Chapter 499 Master Faction

A major event like the reopening of Saint Genesis Peak naturally caused huge ripples in the Cangxuan Sect, because the seven peaks were now not just in name.

It was also vital to Saint Genesis Peak. They would now be able to select some of the more talented disciples when the new batch entered, unlike before, when they could only hope for leftovers after the other six peaks were done, a situation that had caused them to grow weaker and weaker.

With the influx of more and more fresh blood, Saint Genesis Peak would strengthen little by little.

In addition, the peak master seal had been retrieved. Since Zhou Yuan was the main person responsible for the reopening of Saint Genesis Peak, it was no surprise that the peak master seal was left in elder Shen Taiyuan’s hands by sect master Qing Yang.

This meant that elder Shen Taiyuan was now the substitute peak master of Saint Genesis Peak.

As to why he was only a substitute, it was because the minimum requirement to become a peak master was to first step into the Nascent Source stage.

The Nascent Source stage was basically the highest level in Cangxuan Heaven. Experts at this level could establish a first class sect, and if put outside the Shengzhou Continent, they would even be able to lord over several continents, becoming famous overlords.

Elder Shen Taiyuan was currently at the Heavenly Sun stage, and was still some ways from the Nascent Source stage. Hence, it was not possible for him to become a true peak master even though the peak master seal was already in his possession.

Even so, elder Shen Taiyuan’s status had rapidly soared, making all the other elders crazily envious. After all, the cultivation resources he enjoyed as a substitute peak master would far surpass the other elders, giving him a better chance of stepping into the Nascent Source stage.

Moreover, since elder Shen Taiyuan was the substitute peak master, the master faction position would naturally fall upon the faction Zhou Yuan and the rest belonged to.

Henceforth, Shen Taiyuan’s faction would become the master faction and have the highest status in Saint Genesis Peak. The other factions would view them as the head, and follow their commands.

Most importantly, the master faction would have a greater share of Saint Genesis Peak’s cultivation resources, which would undoubtedly put them in a more advantageous position.

It was plain for all to see, Shen Taiyuan and his faction were the biggest winners in the sect.

The many elders in the sect were very envious of Shen Taiyuan. In the past, he had been considered one of the less well off among the elders. After all, the other elders felt that stubbornly clinging on in Saint Genesis Peak was a fruitless endeavor, and anyone else would have requested to be transferred elsewhere long ago. However, Shen Taiyuan was extremely stubborn, clinging obstinately to Saint Genesis Peak and refusing to leave.

However, the numerous elders could not help but sigh at how lucky Shen Taiyuan was now. To think that he would meet a miraculous disciple like Zhou Yuan, who would pull them out of the pitiful situation they were in. Shen Taiyuan’s status had basically changed overnight, becoming one of the mightest figures in the sect.

In fact, he may even become the seventh peak master in the future.

All because he had decided to stake it all on Zhou Yuan back then. The current Shen Taiyuan was clearly very proud of this decision.


Several days after the reopening of Saint Genesis Peak.

“Chief disciple Zhou Yuan.”

On a certain day, Zhou Yuan had just finished his training and was returning to his abode, where he found several figures standing outside. The one leading them appeared to be one of the stewards of Saint Genesis Peak, who quickly smiled and cupped his fists together upon seeing Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan hurriedly returned the gesture, his gaze sweeping over the group as he puzzledly asked, “Is something the matter?”

The steward smiled and said, “Hehe, I was sent by elder Shen. As the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, this purple cave dwelling has become a little too shabby for you. After tidying up the main peak, numerous previously unavailable cultivation dwellings have been discovered, and elder Shen has specially reserved the best chief disciple cave dwelling for you.”

These past few days had been quite chaotic for Saint Genesis Peak. Shen Taiyuan had dispatched all the manpower he could muster to thoroughly inspect the long undisturbed main peak.

After doing up an inventory, his first agenda was naturally to reserve the best cave dwelling for Zhou Yuan, which was undoubtedly much better than any purple cave dwelling.

The steward had brought along such a big group, because they intended to help Zhou Yuan move.

“I informed Zhou Xiaoyao about this matter earlier, but she said to wait for your return before making a decision.”

Zhou Yuan was slightly taken aback, before he thoughtfully looked at the cave dwelling. It had been a year since he began living here, and Yaoyao was essentially the one who had been taking care of it all along, even the tiniest little detail inside were the fruits of her daily efforts. If they were to move, things would undoubtedly be a little different.

Yaoyao was usually rather nonchalant by nature, but once she set her heart on something, it meant that she was going to pour some of her feelings into it.

And there were obviously not many people or things Yaoyao would invest her feelings into. In addition, Zhou Yuan did not know whether Yaoyao would still pour her feelings into the new place if they were to move.

Zhou Yuan did not wish to see the Yaoyao from before, who was completely indifferent to everything. Moreover, it was quite a fuzzy feeling to occasionally see Yaoyao attentively tending to her garden.

Zhou Yuan was silent for a while, before he slowly said, “Teacher uncle, let’s not rush into this matter for the time being.”

Though the chief disciple cave dwelling was tempting, allowing Yaoyao to be just that tiny bit happier was better in his opinion. After all, he could always work harder to make up for the former.

The steward was a little surprised, but seemed to understand somewhat as he observed Zhou Yuan’s expression. The former immediately smiled as he said, “Chief disciple Zhou Yuan is a really considerate person.”

“Since that is the case, I shall talk no further about this topic. We’ll reserve the chief disciple cave dwelling for you to move in any time you wish.”

The steward chuckled, before he left with the group.

Zhou Yuan watched them leave, before turning around to enter the bright and peaceful cave. He found a beautiful figure standing under a spirit peach tree beside the small stream, slowly absorbing every tiny detail in the cave.

The spirit peach tree had been personally transplanted here by Yaoyao. It had initially been rather bleak and lifeless, but after a year of nursing by Yaoyao, vitality had begun to flow in it once more.

He slowly walked over.

Yaoyao turned her head and looked at him, her clear eyes unreadable as her red lips parted slightly. “When do we start moving?”

Zhou Yuan smiled and said, “There’s no need to move, I’ve already rejected him. This place is pretty sweet, so let’s continue staying here a little longer.”

Yaoyao was taken aback, her eyes unknowingly growing a little brighter. She gently bit her lip as she stared at Zhou Yuan and said, “Why aren’t we moving? That cave dwelling should be better for your cultivation.”

Zhou Yuan looked towards the nearby garden, where a hundred beautiful flowers spiritedly swayed as they vied for attention, and slowly said, “Because you like it here.”

Yaoyao was stunned once again. A long while later, she curiously looked Zhou Yuan up and down. A sweet fragrance followed as she inched a little closer and seemingly smiled, “Not bad, where did you learn this?”

Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes. However, he could tell that Yaoyao had become more spirited than earlier.

Zhou Yuan said in an unhurriedly manner, “If you really want to move, I can always let him know.”

Yaoyao’s eyes narrowed. “Oh? Can you repeat that one more time?”

Zhou Yuan felt a chill rush towards him, causing his head to subconsciously shrink back.

Yaoyao softly snorted, carrying Tuntun as she turned around. After a few steps, she turned her head slightly, revealing her soul-stirringly beautiful side-face, as a rarely seen smile appeared.

“Zhou Yuan, I really like this place… thank you.”

Her soft voice stealthily brushed past his ear. 

A smile appeared on Zhou Yuan’s face as he looked at the figure, whose steps were clearly a little more spirited than before. What was losing some cultivation resources compared to making this little missy happy.

He clearly knew what was more important between the two.

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