Chapter 51 Zhou Yuan VS Qi Yue

The entire field reached its boiling point the instant Zhou Yuan stepped onto the stage. Practically every gaze converged on the stage, making it the center of attention.

“Isn’t that prince Zhou Yuan? Wasn’t it rumoured that he was unable to cultivate?”

“That’s old news. Prince Zhou Yuan has already opened his channels in the newcomer exam. I’ve heard that he has already reached five channels.”

“Five channels? How can he possibly compete with Qi Yue? Didn’t we just see even the seven channel Su Youwei lose?”

“Looks like Qi Manor has this this class ranking exam in the bag.”


Whispers filled the air. Based on their exterior strength, it was clear that the majority felt that victory was already in Qi Yue’s gasp. After all, he had always been the strongest existence in the Great Zhou Institute for the past two years.

On the central viewing platform, both Zhou Qing’s and Qi Yuan’s backs were straight, while their burning gazes were glued to the stone stage. They clearly understood that the battle between Zhou Yuan and Qi Yue would decide who the institute would ultimately belong to.

Qi Yue stood with his hands behind his back on the stone stage that was now the focus of everyone’s attention. His white clothes fluttered in the wind, painting a picture of dignity, as his indifferent eyes looked towards Zhou Yuan. “Your highness has truly surprised me by coming all the way here.”

One must know that a year ago, Zhou Yuan had merely been a crippled prince that was unable to cultivate in Qi Yue’s eyes. A crippled prince that would not draw even a shred of seriousness. Yet, in a short period of half a year, it was as if Zhou Yuan had suddenly awakened, leaping from a state where he was unable to cultivate to five open channels today.

Such progress secretly amazed even Qi Yue.

“However, this is as far as you will go.” Qi Yue’s voice was emotionless, as if Zhou Yuan’s fate was already in his hands to do as he pleased.

Qi Yue had tried all kinds of methods in order to cripple Zhou Yuan, but none of them had succeeded, causing him to lose his patience. This class ranking exam was his best opportunity. Zhou Qing would not be able to do anything even if Zhou Yuan was crippled here.

“That may not be so.” Zhou Yuan’s face was akin to rippleless well, but killing intent surged in the depths of his eyes.

Qi Yue’s past actions had similarly long touched Zhou Yuan’s bottom line, rousing his killing intent. Thus, he likewise intended to return everything Qi Yue had thrown at him during this class ranking exam.

On the stone stage, sparks and killing intent appeared when their gazes met.

Every gaze on the field had converged on the stage, and there was no longer anyone who was paying attention to any of the matches between the other classes. Everyone knew that the match between Zhou Yuan and Qi Yue would cause violent ripples in the Great Zhou Empire.


The silence on the stage was abruptly broken by the sudden shout of the referee.

Qi Yue was the first to move. Power poured into his legs as he stomped on the ground, his body transforming into a black blur as it rushed towards Zhou Yuan.


A punch was thrown, fist-winds blasting apart the air like a sonic boom.

The punch rapidly grew in Zhou Yuan’s eyes as his feet suddenly slanted at an angle, causing his figure to blur momentarily. It was the activation of Dragon Step.

The incoming punch only hit empty air, causing a tiny glimmer to appear in Qi Yue’s eyes. He was long aware of Zhou Yuan’s miraculous auxiliary Genesis technique that would turn his figure blurry and enable him to avoid numerous attacks.

Qi Yue’s fist immediately transformed into a palm, Genesis Qi surging as it swept out like a blade, ripping through the air.

Zhou Yuan’s five fingers clenched into a fist as a punch containing similar power collided against the palm-blade that was slashing at this throat.


Fist met palm as the air exploded. Ripples that could be seen with the naked eye pulsed outwards, blowing up the dust on the ground.

Bang bang bang!

In the next instant, Zhou Yuan and Qi Yue simultaneously let loose a flurry of attacks. Punches seemed to be followed by after-images as they ferociously rained upon the opponent like a storm.

In a short span of a dozen breaths, the two had clashed over a dozen times, making the onlookers a little giddy.


After yet another head-on clash, Zhou Yuan’s and Qi Yue’s bodies jerked backwards, their feet sliding over a dozen steps on the ground before stopping.

A faint disturbance could be observed in the crowd, while the eyes of numerous onlookers held some surprise. They had discovered that the merely five channel Zhou Yuan had not fallen into much of a disadvantageous position in the violent clash.

Originally, they had believed that Zhou Yuan would be completely suppressed by Qi Yue.

Zhou Yuan massaged his fist as he remarked, “Seven channels is indeed formidable, much harder to deal with than those wild beasts.”

He had killed several beasts comparable to human seven channel experts, but none of them were as tough as Qi Yue.

