Chapter 507 Countermeasure

Ever since Li Qingchan and Ye Ge’s visit, Zhou Yuan found that Yaoyao had changed somewhat.

The biggest change was that she was spending even more time in the Spirit Rune Hall, and would even return carrying numerous ancient Genesis Rune texts each time for more in depth research.

Zhou Yuan asked if she needed help, but Yaoyao would offhandedly send him away with a wave of her hand.

In response, he could only shrug helplessly. Yaoyao’s seriousness was a good thing after all. She was usually overly uncaring and uninterested in everything, and would only show a little emotion when interacting with Zhou Yuan.

It seemed that she had been slightly angered by Sword Cometh Peak’s overbearing manner, an emotion which undoubtedly made her more full of life.

Hence, Zhou Yuan allowed her to do as she pleased, not disturbing her anymore as he continued to pour his attention into the formation of the Saint Spirit Seed.

Over the subsequent month, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao busied themselves with their respective projects, one immersing himself in his training, while the other deeply engaged in research.


The matter regarding Snow Lotus Peak and Spirit Rune Peak’s offer was ultimately unable to be concealed, causing quite some debate when it spread. Numerous disciples felt that it was rather regretful, because in their opinion, obtaining help from these two peaks would enable Saint Genesis Peak to achieve better results in the upcoming Genesis reservoir ceremony. Moreover, they would also no longer have to worry about the threat of Sword Cometh Peak.

However, Snow Lotus Peak and Spirit Rune Peak’s offer was aimed at Yaoyao, and other disciples naturally had no say.

In addition, Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao were essentially viewed as the bosses who called the shots in Saint Genesis Peak, and the other disciples would not intervene in the duo’s decisions. In any case, all everyone else had to do was follow the two bosses’ lead.

Even so, as the date of the Genesis reservoir gradually approached, a nervous atmosphere began to brew in Saint Genesis Peak. They were after all facing a titan like Sword Cometh peak, which honestly made them appear tiny in comparison.


Deep in the mountains.

Zhou Yuan was seated on a boulder overlooking a gorge. A glowing ball of Genesis Qi hovered between his palms, it’s interior akin to a mass of primal chaos. It was a Saint Spirit Seed.

However, this seed appeared to be exceptionally robust and condensed, because it was the amalgamation of seventy seven Beast Spirits...

A Saint Rune swirled in the depths of Zhou Yuan’s pupils, clearly viewing the countless chaotic undulations inside the Saint Spirit Seed as he swiftly searched for their sources to suppress and stabilize them.

With the magical powers of the Decoder Saint Rune, it had undoubtedly become much easier to cultivate the Saint Spirit Seed.

Of course, this was only with respect to before. As the number of fused Beast Spirits slowly grew, Zhou Yuan began to feel some pressure even with the Decoder Saint Rune.

At this current point time, it would basically take all of his concentration and energy to fuse another Beast Spirit into the seed, and not a single mistake could be made. In addition, the process would take a good half of the day.

Bzz bzz!

The embryonic Saint Spirit Seed buzzed faintly, before ultimately settling down, as the glow from the seed grew a little brighter.

“A successful seventy eighth fusion.”

Joy surfaced in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. He was nearly there after an entire month of effort, and hitting ninety was just around the corner.

Once he fused ninety Beast Spirits, the first step would be complete, and the high grade Heaven Genesis technique would begin to display some of its amazing power.

“At this rate, I should be able complete the first step in another ten days!” Zhou Yuan excitedly thought to himself.

“It seems that you’re quite capable, kid.”

While Zhou Yuan was celebrating inside, an elderly voice was heard. He quickly found old Xuan standing nearby, staring at the embryonic seed in front of Zhou Yuan in surprise.

He had not visited over the past few days, only to be shocked by Zhou Yuan’s progress today.

One must know that chief disciples, who had practiced this technique in the past, used at least half a year or more to reach Zhou Yuan’s current stage of progress. On the other hand, he had achieved the same in a single month. Just how talented was this kid?

Zhou Yuan chuckled, but did not explain. He had after all borrowed the miraculous powers of the Decoder Saint Rune. Without it, it would be near impossible for him to progress so far in a single month.

“Old Xuan, I’ll be returning first.”

With a wave of his sleeve, he kept the chest of Beast Spirit crystals, before bidding his goodbyes to old Xuan and rising into the air on his Genesis Qi.

Old Xuan chuckled as he watched Zhou Yuan leave. From the looks of it, the latter would likely become the fastest person in the history of the Cangxuan Sect to master the Omega Saint Spirit Art.

It was a day that old Xuan quite looked forward to.


When Zhou Yuan returned to his cave dwelling, he immediately caught sight of the graceful figure attentively flipping through an old text inside the stone pavilion beside the peach tree.

Zhou Yuan smiled. He had no intentions of disturbing her, and proceeded to stealthily slip away.

However, Yaoyao lifted her head at this moment and beckoned to him.

Zhou Yuan was a little stunned, before he walked over and seated himself beside her. As he breathed in her faint enchanting fragrance, he smiled and said, “What are you researching? Do you have a plan for the ceremony?”

Yaoyao responded, “The only advantages Sword Cometh Peak has over Saint Genesis Peak are their stronger foundations and a greater number of disciples. Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu alone are nothing to be afraid of.”

Zhou Yuan rubbed his nose as he observed a moment of silence for Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu. They may be Chosens of the Cangxuan Sect, but they seemed to be not even worth mentioning  in Yaoyao’s eyes.

Yaoyao slowly said, “Sword Cometh Peak’s advantage lies in their enormous number of disciples. If Saint Genesis Peak faces them, Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu would not even need to move a finger, for us to be utterly defeated. As such, the situation will not change even if I manage to hold off Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu.”

Zhou Yuan nodded with a serious expression. This was a problem he had been constantly mulling over recently. Saint Genesis Peak’s foundations were just far too weak. A single charge from Sword Cometh Peak was all it would take to steamroll over the ordinary disciples.

If that happened, it would no matter regardless of how he or Yaoyao resisted. 

If all the other disciples were wiped out, leaving the two of them alone, their situation would be akin to trying to put out a giant fire with a cup of water.

Yaoyao gently stroked the cover of the old book in her hand as she said, “Since that is the case, we will just have to even the playing field.”

“Even the playing field?” Zhou Yuan was taken aback.

Sword Cometh Peak’s advantage lay in their near ten thousand disciples of which there were no lack of elites. There was absolutely no way Yaoyao and him could ‘even the playing field’ by themselves, right? 

With so many opponents, even if they stood there and allowed themselves to be hit without any resistance, it would take insanely long to knock all of them out!

Yaoyao swept a glance at Zhou Yuan, her red lips curling slightly as if reading his mind. “Stupid, you only know how to use brute force.”

She fished out one of the books from the pile and slowly flipped it open, causing an enormous ancient Genesis Rune boundary to appear before Zhou Yuan’s eyes.

“I’ve studied the terrain of the Genesis reservoir, and searched the entire library of the Spirit Rune Hall for a boundary that is most suitable to use in the reservoir. If we successfully set this up, we’ll be able to take out nearly all of Sword Cometh Peak’s ten thousand strong army…”

“Once we achieve that, Sword Cometh Peak’s advantage will naturally disappear.”

As Yaoyao spoke in a nonchalant yet domineering manner, Zhou Yuan’s gaze paused on a certain spot of the boundary diagram, where three ancient words jumped at him, causing his pupils to shrink slightly.

“Heaven Disorientating Boundary!”

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