Chapter 498 Search for the Stamp

The sound of a bell echoed across the mountains.

High up in the sky, sect master Qing Yang and the five peak masters exchanged a look, before descending towards the ground, landing just outside the large ancient hall atop the main peak.

Zhou Yuan was already waiting here. He hurriedly bowed and cupped his fists together upon seeing sect master and the rest.

“Greetings sect master and the five peak masters.”

Sect master Qing Yang kindly looked at Zhou Yuan as he nodded and said, “Zhou Yuan, you are the main reason for Saint Genesis Peak’s reopening. In fact, we should be thanking you.”

Zhou Yuan hastily said, “As a disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, it is my duty to aid in its reopening.”

Sect master Qing Yang chuckled, before he looked towards the green jade statue in the hall with a solemn expression and quickly walked forward, the five peak masters hurriedly following behind.

Six figures stood before the green jade statue of the patriarch and respectfully bowed.

“It’s been so many years since we’ve seen this statue.” Sect master Qing Yang sighed.

Peak master Ling Jun stared at the statue. Moments later, he said in a soft voice, “Shall we go ahead and search?”

The others nodded with serious expressions.

Sect master Qing Yang took in a deep breath, before he bowed to the jade statue again and said, “Teacher, sorry for the disturbance.”

The moment his words faded, the figures of the five peak masters disappeared from the spot, before appearing at various locations in the giant main peak. Zhou Yuan immediately felt several terrifying presences spread their senses, searching the main peak inch by inch.

Sect master Qing Yang remained standing in front of the statue, his eyes lightly shut, clothes fluttering as his senses also spread out. Everything around him was clearly projected in his heart.

In the face of these six searching hegemons, it was near impossible for anything in the main peak to escape their detection.

Zhou Yuan trembled a little in fear as he watched. If his guess was correct, sect master Qing Yang and the rest should be searching for the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.

It was after all the number one divine artifact of Cangxuan Heaven, and had been lost long ago when patriarch Cangxuan died. If the Cangxuan Sect managed to get ahold of it once more, their strength would undoubtedly so, and maybe even become the number one sect in Cangxuan Heaven again.

Saint Genesis Peak was the place where the patriarch often secluded himself while he was alive, plus it had also been personally sealed by him. This undoubtedly made sect master Qing Yang and the others feel that the Saint Stamp was somewhere within Saint Genesis Peak.

However, Zhou Yuan knew that it was not here. The patriarch had most likely sealed this peak in order to protect the second Saint Rune.

Since the Saint Rune was now in his hands, there was nothing else to be found in Saint Genesis Peak.

Of course, there was naturally no way he would dare to reveal this information. Hence, he could only watch as the six hegemons thoroughly searched the main peak.

The searching lasted for an entire half of an incense stick of time, before the space in the large hall faintly rippled as five figures appeared that quickly shook their heads with grave expressions.

Sect master Qing Yang sighed softly when he saw this and said, “It appears that we were too naive.”

Lightning Prison Peak master Lei Jun’s brows were tightly furrowed as he said in a low voice, “Why would Cang Xuan seal this place if there was nothing here? This is not normal.”

“Maybe teacher does not wish for the peace here to be disturbed?” Suggested Bai Mei as he stroked his long white brows.

Peak master Ling Jun shook his head. His seemingly bottomless and sharp gaze swept across the hall, before suddenly pausing on Zhou Yuan as his eyes grew even sharper. “You were the first to enter. Did you not discover anything?”

Zhou Yuan was taken aback. Without a change in expression, he shook his head and answered, “Disciple does not know what peak master Ling Jun is saying.”

Peak master Ling Jun indifferently said, “You’re clearly only at the fifth layer Alpha-Origin stage, but your Genesis Qi foundations are exceptionally robust. I wonder what’s the reason behind this?”

Zhou Yuan calmly replied, “Disciple had some fortunate and blessed encounters over the years. However, this does not seem to be peak master Ling Jun’s business? Is peak master Ling Jun making things difficult for me because I foiled Sword Cometh Peak’s plans during the chief disciple selection?”

