Chapter 504 Saint Spirit Seed


Two violent torrents of fire and water Genesis Qi spurted out, ultimately meeting on an old stone platform, where they powerfully slammed onto the figure seated there.

Searing heat and freezing cold assaulted the figure, as steam rose from their contact.

The figure was as still as a mountain as he endured the intense pain. A jade glow rose from the surface of his body as silver light blossomed deep within his bones.

Fire and water Genesis Qi continued to interweave, only gradually slowing down and dissipating a long while later.

The steam dispersed, revealing the seated figure.

It was obviously Zhou Yuan.

He was currently shirtless, defined lines and curves as if they had been carved with a knife visible on his lean upper body. Although no menacingly bulging and eye-catching muscles could be seen, an extremely explosive power brewed within that slim and lean body.

His little Mythic Saint Body was at the silver bone stage, while his body mastery at the initial level. This was clearly much stronger than before.

He stood up and clenched his fist , feeling the roaring power inside his body as he sighed in comfort. It was indeed a wondrous feeling to have one’s body filled with boundless life force.

“It’s a pity that there’s still no sign of the third level golden blood stage.” Zhou Yuan had not allowed himself to relax in his training over this period. Unfortunately, not even the tiniest indication of the third level golden blood stage was to be found.

Zhou Yuan shook his head. Without circulating any Genesis Qi, his foot pushed off the ground, catapulting his body into the air, before landing on the edge of the cliff. The ground below him cracked a little when he touched the ground.

He lifted his head to look at the stone pavilion, where old Xuan was napping. As if sensing Zhou Yuan’s presence, old Xuan began to stir as he drowsily raised his head and glanced at Zhou Yuan, who had just finished his daily body tempering.

Old Xuan lazily said, “Stop feeling regretful. Although you’re practicing the little Mythic Saint Body instead of the true Mythic Saint Body, stepping into the golden blood stage is not as easy as you think.”

Zhou Yuan smiled sheepishly and nodded, before walking over to seat himself in the pavilion as he said with a grin, “Old Xuan, there’s something I hope you can help me with.”

Old Xuan shook his wide sleeves, before he slowly spat out, “What?”

Zhou Yuan made a grabbing motion as an old jade book appeared in his hand. It was the Cangxuan art sect master had bestowed upon him when he became the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, the Omega Saint Spirit Art.

He had looked through the book over the past few days, and realized the difficulty was exceedingly high. Zhou Yuan had originally planned on consulting Yaoyao, but she had told him that old Xuan was more suitable, probably even the most suitable in the entire sect, which Zhou Yuan was very much in agreement after he thought about it. As the creator of the simplified seven Cangxuan arts, there was no doubt about old Xuan’s understanding of these techniques.

Old Xuan’s eyelids raised as he cast a glance at the jade book in Zhou Yuan’s hand. “Shouldn’t this be part of Shen Taiyuan’s responsibilities?”

“Old Xuan… I’ve bled for Saint Genesis Peak and done great services for it!” Said Zhou Yuan with deep conviction.

“I’m not an instructor! Can’t you give this old man a little peace?!”

“I’ve bled for Saint Genesis Peak and done great services!”


Old Xuan huffed at his beard in exasperation, as he repeatedly jabbed his finger at Zhou Yuan. A long while later, he finally conceded and sulkily said, “I’m really unlucky to have encountered a brat like you!”

Although he said so, a slight smile flitted across old Xuan’s murky eyes. He was after all extremely fond of Zhou Yuan. In fact, even sect master Qing Yang could not make the stubborn old man willingly give guidance to a disciple, and there was absolutely no way old Xuan would have relented due to a little mischievousness from Zhou Yuan.

“Have you studied the Omega Saint Spirit Art?” Asked old Xuan.

Zhou Yuan nodded, a serious expression appearing on his face as he said, “The most important part of the Omega Saint Spirit Art seems to be the creation of a ‘Saint Spirit Seed’ in the body?”

Old Xuan smiled and said, “Ninety nine types of Genesis Beast Spirits are required to create a Saint Spirit Seed. From the ninety nine, nine will become the base, while the rest are supplementary. Once the ingredients are gathered, you need to follow the processing method recorded in the manual to fuse the ninety nine Genesis Beast Spirits, creating a unique amalgamation called the Saint Spirit Seed.”

