Chapter 509 Initial Stage Seed

Time stealthily flowed in the Cangxuan Sect, as another half a month quietly passed.

Deep in the mountains.

Atop a boulder, Zhou Yuan looked at the ball of light between his palms with a serious expression. Within the ball was a primal chaos like mass from which mysterious undulations continuously spread. After a month and a half, the Saint Spirit Seed was gradually approaching the initial stage.

“Eighty nine Beat Spirits have already been fused into it…”

Zhou Yuan licked his lips, his eyes burning with excitement. He had been pouring all of his energy into the cultivation of the Saint Spirit Seed for quite some time, and the results were indeed pretty good.

Now, he only needed to successfully fuse the final Beast Spirit for the seed to reach the initial stage, allowing it to merge into his body, and begin to display a little of the Omega Saint Spirit Art’s power.

Zhou Yuan very carefully cradled the ball of light as he beckoned with his other hand, causing a Beast Spirit crystal to zip over. It was shattered with a single pinch as a roaring Beast Spirit rose from within.

Zhou Yuan swiftly destroyed the Beast Spirit’s conscience. With a deep breath, a resolute look flashed in his eyes as he cast away all hesitation, and fluidly pushed the Beast Spirit into the Saint Spirit Seed.

Bzz bzz!

Berserk and chaotic undulations exploded the moment they touched. The originally stable Saint Spirit Seed immediately began to swell, a sign that it was on the verge of exploding.

A Saint Rune rotated in the depths of Zhou Yuan’s pupils as his Spirit senses reached into the seed in a practiced manner. He did everything he could to suppress and balance the many sources of disharmony.

With so many Beast Spirits already fused into it, the interior of the seed was extremely complex. Even after spending a month and a half accustoming himself with the process, Zhou Yuan’s forehead was still dripping with cold sweat at this moment.

However, he did not dare to relax even a little. He had invested more than a month of hard work on this seed, and a tiny mistake was all that it would take for all his previous effort to turn into bubbles.

Zhou Yuan had experienced this several times prior, and it was certainly very depressing.

The cliff side was silent, and only the sound of the wind could be heard.

Zhou Yuan had already blocked off all disturbances from the outside world, his eyes focused only on the primal chaos like ball of light. In his eyes, countless chaotic undulations continuously emerged like ripples, and immediately tried to spread. Zhou Yuan was basically akin to a firefighter, quickly darting all over to put out these ‘fires’ by suppressing the chaotic undulations before they could completely unfurl.

This high speed firefighting pushed Zhou Yuan’s concentration to its limits, making it no less stressful and intense than a fight with a top tier practitioner. In fact, Zhou Yuan began to feel exhaustion creep up on him little by little.

However, he knew that he could not allow himself to relax even a  tiny bit, and thus ruthlessly pushed away the tiredness he felt.

As time flowed, the ball of light between Zhou Yuan’s palms grew brighter and brighter, as something seemed to slowly grow inside the primal chaos like mass.

Nearby, old Xuan leaned against a tree trunk as he puffed smoke from his mouth. His murky eyes watched Zhou Yuan as the amazement on his elderly face grew greater and greater.

“This kid…”

Time flowed and an incense stick of time swiftly passed.

Zhou Yuan was dripping with cold sweat that wet even his clothes. Veins wiggled on his forehead, creating a somewhat sinister sight, while his breathing had grown rougher and more ragged.

He was evidently about to reach his limits.

“Stop spreading!”

A low growl suddenly erupted from Zhou Yuan’s throat as both his hands abruptly swung downwards, heavily slapping onto the primal chaos like ball of light.


With a muffled thump, the ball of light seemed to crack under Zhou Yuan’s palms as berserk undulations exploded, jerking his body backwards and sending him flying.

He hurriedly stabilized himself as he stared at the center of the berserk undulations.

A ray of light slowly rose from within, spreading outwards as it began to form an indistinct glowing figure.

The figure silently stood in the air as a mysterious aura pulsed from it.

“Kid, hurry up and use your blood to begin refining it!”

