Chapter 502 Conditions

The originally harmonious atmosphere in the stone pavilion had become somewhat cold due to Baili Che’s sudden arrival, the Zhou Tai trio staring at the former with hostility.

Zhou Yuan’s expression remained unchanged as he glanced at Baili Che and calmly asked, “What do you mean?”

Baili Che put down his tea cup, looking at Zhou Yuan as he said, “Sword Cometh Peak can still protect you guys, but there’s a condition.”

His attitude was haughty, while a mocking smile hung from the corners of his lips, as if he was giving charity to the poor. This made anger flash on the faces of Zhou Tai and the rest.

“Tell me more.” Zhou Yuan appeared to be somewhat interested. Although Sword Cometh Peak’s protection was not within his considerations, he was interested to hear what the chief disciple of Sword Cometh Peak had to suggest.

Baili Che nonchalantly said, “I’ve heard that elder Shen has exercised his authority as substitute peak master to force elder Lu Hong’s faction back to Sword Cometh Peak. Heheh, elder Shen seems to be quite impatient. Does he really believe he’s already the peak master of Saint Genesis Peak?”

There was a sliver of mockery in his voice.

However, he did not wait for a reply. He waved his hand and stared at Zhou Yuan. “The first condition is for junior brother Zhou Yuan to have a little chat with elder Shen and get him to withdraw his previous command. After all, even if elder Lu Hong’s faction has not made any contributions, they have at least worked hard in Saint Genesis Peak for the past year. Isn’t it a little too cruel to burn this bridge so fast after Saint Genesis Peak has reopened?”

Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and Zhang Yan laughed in anger when they heard this. “What a nice way to put it. Lu Hong’s faction has caused only chaos in Saint Genesis Peak while they were here. Do you really believe they deserve such high praise?”

Baili Che swept an indifferent glance at them. “Who else can be blamed but yourselves for lacking strength? If you guys could be relied on, how could Lu Hong’s faction have even transferred in the first place?”

“You!” The Zhou Tai trio rose to their feet in anger.

Zhou Yuan stuck out his hand to stop them. Displaying anger in front of Baili Che would only make them appear petty. Hence, he smiled faintly and said, “The command was personally given by teacher Shen, how can it possibly be taken back so easily.”

“It may be impossible for others, but the same cannot be said for you.” Baili Che smiled playfully as he continued, “You’re basically the biggest benefactor of Saint Genesis Peak at the moment. If not for you, elder Shen would likely not be in control of Saint Genesis Peak.”

Zhou Yuan did not respond but instead asked, “You mentioned the first condition, so there’s a second one?”

“The second is much simpler…” Baili Che’s long fingers tapped the table as he said, “If you guys encounter any danger in the Genesis reservoir ceremony, my Sword Cometh Peak will move to aid you, but when it’s over, you’ll have to hand over fifty percent of your Genesis essence.”

Zhang Yan’s expression darkened as he angrily shouted, “Fifty percent?! You might as well be robbing us!”

Zhou Tai and Lu Yan glared at Baili Che. Fifty percent would essential mean that Saint Genesis Peak would be working for Sword Cometh Peak!

Sword Cometh Peak was being way too overbearing!

Baili Che leaned against the back of his seat in a relaxed manner. He paid no attention to the other three, merly smiling superficially as he stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, you’ve incurred the wrath of nearly everyone in my Sword Cometh Peak. If you do not agree to these conditions, even I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to reign in some of the Sword Cometh Peak disciples. It won’t be good if they decide to cause trouble for you guys during the ceremony.”

Flames of anger surged in the eyes of the Zhou Tai trio. Baili Che was basically threatening them.

“There have always been conflicts during that ceremony, so no one will be able to raise any complaints. At times, adapting to the situation is the most logical choice.”

Baili Che softly chuckled. “Since junior brother Zhou Yuan is a smart individual, I believe you should know what’s the right choice to make, right?”

