Chapter 516 Sword Cometh Peak Surrounds the Island

Although the Genesis reservoir was huge, the waters became busy with noise and excitement after the disciples from all seven peaks entered.

Unlike the pitifully hiding Saint Genesis Peak, the other six peaks were very familiar with the Genesis reservoir ceremony. Hence, they directly headed for the deeper areas after a quick check of their bearings, and ultimately found six giant islands to use as bases of operations. Next, they began to spread out in all directions to hunt aquatic beasts and obtain Genesis essence.

When viewed from above, one would realize that there was basically not a single calm spot within a ten thousand mile radius of all six bases, nearly every mile filled with intense hunting and fighting.

In this stage of the ceremony, the various peaks were concentrating their efforts into collecting Genesis essence. Although small conflicts would occasionally arise, most disciples would hold back somewhat. Afterall, none of the six peaks were easy pickings like Saint Genesis Peak.

In a situation where both parties were of similar strength, even the powerful Sword Cometh Peak exercised some restraint.

The only reason why they acted so overbearingly towards Saint Genesis Peak, was because the latter neither had the qualifications nor strength to enjoy such courtesy.

As such, while the six peaks kept each other in check, several days quietly passed.

Although Sword Cometh Peak maintained some civility towards the other peaks, they had not forgotten Saint Genesis Peak. While hunting aquatic beasts, they kept an eye out for any signs of Saint Genesis Peak.

With so many disciples, it was no surprise that a Sword Cometh Peak came to report to Baili Che on the fourth day.

“Oh, we’ve found traces of Saint Genesis Peak?”  A playful smile rose from the corners of Baili Che’s mouth when he heard the report.

Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu were each leading a team of disciples to search for thousand feet aquatic beasts, leaving him stationed on the island that worked as their base of operations.

“Did you find Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao?” Asked Baili Che in an offhand manner.

The disciples was clearly still a little shaken as he answered, “We didn’t see them, but we saw that mysterious and powerful little creature. It managed to rush over while we were robbing a group of Saint Genesis Peak disciples. If not for our quick reactions, we would have been robbed by it instead.” 

“Oh?” Baili Che raised his eyebrows. He was likewise quite fearful of the mysterious little creature, as it had after all managed to injure even the likes of Zhao Zhu previously.

“Chief disciple, shall we go and encircle them?” Asked the disciple.

Baili Che fell into thought for a brief moment, before he shook his head and said, “There’s no rush. All six peaks are currently investing all of their energy into hunting aquatic beasts, so there’s no need to waste any time on Saint Genesis Peak for the time being.”

He paused as his eyes narrowed slightly, before he continued, “But where are Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao? This is rather strange.”

Baili Che pondered for a while, before he slowly said, “Although we can’t all go after Saint Genesis Peak for the moment, we cannot completely ignore them. I will send about a thousand disciples to surround them, and prevent them from scattering so we won’t have to waste time later on.”

“There’s nothing to fear from other Saint Genesis Peak disciples, and only that little creature will be quite a problem. You guys will split up and disrupt the Saint Genesis Peak disciples as much as possible, but retreat immediately when you see the little creature.”

“The constant disruptions will slowly chip away at their morale, and when the time comes, we may not even need to do anything. The majority will turn on Zhou Yuan in anger due to his uselessness, causing him to lose all face.”

“Find a chance to capture a few Saint Genesis Peak disciples and interrogate them to find out whether Zhou Yuan and Zhou Xiaoyao are up to something.”

“Also, make sure to properly scout out that island and immediately report if you guys find anything!”


The disciple respectfully acknowledged before withdrawing.

Baili Che raised his head, looked in the direction the disciple had reported to him about, and smiled, a smile that had the same playful sensation as a predator toying with its prey.

In his eyes, Saint Genesis Peak was indeed a little rabbit he would hunt for sport.

“Zhou Yuan, let’s see where you can run this time.”


On the small island that was currently the base of operations for the Saint Genesis Peak disciples.

Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan were gathered by the seaside, worry visible on their faces. Half a day ago, a disciple had come to report that they had encountered Sword Cometh Peak disciples.

This meant that their location would soon be revealed to Sword Cometh Peak.

This matter had also caused Saint Genesis Peak’s morale to drop. Moreover, chief disciple Zhou Yuan was nowhere to be found, causing everyone to grow rather anxious.

“Sword Cometh Peak has already found us.” Said Zhou Tai in a heavy voice. “They will surely begin to move.”

Lu Yan could not help but look towards the depths of the island. “Is Zhou Yuan still not ready?”

Zhou Tai smiled bitterly as he shook his head, indicating that he did not know. Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao had not revealed themselves ever since the duo brought them here a few days ago. 

Lu Yan resentfully said, “He’s the chief disciple, and the backbone of Saint Genesis Peak. With him not even showing his face, who knows how low our morale has dropped recently. Moreover, Sword Cometh Peak is already on our scent, causing many disciples to become very disheartened.”

Zhou Tai tried to defend Zhou Yuan. “Junior brother Zhou Yuan must have his reason for doing this.”

“I hope so.” Lu Yan sighed. This was the only way they could console themselves, though she was truly unable to imagine how Zhou Yuan came up with would possibly be of use against Sword Cometh peak.

“Senior brother Zhou Tai!”

While the trio were conversing, a disciple suddenly hurried over from far away as he said in a panicked voice, “Many Sword Cometh Peak disciples have come and have locked down the entire area!”

The Zhou Tai trio were greatly alarmed as they hastily rose into the air. Sure enough, they saw numerous glowing figures surfacing at the end of their sights, forming an encirclement around them that covered a hundred mile area.

From the spreading sharp Genesis Qi, they were definitely Sword Cometh Peak disciples.

Just as the trio had expected, Sword Cometh Peak had immediately taken action after finding them.

Zhou Tai’s gaze swept from left to right as he slowly said, “There should be about a thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples, they have not come in full force.”

“They’re clearly planning on trapping us first. Once they’re done collecting their Genesis essence, they will most certainly come for us.” Lu Yan’s face had turned quite ugly.

“We can’t even leave now.”

The trio fell silent. At this current time, team after team of Saint Genesis Peak disciples were fleeing towards the island with anxious faces, chased by laughing Sword Cometh Peak disciples. They were clearly toying with the former.


While the numerous disciples were panicking, a deep beast roar suddenly sounded. Everyone looked over, and saw alarming Genesis Qi undulations explode from Tuntun, who had been lazily lying on the ground.

A pair of ferocious eyes locked onto the Sword Cometh Peak disciples.

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples nearly fell into the water in fear, but ultimately managed to steady their bodies, before turning to flee, clearly well aware of Tuntun’s frightening strength.

Though the Sword Cometh Peak disciples had been scared away by Tuntun, the many Saint Genesis Peak disciples were still dejectedly hung their heads as they sat on the ground. It was clear that none of them could see any hope with Sword Cometh Peak so fixated on them.

In addition, both Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were nowhere to be found, causing Saint Genesis Peak’s morale to hit rock bottom.

The Zhou Tai trio watched this scene with heavy hearts, before turning towards the depths of the island with worry in their eyes.

“Junior brother Zhou Yuan, do you really have a plan…”

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