While Zhou Yuan was in a daze, old Xuan’s shout was transmitted into his ears.

Zhou Yuan immediately dashed forward when he heard this, biting the tip of his tongue as he spat out a mouthful of essence blood wrapped in Genesis Qi. The blood zipped forward, splattering onto the glowing figure, and rapidly began to sink into it.

As the fruits of his labour, the Saint Spirit Seed was naturally extremely familiar to Zhou Yuan. Hence, the integration process was swift and smooth.

When essence blood finished its work, Zhou Yuan felt a peculiar link between himself and the glowing figure.


But before he could even begin to savor the feeling, the glowing figure shot over with a swish, transforming into a small flash of light as it charged into his body and entered his Qi Dwelling.

Zhou Yuan hastily looked inwards, and found a blurry glowing figure seated amidst the flowing golden Genesis Qi in his Qi Dwelling. Strands of Genesis Qi surged towards it and was breathed in like air, causing the blurry figure to grow a little brighter with each breath.

Zhou Yuan could feel an enormous power from the blurry glowing figure.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened with joy and surprise as he mumbled, “Is this… the initial form of the Saint Spirit Seed?”

“I never imagined that you would complete the first form of the seed so soon…”

Old Xuan's voice rang out as he stared in Zhou Yuan in amazement. “Once you fuse in the nine core Beast Spirits, the Saint Spirit Seed will reach its complete state and develop accordingly.”

Zhou Yuan wet his lips. Given how the ninety auxiliary Beast Spirits had already forced him to his limits, how crazily difficult would fusing the nine core Beast Spirits be? The mere thought of it already made Zhou Yuan shiver inside.

He let out a deep sigh. With regards to the final nine core ingredients, he would have to take it a step at a time, and not rush things.

Old Xuan nodded as he advised Zhou Yuan not to be too anxious, “Your progress is already the fastest I’ve ever seen among the disciples, and there’s no need to rush things for now. Moreover, the Omega Saint Spirit Art can already begin to display some of its power in this state.”

“Let’s go, someone is waiting for you at the base of the mountain.” Old Xuan waved his hand.

Zhou Yuan nodded in acknowledgement, before cupping his fists together in respect. Genesis Qi rose under his feet, carrying him down the mountain, and he soon saw Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan and Lu Yan waiting at the foot of the mountain.

Zhou Yuan landed and asked as he looked at the trio, “What is it?”

The trio exchanged a look, before Lu Yan’s lips parted slightly as she said, “Baili Che sent someone earlier to tell us this is Saint Genesis Peak’s final chance. If you are feeling regretful about your decision, you have to personally go down to Sword Cometh Peak to settle the matter.”

“If you don’t, Sword Cometh Peak will no longer show any courtesy.”

Zhou Tai said in a low voice, “That Baili Che is too much.”

If Zhou Yuan made a trip to Sword Cometh Peak, there would surely be much humiliation awaiting him.

Zhou Yuan chuckled as he said with a calm expression, “Send a disciple to Sword Cometh Peak to tell Baili Che…”

“Tell him what?”

Zhou Yuan was already walking away as he voice echoed behind him.

“Tell him that this is the final chance I’m giving Sword Cometh Peak. If Baili Che doesn’t come to Saint Genesis Peak to apologize, I will not show any courtesy in the Genesis reservoir ceremony.”

As Zhou Yuan left, Lu Yan, Zhou Tai and Zhang Yan looked at each other, clearly stunned by Zhou Yuan’s domineering attitude.

Lu Yan could not help but ask, “Is he serious?”

“If this spreads, won’t Sword Cometh Peak blow their tops?”

Zhou Tai shrugged and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan is currently the chief disciple, and we only need to follow his instructions. Moreover, I personally feel that it will be very relieving, haha!”

Lu Yan let out a bitter and helpless laugh, before she sighed.

She wondered whether Saint Genesis Peak would be able to withstand Sword Cometh Peak’s rage when the Genesis reservoir ceremony began...

Because in her opinion, the current Zhou Yuan seemed as if he was smashing an already broken jar...

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