Chapter 512 Hearing about the Mythic Utopia

Dong! Dong!

The sound of an old bell melodiously echoed across the land, causing an astonishing wave of excitement and noise to explode in the Cangxuan Sect. The rising clamor made the ancient cultivation holy land become akin to a marketplace.

Because today was the date of the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

Saint Genesis Peak.

Zhou Tai and several disciples were anxiously waiting outside a certain cave dwelling, while Yaoyao stood in front of them, carrying Tuntun with a calm, ordinary expression.

Zhou Tai could not help but look towards Yaoyao in a fluster, “Junior sister Xiaoyao, is junior brother Zhou Yuan not ready yet? We really have to head to the Genesis reservoir soon. If he doesn’t hurry up, we might not be able to make it in time!”

Yaoyao shook her head and replied, “He’s in closed cultivation, and will naturally come out when it's over. None of you are allowed to disturb him.”

Zhou Tai and gang could only grimace in response. None of them dared to show any attitude towards Yaoyao, because they knew that rather than chief disciple Zhou Yuan, she was the true bedrock of Saint Genesis Peak.

Dong! Dong!

The resonant sound of a bell continued to echo, while Zhou Tai and the others worriedly paced back and forth.

None of them dared to even imagine what a laughing stock they will be if Zhou Yuan failed to make it. If that were to happen, Sword Cometh Peak would surely believe he was using this as an excuse to hide from them.

Both Saint Genesis Peak and its chief disciple would then have to wear the hat of ‘gutless cowards’.

And would also be far too great of a blow to their reputation.

While more and more cold sweat emerged on their foreheads, a familiar voice finally sounded from the cave, causing Zhou Tai and the rest to breathe a deep sigh of relief, as if a heavy burden had been lifted from their shoulders.

“Hehe, sorry for making senior brothers wait.”

Zhou Tai and gang hurriedly raised their heads, and saw Zhou Yuan slowly walking out of the cave.

He currently wore a faint smile on his confident face. His eyes in particular seemed especially bright like stars, causing one to feel a slight piercing pain if one looked directly at them.

Zhou Tai could feel that there was something different about Zhou Yuan, but the former could not explain it in words.

However, they had no time to think about such things at this juncture. Zhou Tai hurriedly said, “Let’s hurry up and get moving. Our Saint Genesis Peak disciples are all waiting for you.”

Zhou Yuan nodded as he exchanged a look with Yaoyao. The latter’s eyes paused on the spot between his brows for a moment as she said, “Not bad, you didn’t disappoint.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled, but did not say anything. With a wave of his sleeve, Genesis Qi rose, swiftly carrying the group into the sky.

The Genesis Qi cloud zipped past in the sky. After several dozen minutes, it landed in front of one of the halls in Saint Genesis Peak, where the disciples of the two factions were already gathered.

These disciples had clearly grown rather anxious while waiting. They immediately breathed huge sighs of relief upon seeing Zhou Yuan as they quickly cupped their fists together.

“Greetings chief disciple!”

Zhou Yuan returned the gesture, before looking towards Shen Taiyuan. “I almost couldn’t make it in time. I hope that teacher Shen will not blame me too much.”

Shen Taiyuan’s expression was calm, with no sign of any anxiety. He merely smiled as he waved his hand and said, “Since you’re here, let’s get going.”

With a wave of his sleeve, Genesis Qi surged out, sweeping up the numerous disciples as they soared into the sky.


Outside the Genesis reservoir.

A sprawling black mass of people completely filled all the nearby mountain peaks, while an endless hubbub filled the area.

The disciples were clearly separated by their various peaks. At this current time, their gazes were all looking towards Saint Genesis Peak’s direction, because all the other six peaks were already present, with only Saint Genesis Peak still missing.

As time flowed, whispers quietly began to spread.

“What’s Saint Genesis Peak doing? Look at the time, can’t believe they’re still not here.”

“Have they been frightened silly by Sword Cometh Peak? Are they going to give up on this Genesis reservoir ceremony?”

“Eh… that may be possible. But if so, what face will they have left? I’ve never seen a peak that doesn’t even dare to participate in the Genesis reservoir ceremony.”

“Hehe, in any case, they’ll only be slaughtered by Sword Cometh Peak inside…”

“It seems that chief disciple Zhou Yuan has not instilled much confidence in the Saint Genesis Peak disciples.”


Similar conversations continued to spread.

Many disciples were already roaring with laughter over at Sword Cometh Peak’s side with arrogant expressions. Saint Genesis Peak’s fearful stance had clearly made the former feel a strong sense of satisfaction.

Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and Baili Che stood at the very front of the many disciples. They exchanged a look, while an indescribable smile hung from the corners of their lips.

Was Saint Genesis Peak really so afraid that they were not coming?

“It seems that I’ve overestimated Zhou Yuan.” Remarked Baili Che in a nonchalant manner, his tone filled with mockery. He obviously did not wish for Saint Genesis Peak to be a no show, because how would he have a chance to show his worth if that were to happen?

Hence, he was instead a little angry that Saint Genesis Peak was still not here.

Zhou Yuan did not have much ability, but he was very good at pissing others off!


However, while Baili Che was feeling very annoyed inside, the sound of rushing wind was heard. Next, countless disciples saw a Genesis Qi cloud descend from the sky as several hundred Saint Genesis Peak disciples landed on a nearby mountain.

When they appeared, the piercing gazes of many Sword Cometh Peak disciples immediately shot over.

Shen Taiyuan lifted his head and looked at the sky, where six figures were giving off imposing auras, as he said, “Reporting to sect master, Saint Genesis Peak’s disciples are here.”

In the sky, sect master Qing Yang looked down as he faintly nodded, before his powerful voice rang boomed across the area.

“The Genesis reservoir comes from the Origin Dragon Vein under our sect, which has played no small part in the sect being able to stand till this day. I hope that all of you will bear gratefulness in your hearts while you’re inside today.”

Countless disciples nodded with solemn expressions, before they cupped their fists together and bowed towards the mountains.

Sect master Qing Yang nodded. “I believe all of you are already aware about the rules of the ceremony. It will be a competition of sorts between the various peaks, and the ones who ultimately obtain the most Genesis essence will naturally receive a better appraisal.”

He paused for a moment, before he continued, “Besides this… I’ve sensed that the Mythic Utopia in the Shengzhou Continent will resurface once again. It is a land of great blessing and fortune born from Cangxuan Heaven, that the countless sects and factions greatly covet. Hence why a storm will sweep over Cangxuan Heaven every time it appears.”

“As such, after discussing with the five peak masters, the spots to enter the Mythic Utopia shall be awarded according to the performance of the various peaks during the Genesis reservoir ceremony.”


These words caused the entire place to explode. Let alone the ordinary disciples, even the Chosens of the various peaks were no longer able to remain composed.

The Mythic Utopia!

The land of blessing they had waited so long for!

There was finally news about its opening!

In front of the many Saint Genesis Peak disciples, Zhou Yuan was also stunned as he involuntarily licked his lips.

He never imagined that he would hear information about the Mythic Utopia again at this time and place.

From the clues revealed by the second Saint Rune...

The third Saint Rune seemed to be somewhere inside that Mythic Utopia!

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