Qi Yue had a somewhat grim look in his eyes. Although he had long known about Zhou Yuan’s unusually strong body, it was only after experiencing it first hand did he truly realise exactly how powerful it was.

One must know that he had the strength of seven channels and the quality of his body had risen time and time again. Yet, he could do nothing against a mere five channel Zhou Yuan, a fact that made him rather sullen indeed.

“Seven channels open!”

Following a roar from Qi Yue, Genesis Qi whizzed over and poured into his body. Light immediately emerged on the surface of his body as an astonishing aura exploded.


The stone floor under Qi Yue’s feet steathily shattered, an indication of just how much power was gathered in Qi Yue’s body.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as his expression became a little more serious. As the saying went, a lion should use all its power even to catch a rabbit. Let alone the fact that this Qi Yue was no harmless rabbit.

“Five channels open!” Genesis Qi also surge into Zhou Yuan’s body as power flowed in his limbs.


Qi Yue’s body moved. His speed was several times faster now that he had opened seven channels. In a flash, he had already appeared behind Zhou Yuan.

“Galloping Thunder Fist!”

Qi Yue did not hold anything back, his gaze icy as a Black tier Genesis technique was released. The air immediately exploded as cracks grew inch by inch from under his feet, a rather spectacular sight indeed.

This punch was even stronger than the one used against Su Youwei previously.

“Dragon Tablet Hand, shatter the mountain!”

Zhou Yuan’s hand swept out in a horizontal arc, incomparably heavy as if he was carrying a mountain. The overwhelming force slammed into the incoming punch from behind.


Shockwaves swept out from under the two’s feet, ripping apart the solid ground below.

“You blocked it?! Try blocking again then!”

Ferociousness flashed in Qi Yue’s eyes as he pounced like a cheetah. Fist, leg, elbow. Each had turned into deadly weapons, blasting apart the air as they maniacally rained down on Zhou Yuan’s vital spots.

Qi Yue had already pushed his power to its limits. He needed to obtain dominance and destroy Zhou Yuan’s confidence.

The sight of such a torrential flurry of attacks made the scalps of countless onlookers turn numb.

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed slightly in response to Qi Yue’s berserk offensive. It was as if his entire view had been filled to the brim with his opponent’s attacks and even using Dragon Step would not allow him to avoid them.

Although Zhou Yuan was alarmed, he did not panic. His Spirit flickered between his brows as his senses stretched forth, causing the attacks that flooded his vision to instantly change appearance.

With his Spirit senses, the trajectories of every single one of Qi Yue’s attacks were now extremely clear in Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

Thus, he boldly made his move.

Genesis Qi rapidly swirled on his fists and legs. His counter-attack was not as chaotic as Qi Yue’s and instead appeared rather slow, but it was these seemingly slow attacks that were accurately able to land on the weakest points of Qi Yue’s flood of attacks. All it took was a gently tap to dispel all of the latter’s ferocious power.

Like how a long enough lever would be able to lift the earth.

Qi Yue’s expression grew increasingly ugly. He could feel that his ferocious attacks were ultimately unable to break Zhou Yuan’s defence. The latter’s seemingly slow counter-attacks were able to accurately disperse his power.


Another heavy punch was thrown by Zhou Yuan, landing on Qi Yue’s elbow. The powerful force jerked Qi Yue’s entire arm, causing his body to freeze momentarily.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Eat this!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed as his fist suddenly turned into a palm. The Genesis Qi in his body surged out, flowing along his channels before pouring into his palm, causing the surrounding air to vibrate.

An astonishing aura rippled from Zhou Yuan’s body.

“Dragon Tablet Hand, split the earth!”

In accompaniment to his shout, Zhou Yuan’s palm swung out horizontally. Dazzling Genesis light emerged at the center of his palm, boiling even the air itself as it flew past.

This strike was directly aimed at Qi Yue.

Qi Yue’s expression abruptly changed at this moment. It was clear that he had sensed the shocking power within this counter-attack from Zhou Yuan. The former immediately crossed his arms before him as Genesis Qi light flowed on them.

“High grade Genesis technique, Metal Arm!”


Zhou Yuan paid not heed to Qi Yue’s actions as his ferocious without equal attack slammed into Qi Yue’s arms. A loud boom was heard as an overwhelming force erupted.

Dong dong dong!

Qi Yue’s arms shook violently due to the heavy blow, his feet leaving many footprints on the stone ground as he miserably shot backwards in retreat.

An uproar shook the entire field, every wave stronger for each step Qi Yue took backwards.


Qi Yue was finally able to forcibly stabilized his body. As he listened to the noise from the crowd, his face turned so stormy that it was as if rain was going to fall from it at any moment. Fury flooded his eyes as he looked towards Zhou Yuan while a shout brimming with murder rang out from between the crevices of his teeth.

“Zhou Yuan, you are courting death!”

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