Chapter 487 Challenging the Main Peak

While the entire Cangxuan Sect was still soaking in the afterglow of the chief disciple selection, the three day deadline quietly arrived.

On this day, Saint Genesis Peak became lively once again.

Because today, Zhou Yuan would be taking on his first task as chief disciple. It was the most important mission of ascending the main peak of Saint Genesis Peak, breaking the seal and reopening its main gates.

Reopening Saint Genesis Peak’s main gates was a goal everyone shared for many years. Generation after generation of disciples and elders had strived towards it, only to end up failing each time.

Only by reopening the main gates and unsealing the main peak would Saint Genesis Peak truly become the seventh peak of the Cangxuan Sect. They would then be able to boldly recruit talented disciples and flourish, instead of declining year after year like now.

Moreover, if Saint Genesis Peak was to fail again this year, sect master will allow the chief disciples of the other six peaks to participate in attempting to unseal the main peak next year.

If one’s own disciples failed to reopen the main peak and had to instead rely on the other peaks, even after being reopened, it would not be a happy occasion for the two factions of Saint Genesis Peak. Hence, they were placing all of their expectations onto Zhou Yuan, hoping that the young miracle worker would once again surprise everyone...


Deep in Saint Genesis Peak.

The dilapidated plaza of the majestic misty main peak welcomed its most busy day of the year. Practically every disciple of Saint Genesis Peak was gathered here today.

The disciples from the three factions were split into two groups on the plaza.

Shen Taiyuan and Lu Song’s disciples were clearly much closer due to the wild celebrations over the past few days, even making light chat, before they cast equally hostile gazes opposite them, where Lu Hong’s disciples stood with frosty gazes.

The atmosphere over here was clearly quite gloomy. Their failure in the chief disciple selection had clearly placed them under a tremendous amount of stress.

The Sword Cometh Peak disciples had also grown very critical of them, firmly believing that it was their uselessness that resulted in the Sword Cometh Peak’s huge losses.

The disciples from the other peaks, on the other hand, viewed them with mockery. After all, Lu Hong’s faction had been so full of confidence when they initially transferred to Saint Genesis Peak, and were absolutely certain that the chief disciple position was already in the bag.

But who could have imagined that they would fail in the end?

If one were to look back now, the initial confidence of Lu Hong’s faction would now seem like a joke.

Lu Hong’s expression was rather stormy as his gaze swept across the place, before coming to a pause on a young figure akin to a moon surrounded by the stars, as a look of hatred flashed in his eyes.

“Humph, I’ll let you guys be happy for now!”

“Do you really believe the main peak will be so easy? Zhou Yuan, you may enjoy the cheering now, but the sounds of disappointment will only be even more painful when you fail!”


At the very front of the two factions, elder Lu Song smiled as he gazed at Zhou Yuan and said with a sigh, “Zhou Yuan, whether or not our Saint Genesis Peak is reopened will depend on you.”

“You old fellow, you’d better not crush him with your expectations.” Shen Taiyuan glared at elder Lu Song, before saying to Zhou Yuan, “Do your best, and don’t burden yourself with such responsibilities. Although this matter is very important, it should not be shouldered by you alone. There have after all been so many talented disciples who have failed before this, so there’s nothing anyone can say even if you don’t succeed.”

Zhou Yuan felt a warm feeling in his heart when he heard these words. Shen Taiyuan may normally appear as a strict and inflexible old man, but there was nothing to criticize about him. Even at such a juncture, he was doing his best to ease Zhou Yuan, and make him feel less pressured.

When the hopes of an entire peak was placed on a single person, the pressure felt would surely be as heavy as a mountain.

“Don’t worry teacher Shen, I will naturally give my all.” Zhou Yuan cupped his fists together. Even if he were to disregard how important this matter was to Saint Genesis Peak, Zhou Yuan had prepared and planned a very long time for this, and would not easily allow himself to fail.

Shen Taiyuan reached out and gently patted Zhou Yuan’s shoulders, eyes filled with happiness.

This disciple had brought him many pleasant surprises since joining a year ago, while also allowing him to proudly show his face more and more in the sect.


Countless figures were standing on Genesis Qi clouds in the sky above the plaza. If one took a closer look, one would discover that they were the disciples from the other peaks. In the past, not many of these disciples would come to watch, because Saint Genesis Peak declined far too much in the Cangxuan Sect, and the disciples from the other peaks would often even forget the existence of this seventh peak.

However, the current Saint Genesis Peak was clearly somewhat different than before.

Due to Zhou Yuan’s performance in the chief disciples selection, the other disciples no longer dared to underestimate Saint Genesis Peak, which only had three factions. Hence, the number of disciples who came to watch today was much more impressive than usual.

After all, the current Zhou Yuan was quite an famous figure in the Cangxuan Sect, and everything he did naturally drew the attention of others.


As more and more disciples arrived, a gong reverberated across the land. Next, all the disciples saw six glowing lotuses descend from the sky as a vast aura spread, rippling the surrounding space.

It was sect master Qing Yang and the other five peak masters.

These six hegemons would appear here every year when the chief disciple challenged the main peak. After all, Saint Genesis Peak had been the place where patriarch Cang Xuan would often lock himself away in secluded cultivation.

“I wonder whether Saint Genesis Peak will be reopened this year.” Sect master Qing Yang gazed at the giant misty mountain as he sighed softly.

The other five fell silent as they stared at the giant peak before them. They could still remember that when patriarch Cang Xuan established the Cangxuan Sect long ago, there had only been a single peak, which was this very peak that still stood before their eyes.

All of them had once cultivated here.

However, due to the passage of time, their teacher, who once taught and led them by example, was now dead, and many many changes had happened in the world around them.

Sect master Qing Yang gently tidied his sleeves as he withdrew his emotions, making them no longer visible. His deep gaze was cast towards the dilapidated plaza below as he said, “Zhou Yuan, you may begin if you’re ready.”

Every gaze converged towards the young figure at this moment.

Under the numerous watching eyes, Zhou Yuan cupped his fists towards sect master Qing Yang and the rest, before slowly walking forward.

Before the large ancient hall stood old Xuan in his simple clothes, holding his bamboo broom. A faint glimmer flashed in his murky eyes as he looked towards Zhou Yuan.

“Are you confident?” Asked old Xuan in his raspy voice.

Zhou Yuan chuckled, before he replied with a calm expression, “There is no such thing as absolute confidence, but I will neither be afraid nor retreat in the face of any difficulty.”

Old Xuan nodded. He gaze Zhou Yuan one last deep look, before suddenly swinging the broom his hand..

Whoo whoo!

Wind suddenly rose, and countless gazes watched as a crack was gently torn open in the mist that clothes the main peak all year round.

Inside the crack, one would just barely be able to make out an old mountain path.

However, space also seemed to twist and distort inside.

Old Xuan slowly said, “Go, follow this path…”

Zhou Yuan stared at the ancient mountain path within the mist, as he took in a deep breath and tightly clenched his fists. In the end, all hesitation dissipated from his eyes, replaced by the firm light of determination.

He had come to the Cangxuan Sect and endured tough training for a year. Wasn’t all of it for this very moment...

Therefore, he would not shrink back no matter what kind of challenges awaited him on this path.

Amidst the innumerable gazes all around, Zhou Yuan’s figure slowly walked forward and stepped into the mist. As his foot landed on the old mountain path, the mist surged towards him, blocking everyone’s vision.

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