Chapter 511 Response

The message Zhou Yuan sent to Baili Che quickly spread to the entire Sword Cometh Peak. To no one’s surprise, the numerous disciples were instantly enraged. Sword Cometh Peak had been akin to a rising sun for the past few years, plus the Genesis Qi they cultivated was mostly direct and aggressive in nature, causing their characters to lean towards being a little more forceful and unyielding.

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples had always felt superior to Saint Genesis Peak, and they were honestly not the only ones. The other peaks also had similar attitudes, because Saint Genesis Peak was after all just too pathetic, with only two meagre factions.

Even when Zhou Yuan achieved several impressive battle accomplishments previously, most of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples had not taken him seriously, until he defeated Yuan Hong in the chief disciple selection, and took the chief disciple seat.

No one had expected a year old new disciple to reach such heights… a reality that the proud Sword Cometh Peak disciples found rather difficult to swallow.

After all, Lu Hong’s faction originated from their Sword Cometh Peak.

In addition, peak master Ling Jun had lost his bet, causing Sword Cometh Peak to lose a tremendous amount of cultivation resources. The disciples naturally did not dare to blame their peak master, and thus directed all of their resentment towards Saint Genesis Peak and Zhou Yuan.

In fact, many disciples had declared that they would teach Saint Genesis Peak a lesson during the Genesis reservoir ceremony to release their resentment.

In their view, teaching Saint Genesis Peak a lesson was the most logical and basic common sense, and if the latter were tactful, they would obediently receive their punishment to let the matter pass.

To Sword Cometh Peak’s surprise, however, Saint Genesis Peak showed no indication of bowing their heads. What’s more, the latter had refused to compromise even after chief disciple Baili Che personally made a trip down to talk things out.

This made the Sword Cometh Peak disciples grow increasingly annoyed. Although Saint Genesis Peak had recently reopened, their foundations were still far too frail, and yet they dared to challenge Sword Cometh Peak? Shouldn’t this come at least a hundred years later after some time to grow and rebuild?

As such, some of the more radical disciples had already decided that they would humiliate Saint Genesis Peak  during the ceremony, letting the latter know that even after reopening their main peak, they were still nothing in Sword Cometh Peak’s eyes!

However, even before the ceremony could begin, Zhou Yuan had sent such a provocative message to Baili Che...

As a result, every disciple in the entire Sword Cometh Peak erupted in anger.

They were truly unable to believe that Zhou Yuan would actually dare to provoke their Sword Cometh Peak. Did he really think that defeating a mere Yuan Hong would allow him to look down on them?

Rage boiled in Sword Cometh Peak, every disciple angrily cursing, as the gazes that looked towards Saint Genesis Peak turned exceptionally fierce.

They were now most definitely going to teach Saint Genesis Peak a very painful lesson during the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

With regards to this situation, even sect master Qing Yang could only helplessly shake his head. It looks like the only option was to let Sword Cometh Peak let out all of their anger during the ceremony.

But when that happened, Saint Genesis Peak would in for a very rough time indeed.


The news naturally spread to the entire Cangxuan Sect, stupefying the disciples from the other peaks. They had likewise not expected the new chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak to be so… arrogant.

“This is… a little too arrogant of Zhou Yuan. I can’t believe he actually dared to provoke Sword Cometh Peak at this juncture.”

“Agreed. Sword Cometh Peak’s strength is something that the current Saint Genesis Peak cannot possibly match. Sending out such a provocation at this time will only make them suffer more during the ceremony.”

“With Sword Cometh Peak so angry, I don’t think anyone will be able to stop them anymore.”

“Chief disciples Zhou Yuan is really unlucky to encounter Sword Cometh Peak’s rage so soon after taking his position… in this situation, it’ll be a miracle if they achieve good results in the Genesis reservoir ceremony.”

“How pitiful. I wonder how bruised and battered Saint Genesis Peak will be after the ceremony.”


Similar conversations continued to be held amongst the other peaks, everyone clearly pitying Saint Genesis Peak. At the same time, they were unable to understand why Zhou Yuan had sent such an arrogant and provocative message.

Such actions were truly irrational.

They were incapable of comprehending Zhou Yuan’s thoughts. In the end, everyone merely took it as him being too young and immature, causing him to crack under Saint Genesis Peak’s tremendous pressure.


Li Qingchan had likewise heard the news and was also quite puzzled by it. Given her understanding of Zhou Yuan, the latter was not a hot-headed individual who spoke irresponsibly.

However, she was also unable to understable why Zhou Yuan had provoked Sword Cometh Peak in this manner. Had Yaoyao’s participation really made him so confident?

But no matter how strong Yaoyao was, what could she possibly accomplish against ten thousand Sword Cometh Peak disciples?

“What exactly is he thinking?”

“Isn’t he afraid of being thoroughly humiliated during the ceremony after provoking Sword Cometh  Peak?”


The Cangxuan Peak.

“Junior sister Hongyi, your friend is quite the character.” Numerous disciples in the Cangxuan Peak were aware that Gu Hongyi and Zhou Yuan were from the same batch of disciples that had joined the inner mountains together, and were on pretty good terms. Hence, several people came to joke about the matter when they heard about it.

Gu Hongyi was after all someone who had an extremely strong background in the Cangxuan Sect, while also a great beauty. Although she was a little too fiery tempered, it did not stop her from becoming a popular figure in the Cangxuan Peak.

Gu Hongyi constantly praised Zhou Yuan, causing several of the male disciples, who fancied her, to grow jealous. However, none of them had been able to say anything due to his remarkable performance so far.

As such, it was nearly impossible to avoid them poking fun at Zhou Yuan the moment they heard the news, in an attempt to weaken his position in Gu Hongyi’s heart.

Gu Hongyi blocked all of these jokes in a calm and indifferent manner, but when no one was looking, she would gaze towards Saint Genesis Peak with worry in her beautiful eyes.

She too did not understand why Zhou Yuan would stir up Sword Cometh Peak. Did he not realize how difficult things would become for him?


While the many disciples in the Cangxuan Sect were gossiping over this topic, deep in his cave dwelling, Zhou Yuan began his final stretch of training for the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

Zhou Yuan was seated on a stone bed deep in the peaceful cave.

His Spirit slowly rose from between his brows, its corporeal figure hovering above his head in a cross-legged position.

With a gentle shake of a bottle, golden crystal dust drifted out, grain after grain shining dazzlingly under the sunlight as they landed on the Spirit above Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan Spirit faintly rippled when each golden crystal dust entered it, as it began to grow even more condensed and corporeal.

Specks of light danced in the depths of the cave.

Time quietly flowed, as the date of the Genesis reservoir ceremony grew closer and closer...

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