Chapter 496 Earth Saint Rune

The mysterious glowing rune pulsed with a mighty heart-palpitating power as it silently lay in deep within the jade hand. Its familiar aura made Zhou Yuan absolutely certain that this was the second Saint Rune he had been painstakingly searching for...

Zhou Yuan’s chest rapidly heaved, only gradually returning to normal after some time. However, the burning fire in his eyes blazed strongly, impossible to be extinguished.

It was after all hard to reign in his emotions when the goal he had strived so long for was finally right before his eyes.

He slowly walked forward, arriving in front of the jade statue as he reached out a trembling hand to gently touch the statue’s hand.

A cooling sensation spread from his palm.

Light suddenly blossomed from the green jade hand as the Saint Rune slowly began to squirm.

Zhou Yuan circulated his Genesis Qi, very carefully sending strands of Qi to grab the Saint Rune.


However, the mysterious Saint Rune seemed to be aware of his intentions and suddenly shook, scattering the Genesis Qi. With a swish, it left the green jade hand and zipped through the air.

Zhou Yuan was horrified by this sight. If he were to let it escape, he would not even have a place to cry.


Vigorous Genesis Qi instantly exploded from Zhou Yuan’s body without any reservation, transforming into halo after halo that reached towards the fleeing Saint Rune.

Bzz bzz!

However, the mysterious rune vibrated, and easily scattered the Genesis Qi.

This Saint Rune evidently possessed some kind of mysterious power. If it had offensive capabilities, Zhou Yuan would have likely been in a tremendous amount of danger.

After scattering the Genesis Qi, the mysterious Saint Rune flew towards the entrance of the hall.

Beads of sweat dripped down the anxious Zhou Yuan’s head. He had not expected the second Saint Rune to be so difficult to subdue. The patriarch had not told him anything about this back then!


However, while Zhou Yuan was fretting inside as if he were on fire, the Decoder Saint Rune began to revolve in the depths of his pupils. A mysterious light stream shot out, shining on the escaping Saint Rune.

Under the light, the untamable Saint Rune immediately froze, before slowly flying back and began circling around Zhou Yuan as if sensing something familiar.

Zhou Yuan did not dare to even move as he anxiously watched the Saint Rune, afraid that it would suddenly fly away again.

He sort of knew that this Saint Rune also possessed some kind of mysterious power, and would not be so easily obtained. Even with the Decoder Saint Rune, he had only succeeded with the help of the divine grindstone brand.

Hence, he required the aid of another divine object to subdue this Saint Rune.

From what he could see, the divine grindstone brand was not going to be of much use against this Saint Rune. Fortunately, the Decoder Saint Rune had promptly taken action...

Under Zhou Yuan’s anxious gaze, the mysterious Saint Rune leisurely circled him twice, before gradually descending due to the familiar power from the Decoder Saint Rune.

Zhou Yuan extended a hand as the Saint Rune landed in his palm.

It began to melt like water the moment it touched his hand, soaking into his palm and fusing with his flesh.

Next, a mysterious, cryptic looking ancient Saint Rune appeared in Zhou Yuan’s hand.

Zhou Yuan quickly clenched his hand, afraid that it would run away again, while a wide grin emerged on his face.

As the Saint Rune fused into his palm, information began to flow into his head.

“Earth Saint Rune, second rune of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp. Gives one power over the earth to absorb earth Genesis Qi to augment the body.”

“So this Saint Rune is called the Earth Saint Rune.” Mumbled Zhou Yuan to himself. Soon after, he asked in a puzzled voice, “Earth Genesis Qi? Augment the body?”

He awkwardly scratched his head. From the looks of it, this Earth Saint Rune belonged to the battle category.

However, there was currently no time to give it a spin. He closed his fist, causing the Earth Saint Rune within it to slowly fade away. It concealed itself in his flesh, making it nearly impossible to detect.

The second Saint Rune was finally his.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, a huge weight finally lifted off his mind. His first major goal had at long last been achieved.


While Zhou Yuan was elated over obtaining the second Saint Rune, the rays of light suddenly beamed from the jade statue’s eyes.

Zhou Yuan was startled, hastily taking two steps back.

The light converged before him, ultimately taking the shape of two ancient glowing words.

“This is?”

Zhou Yuan was stunned as he read them, “Mythic Utopia?”

“What is a Mythic Utopia?” Zhou Yuan frowned. Soon after, his eyes suddenly widened, “Could it be… a clue leading to the third Saint Rune?”

Back then, patriarch Cang Xuan had told him that he would receive a clue that led to the third Saint Rune when he obtained the second Saint Rune. From the looks of it, the third Saint Rune was probably somewhere in this Mythic Utopia.

However, the term was very unfamiliar to Zhou Yuan. Looks like he’ll have to start doing some research.

The four Saint Runes were split off parts of the Cangxuan Saint Stamp, the number divine object of Cangxuan Heaven. If there was a chance to gather them, Zhou Yuan would naturally take it.

The ancient glowing words slowly faded away as the jade statue returned to normal, no longer displaying any strange activity.

A look of thought emerged on Zhou Yuan’s face, before he solemnly bowed towards the green jade statue and said, “Don’t worry patriarch, I will do my best to gather the four Saint Runes.”

As long as the Saint Runes were in his possession, it would be impossible for the master of Sacred Palace to become the master of Cangxuan Heaven even if he did obtain the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.

His roots were in Cangxuan Heaven after all, and he would naturally not want Sacred Palace to grow so powerful. If they did, it would become extremely dangerous for him, who had the Saint Runes in his possession.

After he was done, Zhou Yuan slowly withdrew from the hall and stood outside.


Meanwhile, green light rose from the jade statue in the hall and soared into the sky. The green light spread, slowly melting the seal over the main peak wherever it passed.

The mist that surrounded the peak also began to recede like the tide.

The long sealed main peak was finally going to see the light of day again.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The resonant dong of an old bell rang continuously in the main peak, echoing in the surroundings as if in celebration.

Outside the main peak, high above in the sky. Emotions surged across sect master Qing Yang’s face as he watched the mist retreat from the main peak, before he stood up and bowed towards it.

“Congratulations on reopening, Saint Genesis Peak!”

Saint Genesis Peak where patriarch Cang Xuan often secluded himself. His bow was in truth a bow towards the patriarch.

The five peak masters also stood up and earnestly bowed with solemn expressions.

“Congratulations on reopening, Saint Genesis Peak!”

Their grand voices echoed across the land, causing the countless individuals within the Cangxuan Sect to look towards Saint Genesis Peak in shock.

From this day onwards, the seven peaks of the Cangxuan Sect shall reemerge in the world.

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