Peak master Ling Jun looked deeply at Zhou Yuan. “Don’t be so sharp-tongued. This is a matter of utmost importance, and I feel you should be handed to Lightning Prison Peak for a proper inspection.”

Zhou Yuan frowned slightly. He was not worried about being inspected, because it was definitely impossible for sect master Qing Yang and the others to know about the Saint Runes. Even if the runes were found, he would say that he had chanced upon them by luck.

However, being inspected for no reason was an uncomfortable feeling.

“Ling Jun, it seems to me that you’ve become overly infatuated with the Cangxuan Saint Stamp!”

However, an old, icy laughter suddenly rang out at this moment. Old Xuan’s figure leisurely appeared from the mountain path, his eyes frosty as he stared at peak master Ling Jun.

“Zhou Yuan just did a great service to our Saint Genesis Peak, never mind if he’s not rewarded, you actually want to send him to Lightning Prison Peak for an inspection? Come, tell me your rationale behind this?!”

“If word of this spread, which disciple in our Cangxuan Sect will dare to do anything for the sect?”

Peak master Ling Jun said, “The Cangxuan Saint Stamp is too important, a single disciple having to suffer a little should be understandable.”

Old Xuan laughed mockingly. “All of you should clearly know what kind of treasure the Cangxuan Saint Stamp is. Do you think none of you would be able to sense an ultimate treasure like it if it were in his possession? Is there even any need to go to Lightning Prison Peak?”

Peak master Ling Jun was unable to respond. The almighty undulations from an ultimate divine artifact like the Cangxuan Saint Stamp could not be completely hidden even by individuals like them. A mere fifth layer Alpha-Origin disciple would obviously be even more incapable of doing so.

Peak master Ling Jun glanced at Zhou Yuan and slowly said, “There are always exceptions.”

Old Xuan icily snorted as he looked towards sect master Qing Yang. “Does sect master intend for Zhou Yuan to be sent to Lightning Prison Peak?”

Sect master Qing Yang chuckled as he shook his head and said, “Zhou Yuan has done a great service for Saint Genesis Peak, there is absolutely no reason for him to be inspected.”

“But…” Peak master Ling Jun cut in.

Sect master Qing Yang waved his hand and sighed. “Peak master Ling Jun, I understand that the Cangxuan Saint Stamp is very important, but teacher clearly did not leave it in Saint Genesis Peak. There is no need to be overly suspicious for no good reason.”

“Zhou Yuan is a disciple of our Cangxuan Sect that had made several contributions. We cannot treat him in such a manner.”

Peak master Ling Jun could no longer say anything, and withdrew his gaze from Zhou Yuan.

“We’ve wasted our time again.” Lightning Prison Peak master Lei Jun stared at the jade statue as he slowly said, “If the Cangxuan Saint Stamp isn’t here, where exactly is it? If it lands in the hands of Sacred Palace, Cangxuan Heaven…”

Sect master Qing Yang and the rest fell silent. If the Cangxuan Saint Stamp landed in the hands of the Sacred Palace master, the latter would very likely become the new heaven master of Cangxuan Heaven. When that happened, he would be able to wield the power of Cangxuan Heaven.

In addition, there will no longer be any hope of avenging the patriarch.

In the end, sect master Qing Yang waved his hand, pulling himself together as he said, “Do not be overly worried. Teacher must have made certain preparations before he died. It will not be so easy for the Sacred Palace to find the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.”

Everyone nodded, they could only console themselves in this manner.

Zhou Yuan pondered by the side. He wondered if he would be able to sense the location of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp when all four Saint Runes were gathered.

He had a feeling that this was what the patriarch intended when he cut off these four Saint Runes from the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.

While he was submerged in thought, sect master Qing Yang’s gaze shifted over as he chuckled and said, “Saint Genesis Peak’s reopening is a cause for celebration for the Cangxuan Sect, we should not brood over such matters.”

“Since you’re the chief disciple of Saint Genesis Peak, you’ll have to work hard in the upcoming Genesis reservoir ceremony. How much blessings the disciples of Saint Genesis Peak will end up obtaining will mostly depend on you…”

“Genesis reservoir ceremony?”

Zhou Yuan was slightly taken aback, but still respectfully nodded in acknowledgement.

“Disciple will do his best.”

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