Chapter 515 Preparations

Sunlight shimmered across the crystal clear water, as the enormous silhouettes of aquatic beasts streaked past below the surface, causing giant waves to rise in their wake.

Several hundred figures zipped through the air, their gazes constantly scanning the area.

These figures naturally belonged to the Saint Genesis Peak disciples, with Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao leading them from the front.

After entering the Genesis reservoir, the group had immediately headed for the deeper areas, not taking even a single break in between.

While they advanced, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were constantly on the lookout for a suitable location, where they would begin constructing the enormous Heaven Disorientating Boundary.

The other disciples were unaware of the duo’s plans, and could thus only gloomily follow in confusion.

After searching for two hours, the duo finally decided on an island which was quite suited to their needs. With a wave of his hand, Zhou Yuan landed, and was quickly followed by several hundred figures.

Zhou Yuan was rather satisfied as he scanned the surroundings, before turning towards Zhou Tai and the rest as he said, “This shall be our base of operations for the time being.”

Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan looked at each other with bitter smiles, before they asked, “Chief disciple, do we have some kind of plan?”

Saint Genesis Peak was indeed far too weak, their total strength of a few hundred disciples not even worth mentioning when compared to the other peaks. They had also offended Sword Cometh Peak, and would not be able to hide for long once the latter decided to start searching for them.

When it finally began, escape would be impossible, and all of the Genesis essence they painstakingly collected would be taken away. 

Saint Genesis Peak’s morale was clearly at a very low point at this time.

Zhou Yuan chuckled when he heard this, and said, “If you guys believe me, don’t probe any further. I naturally have a plan to deal with Sword Cometh Peak.”

The several hundred disciples silently struggled for a time after hearing this. Although Zhou Yuan would always deliver a surprising outcome, this was not a situation he could change alone. After all, Sword Cometh Peak was a behemoth in their eyes.

While the crowd was struggling, a voice suddenly rang out, “Since the chief disciple has said so, of course we will put our faith in him. Otherwise, what other route can we take?” 

These words immediately drew several nods of approval. It was true, they were already at a giant disadvantage, so what if it got worse? Since Zhou Yuan had said so, they were naturally willing to believe he was telling the truth.

Hence, the silence was broken as numerous disciples indicated their trust out loud.

Zhou Yuan smiled a little upon seeing the now appeased disciples, as his gaze quickly swept across the crowd without anyone noticing. The voice from earlier had been very familiar. Who else could it be but Shen Wanjin?

However, these were exactly the words needed to guide the struggling disciples.

Yaoyao and him needed to begin setting up the Heaven Disorientating Boundary, and could not spare much effort to lead the group. If their hearts were not consoled, everyone would have lost the will to fight before Sword Cometh Peak even came.

Without the Saint Genesis Peak disciples, they would likely be unable to catch all the Sword Cometh Peak disciples in the net even if they succeeded in setting up the boundary.

Zhou Yuan looked towards the Zhou Tai trio and said, “Senior brother Zhou Tai, you three will lead the disciples to hunt aquatic beasts ,while Yaoyao and I make some preparations.”

The Zhou Tai trio were quite puzzled by this. Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were the strongest after all, and should be the ones to lead the aquatic beast hunt. So why were they given this task instead? However, they still nodded and accepted it.

Zhou Yuan also saw their confusion, but did not explain. No one could guarantee that none of the few hundred Saint Genesis Peak disciples had been bribed by Sword Cometh Peak. If the plan was leaked, the boundary would basically become useless.

Without the boundary, they would really be powerless against the ten thousand disciple strong Sword Cometh Peak.

“You can bring Tuntun along. With it around, you guys will be able to handle even the thousand feet long aquatic beasts.” Yaoyao threw out Tuntun as she spoke.

Zhou Tai and the rest breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing this. They were aware of Tuntun’s strength, as they had witnessed it hurt even the likes of Zhao Zhu. With such frightening battle power tagging along, both the hunting effectiveness and safety level would increase.

After making the arrangements, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao moved, quickly disappearing into the island.

As these two key figures departed, the numerous disciples began to stir restlessly. Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan exchanged a look, before smiling bitterly as they shook their heads.

They did not know what Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were going to do, but in their eyes, nothing the duo did would make much of a difference against Sword Cometh Peak.

As the top purple sash disciples, they were more aware of how formidable Sword Cometh Peak was.

However, there was nothing else that could be done in this situation. They could only believe that Zhou Yuan did have a plan. If not, Saint Genesis Peak was really going to be thoroughly humiliated this time.

Zhou Tai’s gaze swept across the disciples as he said in a solemn voice, “We’ll rest for a while first. When we recover, we’ll form teams of ten to hunt aquatic beasts. If any of you encounter any problems, immediately sound off to the others.”


The disciples acknowledged, though their voices sounded a little weak. They were clearly still a little affected by Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao’s departure.


While the Saint Genesis Peak disciples prepared to hunt aquatic beasts, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were standing on a mountain deep inside the island.

“It seems that they don’t have much faith in us.” Zhou Yuan chuckled helplessly. How could not see the skepticism and nervousness in the many Saint Genesis Peak disciples’ eyes. If not for his past accomplishments, their morale would have crumbled due to doubt long ago.

“It’s useless to lament here.” Yaoyao swept a glance at him as she said, “A few hundred against ten thousand. Isn’t it a little too foolish for them to have faith with just a few words from you?”

“If you want their faith, wait till the plan succeeds.”

With a wave of her hand, several jade scrolls flew towards Zhou Yuan. “These are the sections of the boundary you’re responsible for. Leave the rest to me, while you provide assistance when required.”

“Are we starting now?” Asked Zhou Yuan as he caught the jade scrolls.

Yaoyao slowly said, “Yes, but not here.”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback as he involuntarily blurted out in surprise, “Not here?”

“We need six days to set up the boundary, and no mistake can be made in between. Although Sword Cometh Peak may not have time to search for us, we cannot take that risk.”

Yaoyao’s red lips parted slightly as she said, “The Saint Genesis Peak disciples here can divert Sword Cometh Peak’s attention, while we set up the boundary somewhere else. I’ll select another location.”

Zhou Yuan fell silent for a moment, before he slowly nodded. Yaoyao’s plan was indeed less risky. After all, they did need some time to make the preparations to give a warm welcome to Sword Cometh Peak.

“Let’s go then, we don’t have any time to lose.”

Zhou Yuan took a deep breath as a piercing look rose in his eyes.

“I’m already itching to give Sword Cometh Peak this big present.”

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