Chapter 513 Genesis Reservoir Opens Once More

The atmosphere outside the Genesis reservoir rapidly heated up with excitement due to sect master Qing Yang’s announcement, as unconcealable desire surged out in the eyes of the countless disciples.

While there were countless opportunities in Cangxuan Heaven, for most practitioners at the Alpha-Origin stage, nothing could shake the Mythic Utopia’s number one spot.

Why was this so?

Everyone knew that the Alpha-Origin stage consisted of building one’s Genesis Qi foundations. The stronger these foundations, the higher the grade of the Divine Dwelling after a cultivation breakthrough.

Anyone with ambition would undoubtedly do everything possible to strengthen their foundations during the Alpha-Origin stage, because it would create a solid base for their subsequent journey along the path of cultivation.

The better the Divine Dwelling, the higher one’s limits will be in the future.

However, when many Alpha-Origin stage practitioners arrived at the ninth layer, they would realize how increasingly difficult it became to strengthen one’s Genesis Qi foundations. Creating even one more star in their Qi Dwellings would take a tremendous amount of time and effort.

By this time, it would feel as if one had reached one’s limits, and the only way to progress a step forward would be through some kind of special encounter.

However, special encounters or blessings that could strengthen one’s foundations were very rare, and would draw countless desperate competitors the moment it appeared. In Cangxuan Heaven, the Mythic Utopia was the best place to find such such things.

It was said that someone had once obtained a great blessing in the Mythic Utopia. Without it, he would have only been able to form a four heavens Divine Dwelling, but through it, he ascended the heavens in a single step, ultimately developing an astonishing eight heavens Divine Dwelling!

This matter caused quite a commotion in Cangxuan Heaven back then. After all, even in the entire Cangxuan Heaven, an individual with an eight heaven Divine Dwelling would only appear once every few decades.

Due to this event, the Mythic Utopia became extremely popular, causing countless Alpha-Origin stage practitioners to go crazy. Every time it resurfaced, a storm of blood would follow as countless experts fought tooth and nail over a spot to enter. 

Later on, the hegemon level sects interfered, and forcibly created an allocation system of sorts, allowing the Mythic Utopia to have some semblance of rules.

However, though the Mythic Utopia was said to contain the greatest of blessings, there was no fixed period when it would resurface. At times, one would have to wait several or even dozens of years, causing many Genesis Masters, who failed to wait it out, to be filled with endless regret.

This was why the numerous disciples of the Cangxuan Sect were so excited when they heard sect master Qing Yang mention the Mythic Utopia was going to resurface.

Though even a top tier faction like the Cangxuan Sect was only given limited entry spots, there was at least a chance now, right? 

The Chosens and chief disciples of the various peaks in particular, were the most expectant towards the Mythic Utopia. Nearly all of them were currently at the ninth layer Alpha-Origin stage, and thus urgently needed such an opportunity to strengthen their foundations, creating a stronger bedrock for their cultivation breakthrough in the near future.

As such, gaze after gaze burned so hot that even ice would melt under them.

Even the indolent Chu Qing was scratching his shiny bald head with a complicated expression on his handsome face, split between anticipation and helplessly as he muttered, “The Mythic Utopia is finally about to resurface? But it’s going to be so troublesome to fight for blessings there!”

“What should I do? I’m kind of looking forward to it too.”


Once the Mythic Utopia opened, the countless prided geniuses at the Alpha-Origin stage in Cangxuan Heaven would likely swarm to it in droves. The level of competitiveness would give even someone like Chu Qing a headache.

Because what he hated the most was trouble.

While the atmosphere was boiling with excitement, Zhou Yuan exchanged a look with Yaoyao. He had naturally told Yaoyao about the clues revealed by the second Saint Rune. Hence, the latter was also aware that the third Saint Rune was very likely somewhere in the Mythic Utopia.

It had previously presented quite a problem to them, since the Mythic Utopia’s reemergence did not follow any kind of schedule. What would they do if it failed to appear for several years? But who could have expected that the problem would suddenly be solved.

“What a coincidence…” Zhou Yuan muttered apprehensively inside. He could not help but harbor a certain suspicion. Was the Mythic Utopia’s emergence this time somehow related to him finding the second Saint Rune?

Patriarch Cang Xuan had been the master of Cangxuan Heaven after all, and possessed remarkable abilities. In fact, he may even have control over a land of great blessing like the Mythic Utopia.

Of course, this was only Zhou Yuan’s conjecture. There was after all no way to find out for sure since patriarch Cang Xuan was already dead.

“So the spots to enter the Mythic Utopia will be allocated according to the results of the Genesis reservoir ceremony, huh?” Zhou Yuan wet his lips. Looks like sect master wanted the disciples of the various peaks to really go at it this time.

Everyone knew just how important the Mythic Utopia was. With more spots, more disciples from the peak would have a chance to participate, and ultimately enjoy the benefits.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept to the side, seeing the burning desire in the eyes of Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, Lu Yan and several of the other stronger disciples. They stirred restlessly, clearly very enticed by sect master’s words.

Zhou Yuan looked towards the other peaks, and found that elders were already flying forward to pull aside the Chosens and secretly whisper them something. The elders were most likely telling the Chosens to do their best, and achieve best results possible in the Genesis reservoir ceremony.


While the other peaks were stirring restlessly, elder Shen Taiyuan and elder Lu Song exchanged a look and sighed softly.

In their view, the Mythic Utopia had come at a very unfortunate time, because Saint Genesis Peak was currently at its weakest. How could they possibly achieve good results in the ceremony? In fact, not being eliminated half way through would already be pretty good.

The sighs from the two elders splashed over the surrounding disciples like a bucket of cold water, causing them to return to their senses. The excitement on their faces slowly receded when they began to realize the current predicament of Saint Genesis Peak, as they hung their heads in disappointment.

If the spots were allocated according to the results of the Genesis reservoir ceremony, Saint Genesis Peak was going to be in a very miserable situation.

Zhou Yuan could likewise feel the change in atmosphere, but he did not say anything. Everything would have to wait till after they entered the Genesis reservoir. To prevent the plan from being leaked, he had not even informed Zhou Tai and the rest.

Amidst the depressing atmosphere, Zhou Yuan suddenly felt several mocking gazes shoot towards them. He lifted his head slightly, and saw Baili Che and other Sword Cometh Peak disciples looking over with pity.

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan look over, Baili Che smiled slightly , before he opened his mouth as a voice was noiselessly transmitted.

“Are you regretting things now?”


“It’s already too late.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged as he cast a glance at the former, before withdrawing his gaze.

At this moment, upon seeing that the numerous disciples had already digested the shocking news, sect master Qing Yang waved his sleeve. With a loud ‘dong’, his powerful voice echoed across the area.

“Genesis reservoir, open!”

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