Chapter 485 Sacred Palace’s Wu Huang

The northern area of the Shengzhou Continent was a vast land of unmatched beauty, and was flooded with natural energies.

People often said that the sixty percent of Cangxuan Heaven’s blessing was monopolized by the Shengzhou Continent. If so, the flourishing northern area was most likely blessed with thirty percent of Cangxuan Heaven’s blessings.

This beautiful land and thirty percent of Cangxuan Heaven’s blessings supported an overlord sect… the famous Sacred Palace.

For many years, the Scared Palace had merely been an unremarkable sect in the vast Shengzhou Continent. During that era, the Cangxuan Sect had still been an untouchable existence in Cangxuan Heaven.

No one could precisely pinpoint when exactly, but the Sacred Palace had begun growing at an astonishing pace. In a short span of a hundred years, it had risen to become one the strongest sects in Cangxuan Heaven.

It was also during this period that the master of Cangxuan Heaven, patriarch Cang Xuan, was attacked and killed by several mysterious experts, putting the entire Cangxuan Heaven in a state of shock. As a result, the once number sect in Cangxuan Heaven began to fall into decline, no longer able to retain its title as number one.

The Sacred Palace was the entity that took its place, aspiring to be the strongest hegemon sect in Cangxuan Heaven. The Sacred Palace occupied the northern land of Shengzhou Continent, enjoying thirty percent of Cangxuan Heaven’s blessings as they reigned superior over everyone else.

Till today, the Sacred Palace was akin to a giant rising sun in the Shengzhou Continent, with power that could sweep away anyone on this land.

With regards to the increasingly powerful Sacred Palace, even the five other hegemon level sects felt a certain amount of wariness.


Extreme north of the Shengzhou Continent.

It was ice and frost all year round, a land blanketed in pure-white snow. Amidst the snow, an enormous and seemingly endless boundary rose from the ground, creating a vibrant paradise of lush mountains and clear streams.

Magnificent mountains towered, white cranes dancing in the air, while waterfalls fell like silver rivers. It was a scene from the land of immortals.

Countless giant white palaces and halls were built amidst the mountains in a neat and orderly manner, giving off a feeling of tight security.

This was the location of the current strongest sect in Cangxuan Heaven.

The Sacred Palace.

Deep within the Sacred Palace stood a grand palace atop a giant peak. At this current point in time, there was a seemingly bottomless pool of blood inside the palace. Opposite the pool were mats on which several figures sat, immeasurable presences pulsing from their bodies.

At the very center was a man with long silver hair that draped over his shoulders. The man had a warm smile, while his pupils were the same silver as his hair, making him appear rather mysterious and unfathomable.

This silver-haired man was the master of the Sacred Palace, known to many as palace master Sheng Yuan, and one of the most famous hegemons in Cangxuan Heaven.

Several figures were seated beside him. From their presences, they were clearly the upper echelons of the Sacred Palace, each an individual of extraordinary status.


All of their gazes were focused on the blood pool at this very moment. Bubbles rose from the pool as a whirlpool swiftly began to form. In the end, the naked body of a man slowly rose from within.

Faint blood-colored runes were visible on his body. The runes seemed to wiggle within his flesh, a rather bizarre sight. If one took a closer look, one would discover that these blood runes resembled sinisterly twisted faces.

Strange and frightening.

As one’s gaze slowly shifted upwards, a handsome chiselled face appeared.

This was not an unfamiliar face. If Zhou Yuan was present, he would instantly recognize this individual, because it was his greatest enemy from back then, Wu Huang!

However, Wu Huang’s body had been slain by Zhou Yuan in the Saint Remains Domain, and only his Spirit had managed to escape. But it now appeared that Wu Huang possessed a physical body again.

Wu Huang’s tightly shut eyes slowly opened at this moment. Blood-colored light faintly flashed within them before slowly fading away.

He stood up in the blood pool, kneeled down before palace master Sheng Yuan, and respectfully said, “Many thanks to palace master for reconstructing my body!”

