Chapter 510 Scheme

Sword Cometh Peak.

Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhu and Baili Che were seated in a stone pavilion. The first two were concentrating on their chess game, while Baili Che was looking at a disciple who had come to relay news in amusement.

Baili Che smirked as he looked at the disciple and said, “Did Zhou Yuan really dare to say that? He wants me to go to Saint Genesis Peak and apologize, or he’ll no longer show any courtesy to us in the Genesis reservoir ceremony?” 

The disciple nodded. “That’s what the disciple from Saint Genesis Peak said earlier, it should not be false.”

Baili Che laughed as he waved for the disciple to withdraw, before turning towards the two individuals playing chess. “This junior brother of ours is really…”

He pondered for a long time, before he smiled helplessly and said, “An ignorant fool.”

He was truly unable to imagine where Zhou Yuan found the courage to say a thing. Did he feel coming to Sword Cometh Peak to admit his mistake was not punishment enough?

Once the Genesis reservoir ceremony began, Saint Genesis Peak would instantly be burned to ashes by Sword Cometh Peak’s rage.

In the stone pavilion, Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu were clearly unconcerned, evidently taking it as nonsense. Their complete disregard was akin to the disdain of the strong towards a trash talking weakling.

Baili Che sat down as he smiled faintly and said, “I plan on telling all the Sword Cometh Peak disciples about Zhou Yuan’s words.”

Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu’s game ended at this moment. Only then did they unhurriedly lift their heads and nod. “Go ahead.”

They naturally understood Baili Che’s intentions. Sword Cometh Peak was already filled with resentment towards Saint Genesis Peak and Zhou Yuan’s words would undoubtedly be akin to pouring oil into the fire.

In such a situation, no matter how badly Saint Genesis Peak was beaten up later on, bystanders would only say that they were asking for it.

Weaklings should obediently lower their heads and apologize, struggling and jumping around so much was only asking for death.

Baili Che chuckled. He was naturally going to add some spice to Zhou Yuan’s original words. That way, even if Sword Cometh Peak’s two Chosens and chief disciple tried to step in to ask everyone to show a little more mercy, the other disciples would not agree.

When that happened, Saint Genesis Peak would truly have no way out.

He raised his head, and looked in the direction of Saint Genesis Peak, as a mocking smile emerged from the corners of his mouth.

The true goal of Baili Che’s earlier message was to anger Zhou Yuan. He never imagined that the latter would be so cooperative, and even retort with such a perfect message. All he had to do now was to use Zhou Yuan’s words to unify Sword Cometh Peak, and turn their targets towards Zhou Yuan and Saint Genesis Peak.

Once the momentum began to build, let alone the two Chosens and chief disciple, even the many elders would be powerless to stop Sword Cometh Peak’s rampaging rage.

There was already no longer any chance of changing the trajectory of the hammer that was swinging down towards Saint Genesis Peak.

Baili Che softly chuckled. As the recently promoted chief disciple, he naturally needed to solidify his position and grow his reputation. So how would he accomplish this? As long as he managed to viciously stomp on Zhou Yuan and Saint Genesis Peak, his standing would naturally rise drastically. In fact, he may even obtain peak master Ling Jun’s favor, giving him a better chance of becoming a Chosen in the future.

As such, the upcoming Genesis reservoir ceremony was going to be the best opportunity to show his worth. If Saint Genesis Peak had conceded at such a time, he would instead be quite disappointed.

“Zhou Yuan ah Zhou Yuan, you’re still too inexperienced…”


“I’ve already sent someone to deliver the message to Baili Che. I’m certain he will add some flavor to it, before spreading it to the entire Sword Cometh Peak to make them even more angry at us.”

In the peaceful and cooling cave dwelling, light shined down from the roof of the cave as Zhou Yuan looked at Yaoyao and excitedly said, “With emotions running high, Sword Cometh Peak will most absolutely make it their chief mission to trample over Saint Genesis Peak in the ceremony. Otherwise, even their two Chosens, Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu, will be incapable of appeasing the rage of the disciples.”

“Only with them so impatiently itching to crush us, will we be able to smoothly draw them in, and then…”

He extended a hand and abruptly clenched it.

“Catch them all!”

A smule hung from the corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth. How could he not have guessed Baili Che’s intentions. However, what the latter did not know was that Zhou Yuan was completely unafraid of Sword Cometh Peak’s retaliation.

Instead, he was already scheming how he would trap this giant creature known as Sword Cometh Peak in the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

Yaoyao had made numerous preparations for the Heaven Disorientating Boundary, and their goal was to catch the entire Sword Cometh Peak in their net. Hence, they needed to ensure every single disciple would take the bait.

Otherwise, if the boundary only managed to net a portion of the disciples, the rest would remain a giant problem.

Thus, they needed to infuriate the Sword Cometh Peak disciples even more to make sure all of them would be present for the main dish. Only then would they be able to trap them all.

Yaoyao nodded faintly as she said in praise, “You’re really adept at drawing their hatred.”

Since it was so rare for her to be serious about something, she naturally planned to make everything as perfect as possible. If even a few of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples were not present, it would feel a little disappointing even if they succeeded in the end.

Yaoyao playfully stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “However… with you acting so arrogant, aren’t you afraid the Sword Cometh Peak disciples will attempt something underhanded in the future?”

Zhou Yuan lightly flicked one of the overhanging flowers as he replied, “When our plan succeeds, I believe they will become somewhat fearful of us, and not dare to try underhanded tactics.”

Sword Cometh Peak currently looked down on Saint Genesis Peak, because they felt the latter was weak. When the Genesis reservoir ceremony was over, they would likely no longer dare to have such thoughts.

“Of course… everything still hinges upon big sis Yaoyao’s Heaven Disorientating Boundary. If it fails, we’ll really become a laughing stock.”

“And I’ll have no choice but to hide away in Saint Genesis Peak, not daring to take even a single step out.”

Zhou Yuan looked to his side at the girl so beautiful that even the nearby peach blossoms seemed to lose their color, as earnestly said, “That’s why we’ll all be depending on you this time.”

Yaoyao lazily said, “There’s no need to worry about my side. You, on the other hand… since you’ve made progress in the Saint Spirit Seed, you’d better spend the following two weeks working on your Spirit cultivation. If you fail to breakthrough, you’ll have to go beg for Ye Ge’s help.”

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s mouth twitched. How could he ever beg for Ye Ge’s aid! That would be utterly humiliating!

Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth and firmly said, “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely reach the advanced Corporeal stage before the ceremony!”

Yaoyao's lips raised a little as she tossed him a jade bottle.

Zhou Yuan hastily caught it, and found that it was filled with fluttering golden crystal dust. Every grain gave off an extremely mysterious undulation that made the Spirit between his brows stir violently with desire.

“This is?”

The modulated Spirit Refining Saliva… so you’d better not say I didn’t help you.” Yaoyao swept a glance at Zhou Yuan, before gracefully turning around as her clear spring-water like voice sounded.

“You’d better start on your Spirit cultivation and study the boundary diagram.”

“It’s rare for me to take something seriously for once, so if you end up causing problems for my boundary, just wait and see how I’ll deal with you!”

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