Chapter 505 Name List

Half a month after the end of the chief disciple selections, the commotion caused by the reopening of Saint Genesis Peak gradually began to die down.

However, there was always something exciting happening in an enormous sect like the Cangxuan Sect that would draw the attention of numerous disciples. For instance, the slowly approaching Genesis reservoir ceremony.

This ceremony was rather unique in the sect, because it was not a competition between individuals, but a contest of sorts between the various peaks. In other words, a match between the seven peaks.

The upper echelons of the sect had obviously designed the ceremony in this manner to stir up more competition between the various peaks, making them pressure and push each other, promoting growth for everyone.

It was also precisely because it affected all the disciples from the seven peaks that made this ceremony the largest scale event in the Cangxuan Sect.

In addition, it was an event that numerous disciples looked forward to the most.

After all, regardless of whether it was the purple sash or chief disciple selection from before, the ones who ended up benefiting were really only a small handful of outstanding disciples, while the majority could only watch with envious gazes.

The Genesis reservoir ceremony, however, was different. Every disciple from the seven peaks needed to play their part and contribute towards the final result of their respective peak.

This undoubtedly created a strong sense of participation in the many disciples.

As such, if one were to ask the bulk of the disciples what they looked forward to most in the Cangxuan Sect, the most popular answer would be the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

Thus, the disciples from the various peaks intensified their training, while trying to scout out information about the other peaks. After all, every other peak would be a competitor in the ceremony.

While such information was rapidly being spread in the sect, the most attention drawing was undoubtedly Sword Cometh Peak’s unconcealed hostility that was directed straight at the recently reopened Saint Genesis Peak.

With regards to this, the disciples from the other peaks were not the least bit surprised. Everyone knew that Sword Cometh Peak had lost a tremendous amount of cultivation resources due to the failure of Lu Hong’s faction during the chief disciple selection.

In addition, Lu Hong’s faction was even chased back to Sword Cometh Peak by the new substitute peak master Shen Taiyuan, making Sword Cometh Peak lose even more face.

Due to these various reasons, it was no surprise that Sword Cometh Peak was filled with resentment.

Sword Cometh Peak had not bothered to hide such feelings either, and were clearly intent on teaching Saint Genesis Peak a lesson during the Genesis reservoir ceremony to vent some of their frustration.

As a result, the disciples from the various peaks expressed pity towards Saint Genesis Peak.

However, that was the limit of their concern. Everyone was going to be rivals in the ceremony after all, and Sword Cometh Peak duking it out with Saint Genesis Peak was honestly a good thing for the other peaks.

Although the majority did feel that Saint Genesis Peak did not pose even the tiniest threat to Sword Cometh Peak.

Even with the recent addition of a chief disciple like Zhou Yuan, Saint Genesis Peak was still far too lacking when compared to Sword Cometh Peak’s formidable lineup.

As for sect master Qing Yang and the rest, they were quite helpless even though they were aware of Sword Cometh Peak’s resentment. They had secretly urged peak master Ling Jun to take action, but the latter washed his hands clean of the affair, saying that these were the opinions of his disciples, and as peak master, it would be best for him to respect their will.

This was obviously just an excuse, but even sect master Qing Yang could not do much about it. Sword Cometh Peak had indeed sustained a giant loss recently, and it was only natural for resentment to build up. As the ones who had benefited, sect master Qing Yang and the other peak masters were pretty powerless if peak master Ling Jun refused to listen.

Amidst the busy atmosphere, the list of participating disciples for the ceremony was decided and ultimately made public.

As the name list for each peak was revealed, it was to no one’s surprise that Saint Genesis Peak’s was revealed to be the most pitiful. The participants from an entire peak did not even exceed five hundred, a number that was not even a tenth of the other peaks...

The only thing that slightly surprised everyone was the name Zhou Xiaoyao on Saint Genesis Peak’s list...

This observation drew the interest of quite a number of people. After all, Yaoyao’s existence was very unique in the Cangxuan Sect. She was the only individual that was not a Chosen, but possessed strength equal to one.

Her addition into Saint Genesis Peak’s lineup would indeed bolster their power substantially.


“I’ve been wondering why Zhou Yuan seemed so confident previously, is it because he managed to get her help?” Inside a certain courtyard located in Sword Cometh Peak, Baili Che looked at the name list in his hand as he smiled. However, his smile contained a slight trace of mockery.

Kong Sheng and Zhao Zhu were seated opposite him. The two of them also looked over the name list as their brows furrowed slightly. “Zhou Xiaoyao is quite a troublesome individual.”

Kong Sheng said, “She foiled my plans in the Genesis reservoir last year, and is indeed pretty powerful. Though her Genesis Qi is weak, her mastery of Genesis Runes is better than even Ye Ge.”

Zhao Zhu slowly said, “If she is also participating, we’ll also have to be cautious of the little creature that follows her.”

He was naturally referring to Tuntun. In the brief exchange he had with Tuntun previously, Zhao Zhu had realized that this seemingly cute looking little creature, that only knew how to eat, in actuality possessed a terrifying strength.

The disdain in Baili Che’s smile receded as he said, “If so, Saint Genesis Peak now has two additional Chosens.”

Kong Sheng’s handsome face remained unchanged as he said, “Saint Genesis Peak’s foundations are still too frail. With just a mere few hundred disciples, what can Zhou Xiaoyao possibly change?”

“Zhou Yuan is a little too naive.”

He looked towards Zhao Zhu as he continued, “If that mysterious little creature were to participate, will junior brother Zhao Zhu be able to stop it?”

Zhao Zhu nodded with a sneer. “It’s only a beast, and I was only caught off guard previously. If it dares to come at me again, I’ll pluck out all of its hair!”

A small smile rose on Kong Sheng’s lips. “In that case, I will handle Zhou Xiaoyao.”

“She previously ruined things for me in the Genesis reservoir, a debt which I clearly remember and intend to make her return.”

“Is senior brother Kong Sheng confident? Even I can’t seem to measure that Zhou Xiaoyao.” Muttered Zhao Zhu.

Kong Sheng softly chuckled. “Relax, all she has are Genesis Runes, and I will naturally make my own preparations.”

Zhao Zhu was relieved by these words.

Kong Sheng’s gaze then shifted towards Baili Che. “As long as we manage to hold off Zhou Xiaoyao and that creature, the rest will be free pickings. I’ll be handing over the task of venting our Sword Cometh Peak’s resentment to you.”

Baili Che grinned as he nodded.

He knew that Kong Sheng was referring to Zhou Yuan.

“Don’t worry senior brother, I will let our beloved junior brother know how lacking he is as a chief disciple, and make sure he remembers not to show his face again in the Cangxuan Sect.”

“Hehe, I’m interested to see whether the disciples of Saint Genesis Peak will still support him after they watch him being utterly crushed so soon after becoming a chief disciple.”

“When that time comes, he will perhaps even become the most pitiful chief disciple in the history of our Cangxuan Sect.”

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