The silver-haired and silver-pupiled palace master Sheng Yuan smiled slightly as he gazed upon Wu Huang. His eyes scanned the numerous strange blood runes on the latter’s body as he nodded and said, “Not bad, this Blood Asura Body is extremely compatible with you.”

Wu Huang tightly clenched his hands, feeling the astonishing power surging within his body as he said, “I can feel that this body’s power is even greater than my previous one.”

Palace master Sheng Yuan smiled and said, “Naturally. We invested a lot of resources to make this body for you.”

Wu Huang licked his lips, savagery surfacing in his eyes as he lowered his head to look at his hands and mumbled, “Zhou Yuan, I bet you you never have imagined this. So what if you destroyed my physical body? I’ve become even stronger now!”

“The next time we meet, I will definitely make you have a thorough taste of what it’s like to have your body destroyed!” Endless hatred flowed on his face.

Palace master Sheng Yuan chuckled and said, “Zhou Yuan is doing rather well for himself in the Cangxuan Sect. I’ve heard that he has already become a purple sash disciple.”

“But now that you have the Blood Asura Body, you’ll be able to unleash its power once your Spirit and the body has perfectly fused. When that time comes, killing Zhou Yuan and avenging yourself will be no problem at all.”

Wu Huang respectfully cupped his fists together. “Many thanks for helping me!”

Palace master Sheng Yuan smiled and nodded, before he waved his hand, signalling for Wu Huang to leave.

Wu Huang respectfully withdrew from the room, causing it to fall silent once more.

A white-haired elder beside palace master Sheng Yuan slowly said, “Is it worth it for palace master to have spent so much effort to help Wu Huang craft the Blood Asura Body?” 

“Although Wu Huang is quite talented, there are disciples in our Sacred Palace who can easily match him. Pouring so much resources into him will make the other disciples complain.”

Palace master Sheng Yuan softly chuckled. “Complaints are for the powerless. If there’s anyone like that in the Sacred Palace, expel him or her from the sect.”

His eyes turned as deep as the night as he watched Wu Huang’s departing figure. “He holds the sacred dragon blessing after all.”

“Didn’t we already investigate this matter? The sacred dragon Blessing in his body belongs to Zhou Yuan, while Wu Huang is merely a fake dragon.” Said one of the other upper echelons.

Palace master Sheng Yuan smiled and said, “What is a fake dragon? As long as he kills and devours Zhou Yuan, he will naturally become a real dragon.”

“As for Zhou Yuan, though he bears the sacred dragon blessing, he does not seem to possess the sacred dragon’s destiny. Otherwise, his blessing would not have been stolen the moment he was born.”

“But he is admittedly quite a tenacious one. To think that he managed to fight his way out from such despair, and even snatched back half of Wu Huang’s sacred dragon blessing. Truth be told, he is quite capable.”

An elder puzzledly asked, “What use is this sacred dragon blessing to our Sacred Palace?”

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, light flickering within his silver pupils as he slowly said, “The sacred dragon blessing will aid us in finding the Cangxuan Saint Stamp hidden away by patriarch Cang Xuan.”

The figures in the hall were stunned.

“The Cangxuan Saint Stamp is a divine artifact that was born from Cangxuan Heaven that can resonate with the land, while the sacred dragon blessing was also born from this land, and those who possess it are naturally considered the prided geniuses of this world.”

“We only need to wait till Wu Huang matures, slays Zhou Yuan and devours the half his blessing. When that time comes, I will be able seize the opportunity to break patriarch Cang Xuan’s concealment, and locate the Cangxuan Saint Stamp.”

“As for these real and fake dragons, they will no longer be of any importance to me…”

Palace master Sheng Yuan’s silver pupils gazed upon the blood pool. The color of blood was reflected in his eyes as a fanatical smile slowly emerged from the corners of his lips.

“When that happens…”

“I will become the supreme heaven master of Cangxuan Heaven…”

“And the Sacred race… will rule over Cangxuan Heaven once more.”

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