Chapter 500 Peak Meeting

The next day.

While Zhou Yuan was training in the cave, a disciple came to the entrance and reported, “Chief disciple, teacher Shen has sent me to inform you that there will be a peak meeting today, which you should be attending as the chief disciple.”

Zhou Yuan nodded under the disciple’s respectful gaze, before a thoughtful look rose on his face.

A peak meeting was essentially an official meeting within the peak that only the peak master was authorized to call for. There had not been a peak meeting in Saint Genesis Peak for many years, mainly because they had neither a peak master nor the peak master seal.

With the retrieval of the peak master seal and Shen Taiyuan becoming the substitute peak master, this was the first time in many years that a peak meeting was going to be held.

However, there were currently a million things to do in Saint Genesis Peak, and everyone was extremely busy. Even Shen Taiyuan himself barely had any time to rest over the past few days, so why had he suddenly called for a peak meeting?

Only important matters were discussed in a peak meeting after all.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, a certain thought striking him as his lips curled a little.

“Interesting, has teacher Shen finally decided to take action.”


Saint Genesis Peak. The main peak.

In a simple and sturdy meeting hall. Shen Taiyuan was seated in the chief’s chair, while a smiling elder Lu Song and a gloomy looking elder Lu Hong were seated below on his left and right.

Below these two elders were some of the more outstanding disciples of Saint Genesis Peak such as Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, Lu Yan, Yuan Hong, and others...

Zhou Yuan’s position was a little lower down from the two elders, but higher than the numerous disciples, clearly displaying his identity and status as the chief disciple.

The atmosphere in the hall was currently quite solemn.

Elder Lu Hong expressionlessly glanced up at Shen Taiyuan. The corners of his eyes twitched slightly as envy and resentment swirled in the depths of his eyes.

That position should have been his.

“Everyone is very busy due to the reopening of Saint Genesis Peak. May I be so bold as to enquire why elder Shen has called for a peak meeting at such a time? If there’s nothing urgent, I still have many pressing matters to attend to.” Said Lu Hong.

He purposely said elder Shen with a little more emphasis, since Shen Taiyuan was only a substitute peak master, and not the real deal.

An abundant amount of very noteworthy cultivation resources had been rediscovered due to the unsealing of the main peak, and Lu Hong intended to do everything in his power to grab as much of it as possible. He would then slowly accumulate more and more to strengthen his faction, allowing him to one day take over the master faction position. Regardless of everything, he had the support of Sword Cometh Peak.

Although they had failed in the chief disciple selection, and he had received an angry scolding from peak master Ling Jun, the latter understood that pointing fingers and blaming would only be a waste of breath, but as long as Lu Hong’s faction stayed in Saint Genesis Peak, a chance would eventually arise.

Shen Taiyuan swept a calm gaze at him and slowly said, “There is indeed a rather important matter on the agenda. In fact, it actually concerns you.”

“Oh?” Lu Hong raised an eyebrow.

Shen Taiyuan continued, “The main reason why elder Lu Hong’s faction transferred to Saint Genesis Peak back then was to help reopen the main peak. Since Zhou Yuan has managed to achieve this instead, it appears that there’s no longer any reason for elder Lu Hong’s faction to remain here. Hence, I hope that elder Lu Hong will transfer your faction back to Sword Cometh Peak today.”

These words caused the entire hall to fall silent.

Lu Hong’s expression abruptly turned stern as he icily said, “Shen Taiyuan, what did you say? You want to chase us out of Saint Genesis Peak?!”

Shen Taiyuan smiled faintly and replied, “Not chasing, but requesting…”

“Shen Taiyuan, you seem to be very brave. My faction transferred to Saint Genesis Peak on peak master Ling Jun’s instructions. Have you informed him of your intentions?” Lu Hong sneered.

Saint Genesis Peak had been reopened, and the seal main peak was seeing the light of day once more. There was an abundance of cultivation resources within the main peak  that would make anyone drool, making this the perfect chance to snatch up as big of a share as possible. Hence, there was no way that Lu Hong would willingly withdraw from Saint Genesis Peak.

Shen Taiyuan’s expression remained impassive as he said, “Saint Genesis Peak has reopened, while the peak master seal has also been found. Peak master Ling Jun should not have any relation to the internal affairs of the peak, so why do I need to report to him?”

Lu Hong froze. If it was before, a mere elder like Shen Taiyuan would have no right to touch the former’s faction. However, with the peak master seal currently in his hands, he was considered equal in status to peak master Ling Jun, and naturally had the authority to request the withdrawal of Lu Hong’s faction from Saint Genesis Peak, especially since they had not been a part of Saint Genesis Peak in the first place.