The Zhou Tai trio looked towards Zhou Yuan. He was after all the current chief disciple, and his decision would represent the numerous disciples of Saint Genesis Peak.

Zhou Yuan rubbed his warm tea cup, as a faint smile appeared on his face. He looked at the seemingly relaxed, yet arrogant looking Baili Che, as he extended a finger and gently moved it from side to side. “The first condition, I refuse.”

“As for the second, we won’t be handing over even ten percent.”

His response was direct.

The Zhou Tai trio breathed a faint sigh of relief. If Zhou Yuan had agreed, Saint Genesis Peak would become a laughing stock.

Baili Che continued to lean against the back of the chair, his playful expression unchanged. He was obviously not surprised by Zhou Yuan’s answer, as he dramatically sighed and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan is truly akin to a newborn calf that is unafraid of a tiger. Such courage is indeed rather admirable.”

He stood up and smiled. “Does this mean the discussion is over?”

Zhou Yuan raised his cup and pointed towards the outside. “Please, if there’s no need to in the future, senior brother Baili Che should minimise visits to Saint Genesis Peak. Our humble abode is far too shabby for a great god like you.”

Baili Che’s eyes narrowed. His body leaned slightly forward, invading Zhou Yuan’s personal space as he looked down at the latter from above and said, “Junior brother Zhou Yuan, although you’ve become the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, do you really believe you have the qualifications to speak to me in such a manner?”


The instant his final word rang out, a sharp and powerful wave of Genesis Qi violently erupted from his body, its strength causing the Zhou Tai trio to stagger backwards.

Zhou Yuan’s clothes also began to flap violently, however, jade light instantly rose from his skin, as silver light flashed within his body. His figure was akin to a mountain, towering majestically in the violent storm.


The table between them was unable to withstand the Genesis Qi pressure as countless cracks rapidly appeared.

“Baili Che, this is Saint Genesis Peak, so don’t push your luck!” Yelled Zhou Tai, his complexion an angry green.

Baili Che softly chuckled as the terrifying Genesis Qi undulations receded. He had no intentions of picking a fight, and merely wanted to intimidate Zhou Yuan.

However, Zhou Yuan had remained untouched in the face of his Genesis Qi pressure, an observation that slightly surprised Baili Che. To have defeated Yuan Hong, this fellow did have some ability.

Zhou Yuan rubbed his palms together as he lifted his head and said, “Does senior brother Baili want to play a little?” 

Baili Che looked deeply at Zhou Yuan. “No need to be so anxious, I’m sure we’ll have our chance. When the time comes, senior brother will let you know that there are rankings even amongst chief disciples.”

After finishing, he turned around and left the stone pavilion.

Zhou Yuan gazed upon the former’s back as he slowly said, “Senior brother Baili, go back and tell them that Sword Cometh Peak should not be too bossy, and Saint Genesis Peak will not be depending on anyone in the upcoming Genesis reservoir ceremony.”

“However, if Sword Cometh Peak is too overbearing, don’t forget that even a rabbit will bite when cornered. Who knows, Sword Cometh Peak may end up worse off than before.”

Baili Che’s footsteps paused, tilting his head backwards as a mocking angle rose from the corners of his lips.

“Since you know you’re a rabbit, wait obediently to be slaughtered. Trying to jump around and struggle will only annoy others…”

“Besides, do you really believe that the likes of you has the qualifications to make my Sword Cometh Peak suffer?”

With a soft chuckle, he disdainfully shook his head as he rose into the sky on his Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, a dangerous gleam flickering within them as he watched the former leave. Rather than coming here to discuss conditions, it had been more akin to declaring war.

Baili Che was clearly telling them that Sword Cometh Peak was in a bad mood, and was going to release their wrath on Saint Genesis Peak during the Genesis reservoir ceremony.

“Sword Cometh Peak…”

Zhou Yuan’s finger tapped the table, causing it to shatter and turn into dust as his gaze turned cold and deadly like a blade.

“If you want to play…”

“Do you genuinely think that I will be afraid?”

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