Chapter 514 Run!

When sect master Qing Yang’s powerful voice boomed across the area, the entire place seemed to violently shudder as the mists enveloping the Genesis reservoir swiftly began to recede at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

An endless sea appeared within the disciples’ sights.

The purple sash disciples were still able to remain calm. After all, they had several chances to enter every year. In contrast, the non purple sash disciples trembled with emotion, their heads raised in expectation. In the past, they could only watch enviously from the outside because they did not have the qualifications to enter.

High up in the sky, sect master Qing Yang watched the Genesis reservoir appear, as his hands suddenly formed a seal. A vast, mighty force immediately descended from the sky, and enveloped the land.


The earth shuddered as if an earth dragon was rampaging within, causing even the entire mountain range to tremble violently. It was as if an ancient dragon roar was reverberating from deep down in the earth.

The numerous disciples did not know what was happening, but they could sense the terrifying undulations beneath their feet.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened slightly. Due to the Dragon’s Resentment Poison in his body, plus the Ancestral Dragon Scripture he practiced, he found the strange undulations rather familiar. They contained dragon Qi, and if he was not wrong, it likely originated from the Source Dragon Vein beneath the Cangxuan Sect.

He raised his head and gazed at the Genesis reservoir, as he felt a vast power surge into it.


The sea began to churn madly, waves ten thousand feet high rising to blot out the sun.

In a short few breaths, the previously calm reservoir had gone berserk, a scene that made even the expressions of the purple sash disciples change a little.

The reservoir had undoubtedly become much more dangerous than usual.

Ao! Ao!

As giant waves surged, everyone saw countless aquatic beasts wailing within the water. More and more aquatic beasts were born as Source Dragon Qi surged in, while their bodies grew larger and larger.

Dangerous presences stealthily rose in the endless Genesis reservoir.

Countless disciples quietly swallowed. The Genesis reservoir was clearly at its most dangerous, but of course, within the danger lay opportunity. 

These aquatic beasts contained Genesis essence that could be used for a Genesis baptism to strengthen their cultivation foundations.

The influx of Source Dragon Qi caused tremendous changes within the Genesis reservoir. At this moment, sect master Qing Yang finally nodded his head in satisfaction, before waving his sleeve. Torrential Genesis Qi surged out, wrapping around the disciples of the seven peaks, and sending them all towards the many islands in the outer regions of the Genesis reservoir with a whoosh.

As the disciples were sent into the reservoir, sect master Qing Yang’s powerful voice boomed. 

“The Genesis reservoir ceremony shall begin!”

“Disciples, do your best.”

On the many islands, the eyes of the disciples from the various peaks slowly began to burn with excitement.

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples immediately cast hostile gazes towards a nearby island, where the Saint Genesis Peak disciples were currently gathered.

“Chief disciple Zhou Yuan, what should we do?” The Saint Genesis Peak disciples felt their scalps turn numb under the gazes of ten thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples, as their legs turned wobbly. The other party’s advantage was far too great, and they would likely be instantly wiped out the moment they were surrounded.

“What do we do?”

Zhou Yuan chuckled upon hearing this, before he said, “We’re running of course!”

“All of you better run as if your lives are on the line! Anyone who gets caught has only bad luck to blame!”

He exchanged a look with Yaoyao the moment the words left his lips, before taking the lead as he dashed into the air. He immediately pushed his speed to the limit, and flew towards the deeper areas of the Genesis reservoir.

Behind them, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan exchanged a glance, before letting out a bitter laugh. With a surge of Genesis Qi, the hurriedly followed.

The other disciples grumbled, but did not dare to say anything outright, leaving them no choice but to begin their desperate escape.

Hence, while the disciples from the other peaks were still analysing the situation, the few hundred Saint Genesis Peak disciples had already begun their frantic fleeing, disappearing from everyone’s sights in the blink of an eye.

Their actions stunned the disciples from the other peaks.

Especially the Sword Cometh Peak disciples. A number of them who were preparing to cut off Saint Genesis Peak’s escape routes were dumbstruck as they stared at the rapidly disappearing figures.

After being dazed for a brief moment, the Sword Cometh Peak disciples suddenly burst out into laughter. Some of the disciples even clutched their stomachs, unable to stop themselves from laughing despite the pain.

Saint Genesis Peak’s actions were really very pathetic.

Before they could even begin to move, the other side had already scrambled away like frightened birds, led by their one and only chief disciple Zhou Yuan.

The disciples from the other peaks could not help but shake their heads. Was Saint Genesis Peak here to make a fool of themselves?

Especially Zhou Yuan. Given his amazing battle accomplishments, no one had expected him to opt to flee in the face of Sword Cometh Peak...

Li Qingchan frowned slightly, gently gritting her teeth as she watched. “He even acted so tough previously. Does he really think this will be enough for them to escape from Sword Cometh Peak?”

This was obviously impossible. When Sword Cometh Peak also entered the deeper parts of the reservoir and reorganized themselves, they would surely begin to encircle Saint Genesis Peak.

Saint Genesis Peak’s actions were only delaying the inevitable.

Moreover, who cares if Zhou Yuan brought shame to himself, why did he have to implicate Yaoyao as well!

On Sword Cometh Peak’s side, Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and Baili Che were also surprised for a moment by Saint Genesis Peak’s actions, but soon sarcastically said, “Zhou Yuan is quite a decisive individual.”

In truth, shamelessly fleeing with the other disciples was actually a sensible choice. The only catch was that it was very humiliating.

The Kong Sheng trio looked towards the direction Zhou Yuan and the rest had fled in, as a toying look akin to a cat playing with a mouse rose in their eyes. They were not worried about where Saint Genesis Peak would escape to, because the latter’s actions were merely the final struggle before death.

Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu looked towards Baili Che and nodded to him.

The latter immediately understood, and turned his head to speak to the Sword Cometh Peak disciples, “Ignore them for now. We’ll first rush towards the deeper areas of the Genesis reservoir, and set up a base of operations to observe the movements of the aquatic beasts and hunt for Genesis essence.”

“Senior brother Baili, are we really going to ignore them?” Asked a disciple that was itching to teach Saint Genesis Peak a lesson.

“What’s the rush…” Baili Che softly chuckled. “They can’t escape. We’ll let them work for us for the time being, though they won’t be able to collect much Genesis essence.”

The other disciples nodded upon hearing this.

Baili Che raised his head and peered into the distance, as a playful smile hung from the corners of his lips.

“Go on Zhou Yuan, run. Let me see how long you’ll be able to keep running…”


Far away, Zhou Yuan was leading the dejected Saint Genesis Peak disciples as they fled. He seemed to sense a gaze from behind, and tilted his head slightly, as a smile rose from the corners of his lips.

“Sword Cometh Peak…”

“Laugh while you can, because you’ll soon be crying.”

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