boulders.

The entire island and the area around it was completely silent.

Everyone stared in disbelief at this scene, especially the Sword Cometh Peak disciples. Never in their wildest dreams would they have imagined that Zhou Yuan would be so bold as to pummel Zhong Yun without the slightest shred of hesitation...

The Saint Genesis Peak disciples swallowed repeatedly, likewise awed by Zhou Yuan’s actions. While they were in awe, a boiling sensation began to flow inside of them. Zhou Yuan had already used his actions to show that he would not yield in the face of Sword Cometh Peak.

Zhou Yuan tilted his head slightly, looking towards Zhou Tai and the rest of the Saint Genesis Peak disciples as he said, “Are you guys afraid?”

The numerous disciples looked at each other. In the end, someone gritted his teeth and said, “We’re not afraid of Sword Cometh Peak as long as we have you, chief disciple!”

Zhou Yuan softly chuckled, before pointing towards the remaining Sword Cometh Peak disciples. “In that case, make sure none of them leave this place.”

“From now on…”

“Saint Genesis Peak shall declare war on Sword Cometh Peak.”

As Zhou Yuan’s final word faded, all of the Saint Genesis Peak disciples felt the blood in their bodies begin to boil.

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