“Once the seed is formed, one only needs to visualize it for the seed to grow and take on a shape that will become a tremendous aid in battle.”

“The difficulty of the technique lies in the refining and fusion of Genesis Beast Spirits. These Spirits are vastly different, and will clash violently upon contact to devour each other. Forcibly fusing them will only result in mutual destruction.”

“Only with the most precise control will one be able to complete the entire process, a very challenging feat indeed.”

“It’s rather similar to the Nine Dragons Canon.” Zhou Yuan pondered to himself. However, the Nine Dragons Canon dealt with essence blood, while the Saint Spirit Art involved Genesis Beast Spirits which were clearly going to be far more difficult to deal with.

Old Xuan softly chuckled. With a jerk of his sleeve, two Beast Spirit crystals shot towards Zhou Yuan. “Give it a try.”

Zhou Yuan caught the two crystals and nodded. His palms faced each other as the crystals shattered, causing two translucent beast silhouettes to rise from within with tiny roars.

Genesis Qi surged out, enveloping the two Spirits as he slowly brought them together.

When they touched, a powerful backlash erupted, as if two vastly different elements were being forced to fuse. In the end, there was a loud bang as the two Beast Spirits turned into smoke and quickly dissipated.

Zhou Yuan’s expression was rather ugly. After personally trying it did he realize how difficult it was to fuse Beast Spirits.

Old Xuan unhurriedly said, “Those two were only grade two Genesis Beast Spirits. You should know that to successfully cultivate a Saint Spirit Seed, the ninety supplementary Beast Spirits will be grade 4 at the lowest, while the nine main ones need to be at least grade 5.”

“Moreover, if you use the lowest quality ingredients, the seed created will naturally be of a lower grade.”

“There are different grades of Saint Spirit Seeds?” Asked Zhou Yuan in surprise.

“There are two grades of seeds, low and high. The minimal level ingredients I mentioned earlier should result in a low grade seed. As for the high grade seed, the nine base Beast Spirits need to be at grade 6.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression turned even more ugly. Grade 6 Genesis Beasts were existances that could contend against Heavenly Sun stage human practitioners. Genesis Beasts that had reached that level were extremely intelligent, and even an injured Beast Spirit would not be easy to deal with, let alone fusing them together...

“What’s the difference between the low and high grades?” Inquired Zhou Yuan.

“The form a high grade Saint Spirit Seed takes will of course be stronger than a low grade one. Moreover, the former would also possess more transformations, which you will naturally learn about in the future.”

Old Xuan glanced at Zhou Yuan. “Given your strength, I feel a low grade seed is quite suitable.”

Zhou Yuan did not comment. Soon after, he realized another huge problem. If he were to continue in this manner, he would need a tremendous amount of Beast Spirits to cultivate a low grade Saint Spirit Seed.

A high grade Spirit would even require grade 6 Beast Spirits!

In the Genesis Beast world, Genesis Beasts that had reached grade 6 were no longer ordinary beasts, but known as Heaven Genesis Beasts.

A Beast Spirit Crystal from a Heaven Genesis Beast was not only rare but also extremely pricey, a cost he was likely unable to afford. Think about it, someone at the Heavenly Sun stage could already become an elder in the Cangxuan Sect. A Genesis Beast with such strength was definitely no push over at all.

“The ingredients will be very difficult to gather if I aim to cultivate a high grade seed.” Zhou Yuan sighed deeply.

“Heh, how ambitious…”

Old Xuan lit his pipe and took a puff. Soon after, he nonchalantly said, “There’s no need for you to worry about the ingredients. You’ve done a great service for Saint Genesis Peak, and have yet to be properly rewarded. If you have the resolution, Saint Genesis Peak can provide some of the resources required for cultivating the Saint Spirit Seed.”

“Of course, this will offset your contributions, so don’t come whining to me about how you’ve bled for Saint Genesis Peak again.”

Zhou Yuan was first overjoyed, before rubbing his nose in embarrassment.

However, his spirits had been reinvigorated substantially. With old Xuan’s promise, he would no longer have to fret about the resources needed for the Saint Spirit Seed.

Next, he could begin to attempt cultivating the seed.

As for whether it would ultimately end up as low or high grade, he would adapt according to the situation. If high grade was impossible, Zhou Yuan would have no choice but to settle for something less...

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