Chapter 508 Heaven Disorienting Boundary

“Heaven Disorienting Boundary…”

Zhou Yuan looked at the boundary diagram in the old book with a serious expression. A single cursory glance already made him feel that it was super complex, and it was definitely no low grade boundary.

Yaoyao faintly nodded as she said, “It’s a large-scale boundary that can create a giant illusion, and it will be difficult for anyone who falls in to escape.”

Zhou Yuan could not stop himself from asking, “It can trap ten thousand people?”

One must know the ten thousand disciples they were facing were no ordinary individuals. Every single one of them had the strength of the Alpha-Origin stage, individuals who would be elites if placed anywhere else.

Just think about how crazy it would be to trap these ten thousand disciples. Could the Heaven Disorienting Boundary really achieve such a feat? Zhou Yuan was somewhat skeptical.

Yaoyao slowly said, “It may be a little difficult anywhere else, but with the unique environment of the Genesis reservoir, we can make use of the right conditions to greatly amplify the powers of the Heaven Disorienting Boundary.”

“Temporarily trapping ten thousand people is not impossible.”

“Temporarily?” Zhou Yuan immediately caught onto a certain word.

Yaoyao nodded again. “The numbers on the other side are too great, we cannot trap all of them for long.”

Zhou Yuan sighed. “Then there’s not much point if we’re only able to trap them. Once they escape, Saint Genesis Peak will still be incapable of matching them.”

Yaoyao gently tapped her fingers as she said, “That’s why we need to eliminate them while they’re in the boundary.”

“Can we really wipe them out with our meagre numbers?” Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly.

Yaoyao offhandedly said, “The small amount of manpower we have is naturally insufficient. However, we can make use of external forces.”

“External forces? What external forces? I doubt the other peaks will help out.” Asked Zhou Yuan in a puzzled manner.

Yaoyao rolled her eyes at him. “Aren’t the aquatic beasts in the reservoir the best external force?”

“Have you forgotten how alluring the sacred dragon Qi in your body is to those aquatic beasts?”

Zhou Yuan naturally could not forget. He had been nearly swarmed to the death the first time he entered the Genesis reservoir last year. If not for Tuntun’s support, he would not have even dared to enter the waters again.

A look of thought was revealed on his face. Alarm soon appeared in his eyes as he stared at Yaoyao and said, “You want me to lure the aquatic beasts, and borrow their power to quickly defeat most of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples?”

Yaoyao’s red lips raised slightly as she said, “Correct. You will lure the aquatic beasts into the Heaven Disorienting Boundary, and both parties will naturally begin to fight. When that happens, we will not only be able to exhaust Sword Cometh Peak’s power but also use them to hunt aquatic beasts for us, killing two birds with one stone.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes turned round, clearly not expecting Yaoyao’s plan to be so cunning. They would not only trap the other party, but even force them to help Saint Genesis Peak kill aquatic beasts, while the latter could just sit and wait like a fisherman waiting to reel in the net.

“That’s quite ruthless.”

Muttered Zhou Yuan. Soon after, he grinned and said, “But I like it!”

Sword Cometh Peak was being far too domineering. Did they really believe Saint Genesis Peak was an easy target? If this plan succeeded, it would surely stifle the former’s overweening attitude.

Moreover, since Saint Genesis Peak had recently reopened, it was an opportune time for them to pull off a great victory, so the other peaks would no longer look down on them in the future.

At the sight of the excited Zhou Yuan, Yaoyao slowly said, “However, there are some issues with this plan.”

“What issues?” Zhou Yuan immediately asked. He had originally been worrying over how they would be able to face Sword Cometh Peak in the Genesis reservoir ceremony, and Yaoyao’s plan had undoubtedly made him see some hope.

Yaoyao placed a hand on her chin as she explained, “This Heaven Disorienting Boundary is extremely difficult to set-up. I’ll be hard-pressed to do it alone, so I’ll require some help.” 

“What about me? Will I be able to help?” Zhou Yuan shamelessly recommended himself.

“Only someone whose Spirit has reached the advanced Corporeal stage will be of use.” Yaoyao glanced at him as she softly chuckled. “Ye Ge seems to be a pretty good choice.”

Zhou Yuan’s face turned rigid as he immediately dismissed the notion in a righteous manner, “He’s not even from Saint Genesis Peak, plus Spirit Rune Peak has been coveting you too much. What if they try to make use of this chance to force you to join Spirit Rune Peak? Nope, nope, I feel that this is a no go.”

Everyone could clearly see how Ye Ge fancied Yaoyao, and there was absolutely no way in hell that Zhou Yuan would give him any opportunities.

A teasing angle rose from the corners of Yaoyao’s red lips as she shot a meaningful glance at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan forced out a smile in response. Soon after, he gritted his teeth and said, “Don’t worry, I will work harder to reach the advanced Corporeal stage before the ceremony!”

Yaoyao pondered a little, before she unhurriedly said, “You’ll have to work hard then, if you fail, I’ll have no choice but to ask Ye Ge for help.”

Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth and forcefully nodded.

Yaoyao could not help but laugh at Zhou Yuan’s appearance. She did not tease him any further as she stretched her back and said, “I’m close to done with the Spirit Refining Saliva. When the modulation is done, you can give it a try. It should be very beneficial to your Spirit cultivation.”

Zhou Yuan was elated by this news. With the Spirit Refining Saliva, his chances of a Spirit cultivation breakthrough would naturally rise.

“Besides this, there’s still one more problem…”

Yaoyao’s tone changed again as her bright eyes stared at the boundary diagram. “Due to the overwhelming number of people we plan to trap, the boundary’s power will become quite scattered. It may be able to trap the ordinary disciples, but some of the more elite disciples of Sword Cometh Peak will likely be able to escape.”

“If the elite disciples can free themselves, won’t that mean that the two Chosens Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu, plus the chief disciple Baili Che will be able to leave the boundary?” Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened.

Yaoyao nodded. “They will be the biggest problem. Once they escape, they will surely attempt to destroy the boundary, and we allow that to happen, all of our hard work will be lost.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed. If so, an intense battle would be unavoidable.

However, he was not afraid as battle hunger rose in his heart.

“You need not worry about Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu. Tuntun and I will ensure that neither of them will be able to move.” Yaoyao’s bright eyes looked straight at Zhou Yuan as she slowly said, “But you’ll have to deal with Baili Che.”

“If you fail and allow him to escape, the destruction of the boundary will cause a butterfly effect that will lead to the failure of the entire operation. Once the Sword Cometh Peak disciples are freed, the small number of disciples on our side will quickly be drowned by them.” 

“So, can you stop Baili Che?”

An arrogant face flashed across Zhou Yuan’s mind as he softly chuckled.

“Don’t worry, if Baili Che manages to get past me, I’ll resign from my position as chief disciple.”

Yaoyao nodded. Since Zhou Yuan had said so, she was naturally going to place her trust in him. She slowly folded the diagram as she said, “I’ll need to make other preparations for the Heaven Disorientating Boundary, and will do my best to get ready over the next month.”

“And then…”

“We’ll just have to wait for the Genesis reservoir ceremony to begin… when the time comes, we’ll give Sword Cometh Peak a nice big present.”

Yaoyao’s red lips curled upwards as a sliver of icy cruelness spread.

Zhou Yuan shivered a little at the sight of her smile, but soon began to gloat. Sword Cometh Peak was really unlucky to have angered Yaoyao...

He was now somewhat looking forward to the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

On that day, the entire Cangxuan Sect would likely be shocked by Saint Genesis Peak once more.

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