Lu Hong gnashed his teeth as he retorted, “I will never agree to this. If you insist on forcing your way, I will report this matter to the sect master! Don’t think for a moment that being the substitute peak master will allow you to do as you please!”

Shen Taiyuan merely retrieved a golden letter from his sleeve and said, “No need to trouble yourself, I’ve already reported this matter to the sect master, and he has agreed to transfer your faction back to Sword Cometh Peak.”

He lifted his hand as the letter was sent drifting towards Lu Hong.

Lu Hong caught it, opened it and swiftly scanned it twice as his expression turned deathly pale. He raised his head, glaring at Shen Taiyuan as he shouted, “Shen Taiyuan, you’re too vicious!”

Shen Taiyuan remained expressionless.

Lu Hong took in a deep breath, before he icily said, “Shen Taiyuan, Saint Genesis Peak only has three factions at the moment. If we are transferred out, the only ones left will be the two of you. With the Genesis reservoir ceremony just around the corner, are you going to let Saint Genesis Peak lose all face in the ceremony?”

His frosty gaze shifted towards Zhou Yuan as he mocked, “Do you really think you can depend on this chief disciple to lead your two factions in the Genesis reservoir ceremony?”

“From what I can see, they won’t last even a single day in the ceremony without us!”

Rage rose in the eyes of Zhou Tai, Lu Yan and the other disciples from the two factions, clearly hearing the contempt in Lu Hong’s words.

Zhou Yuan also lifted his eyes and cast a glance at Lu Hong, but did not say anything.

“There’s no need for you to worry about such matters.” Shen Taiyuan waved his hand and calmly said, “I’ve already given you sect master’s letter, and this matter is already set in stone. I hope that your faction will move out of Saint Genesis Peak in three days and return to Sword Cometh Peak.”

Lu Hong’s eyeballs nearly popped from their sockets as fire spewed from his eyes. If they were chased out of Saint Genesis Peak, they would no longer have any chance left. Moreover, being sent away with their tails between their legs would likely make them a laughing stock when they returned to Sword Cometh Peak.

After all, they failed far too terrible in this mission.

Lu Hong nearly fainted from the anger in his heart. He never imagined that he would fall to such a dire position in a single year!

“It’s all because of that blasted brat!” Lu Hong gritted his teeth, a sinister look in his eyes as he stared at Zhou Yuan.

However, he did not dare to do anything in the end. He could only take in two deep breaths, before looking towards Shen Taiyuan as he icily said, “Shen Taiyuan, you will regret this. Saint Genesis Peak will definitely lose all face in the Genesis reservoir ceremony. Let’s see how you will explain things as the substitute peak master then!”

He could not bear to stay a moment longer, and immediately rose and left with a wave of his sleeves.

His disciples silently followed in a dejected and crestfallen manner.

After their departure, the hall was silent for a while as the disciples from the two factions looked at each other, before suddenly bursting into enthusiastic cheers that shook even the hall itself.

Lu Hong’s factions had been nothing but hostile towards the other two factions, like fire and water. Now that they were finally chased out, Saint Genesis Peak could be peaceful again.


On the chief seat, Shen Taiyuan coughed to suppress the cheering. His stern gaze swept across the crowd, causing their necks to shrink back.

Shen Taiyuan’s gaze eventually paused on Zhou Yuan, becoming a little kinder as he slowly said, “Zhou Yuan, as the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, you have the duty of leading the disciples during the Genesis reservoir ceremony to obtain some blessings.”

“I know that Lu Hong’s faction will only be a problem if they were to participate under Saint Genesis Peak’s banners, so I’ve helped you deal with them today.”

“Whether or not our Saint Genesis Peak disciples will obtain any results in the Genesis reservoir ceremony will likely depend on you.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression shivered a little. He was fully aware that allowing Lu Hong’s faction to stay behind would only make it more difficult for him to control the overall situation. However, as the chief disciple, he could not really say anything about this. He never expected that Shen Taiyuan would help him resolve this potential problem.

What’s more, Shen Taiyuan would also offend peak master Ling Jun, putting the former under a tremendous amount of pressure.

In the hall, Zhou Tai, Zhang Yan, Lu Yan and the other disciples looked towards Zhou Yuan, as they bowed and cupped their fists together. “We’ll be depending on chief disciple for the Genesis reservoir ceremony.”

After the chief disciple selection, Zhou Yuan’s reputation had clearly reached the apex in Saint Genesis Peak. With the exception of Lu Hong’s faction, all the other disciples viewed him as their leader and would willingly listen to his commands.

Upon seeing this, Zhou Yuan’s expression turned solemn as he cupped his fists together towards the crowd, and took in a deep breath.

“I will do my best.”

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